The Best Electronic Drum Set of 2020

The Best Electronic Drum Set of 2020

The Top 9 Best Electronic Drum Sets for the money [2020 Guide & Reviews]

Recently, just within a few years, many professional drummers have adapted to the technology utilized in the electronic drum and are now carving a niche in developing much interest in them. Usually,  the acoustic drum sets were everyone’s favorite, but considering the hardware and the new sound improvement in the electronic drums, the acoustic kits have been deserted by many who find the e-kits comfortable.  

For this reason, the electronic drums are gaining fame and are coming into limelight. Enthusiast alike are beginning to develop interest, beginners and intermediate players are edging close to having one to themselves. Likewise, professional drummers that rock shows with the acoustic counterpart are beginning to give it a second thought. There’s never a perfect drum kit, but there can always be a preferable choice for all sound producers.

Basically, because of the ability to practice and record without affecting neighbors, and the portability of the electronic drums, some have switched and coupled with the high-performance rate of these kits, nobody wants to be an onlooker. Having control over the sounds you make is a good idea also. Nobody wants to be left out of the offers of the electronic drum. It is a fair idea to utilize technology first in making sounds because of the comfort one gets from it.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be tricked by some other brands who do not have what it takes to develop an electronic kit for comfort; some electronic drum users fall victims of low gears, this can happen to everyone who feels they can jump on any set and do wonders. For this cause, we have brought you the best professional electronic drum kits.

What is an Electronic Drum set? 

Electronic drum kits are technological counterparts to the acoustic drums and are referred to as synthesizers that produce replica sounds of traditional drums with extra effects. They are generally made to be portable and compact with noise reduction systems, and every electronic drum set comes with a drum module that receives the signal of any hit on the attached drum pads to produce a sound.  

The drum pads have electronic sensors, and this is the brain behind the production of sounds when strikes with the drum sticks. The electronic drum and acoustic drums are played the same way. These pads are always included in a complete set of an electronic drum kit. A full set of the electronic kit contains the drum pads with mounted stands to hold them firm.  Electronic cymbals are also included in the package.  

Drum pads are round discs made of layered rubbers or mesh heads and contain one or more sensors.

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Considerable factors before buying a professional drum set:

Before hitting the store for your professional electronic drum,  you should be guided by some rules, to avoid stories that touch. Every drummer should take note of the general factors before choosing that final drum kit. There’s always a virtue in patience, and this means that you are expected to take to examine the drums painstakingly before concluding.


Usually,  every expensive drum kit shops prove it’s worth, and your preferred drum module should be able to make typical sounds and extraordinary effects to boost your record and practice.  All the average presets of a considerable drum should be able to produce a defined sound. You should be creative with the module you finally choose. Don’t let the drum dictate for you all the time. 

Preset Patterns:

Every ideal drum module should have patterns that you can practice with, before advancing to more technical effects. This is a significant advantage for learners, and semi-professionals, rudiments of the drum would seem easier whenever they are practicing with these preset patterns, and it builds a good foundation for everyone,  regardless of the genre you’re specializing on. Be it rock, and the likes.

Natural Feel and Overall Sound:

There’s never a right electronic drum without a superb module. You don’t have an electronic drum if the attached drum module is not competent enough with some features. Your eventual drum module should sense every touch on the drum pads and transform them into beats either wacky of good. You should be able to tweak your drum module to your personalized settings if you want to be the best on the electronic drums.

Your drum module should also determine whether the cymbals are competent enough to make your sound productive. Certain sounds are hard to come by without a functional module. And for this reason, your eventual drum should sound almost like the acoustic set.


Your ideal electronic drum kit should not just be focused on the sounds and structure alone. In this modern age,  your drum should connect easily with external digital and storage devices so that you can import sounds and record your sessions. A USB port, audio jacks are ideal for your new electronic drum.

The Top 9 Best Professional Electronic Drum Set in 2020 – Reviews

If you are wondering who makes the best electronic drum sets? Alesis, Roland, and Yamaha produce the most popular, reliable and high-quality electronic drum kits for beginners and professionals. 

While you’re here,  we bring you the best professional electronic drums in recent times. Every product on this list is worth spending on. Automatically, they possess all the qualities you should be considering.  

1. Roland V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Kit TD-17KL-S

Roland V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Kit TD-17KL-S

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This Roland mid-level electronic kit is not your ordinary drum set. It has risen expectations of users, having passed the basic quality research. Years back,  a drum of this kind would require you to spend twice the value of the present purchase. The technology applied in making this drum will leave you wondering whether you’re playing an acoustic set. The sounds are traditional, and the effects are next to none in its category.

Although the series comes in different versions, this, in particular, is an advisable option. The drum pads made of quality mesh reduces irritable sounds, and the drum module speaks volume of the many features you’ll need to make a good sound. It is also embedded with connectivity for the import of records and sounds. It also comes with Bluetooth audio streaming. 

The hardware provides support to the drum pads and helps your playing posture.  With this version of TD-17 series,  you can hook up another cymbal and double bass pedal if you want to,  but these would be purchased separately. 

2. Yamaha DTX532K Electronic Drum Set

Yamaha DTX532K Electronic Drum Set

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With a reasonable price and quality sound improvement, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t cash on this Yamaha DTX532K set.  There’s always something to talk about when reviewed a Yamaha model. Some other electronic drum sets within the price range of this model come with the hi-hat stand and pedal and the three-zone cymbals that add up to its expressiveness.

The snare drum is sensitive and very quiet than the regular drum heads,  courtesy of the Silicon hell drum head. For beginners who love to jump on this, there’s a training feature on the drum module that you can rehearse on. With this,  you can keep tracks as you progress and learn every day. Even a professional can use this feature to perfect his touches on the pads.  As expected,  there are various traditional sound effects on its drum module.   

While you’re pondering on the wonders this drum set can do, the hardware is fantastic, sturdy and quality enough to keep your pads firm. You don’t have to worry about long trips anymore. It is even easy to maintain and can prevent wearing.   

3. Alesis Command Mesh Kit-8-Piece Electronic Drum Kit 

Alesis Command Mesh Kit-8-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

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Another mesh head drum pads from one of the notable electronic drum producers in recent times. This is an eight-piece drum with an excellent cost to value ratio. It is known for Comfort. Research has shown that every player who jumped on it love the drum pads positioning. If you don’t feel comfortable, the drum heads and kick pads can be turntable to give your perfect position. This is similar to the acoustic drum. 

The drum module offers many features. It can be likened to a step up for the Alesis Nitro module, and can be used to make any sound you can think of as a professional, regardless of the genre, you’re good at. It comes with more than 70 different kits. Producers find the various drum kits useful when recording. More importantly,  it has a  MIDI connectivity that enables you connects to a computer, PC, and other supported devices so that you can record into an external source.

There’s a sequencer in the drum module that allows you to play a demo and so that you can record your drum lines without a hitch. Studio engineers can utilize it,  professional drummers, and learners as well. Above all,  it is easy to set up and maintain.  

4. Roland Electronic Drum Set (TD-11K) 

Roland Electronic Drum Set (TD-11K)

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One of for few electronic drums that can be considered compact, this does not come as a surprise because the parent brand has never disappointed in making world-class gears. The TD11K is designed for all and sundry, whether you’re a beginner or a professional drummer. There’s never a better choice than this for every drummer, but the price tag could be a turn off for beginners.  

Every dime you spend on it is worthy, if you’re building a career on the drums. Hence, the price shouldn’t be scary since you’re going to be using it for long. There’s never a shoe this kit cannot rock. This model from Roland is of two variants, 11K and 11kv. The latter is a bigger replica of the former and has more features on the drum module with a slight hike in price.  

Nevertheless,  the TD-11K comes with a drum module that picks every beat received by the mesh drum heads and converts it into an excellent sound. You can switch to acoustic mode on the module; this effect resembles the acoustic sounds when playing the drums. You can connect it to devices for import of sound and recording purpose. You do not want to hit your head on the stands to confirm it’s firmness. I trust.  

5. Alesis DM10 MKII Studio Kit 

Alesis DM10 MKII Studio Kit

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A usual suspect expected to be present in this list. There’s more to your drumming experience if you make this premium nine-piece electronic drum kit yours. Every time you come across an Alesis, you should think of mesh drum heads. This model’s mesh is even dual-zone; there’s nothing to worry about while hitting the heads with comfort. The sounds are quite realistic almost like that of the acoustic partner, and the rebound is the best of all the previous versions of the brand’s electronic drum kit.

On the drum rack are adjustment knobs for each drum head, you can easily loosen and tighten these knobs to your preferred settings. This feature is useful for live settings. The full kit consists of 5 drum pads and four cymbals. There’s more to this DM10 model as the hardware is prepared for heavy-duty. The mounting stands are keen to hold firm through drum heads without a hitch.

The attached drum module has unthinkable features. You’d think you’re playing on an advanced version of the acoustic drum.  With different sounds to make your beats a hit, you don’t want any other option.  

6. Roland High-performance, V-Drum Set TD-25KV

Roland High-performance, Mid-level Electronic V-Drum Set (TD-25KV)

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Slightly advanced than the previous model, this has everything essential feature you could think of in an electronic drum kit. The expressiveness this TD25KV deliveries is incomparable. Additionally,  there’s this feature on the drum module that allows you to record your sessions and evaluate yourself as you progress.

The mesh head pads shouldn’t be a surprise any longer; you’re dealing with a Roland product. They are receptive to the drum sticks. As for the snare drum,  it provides this cool change in tone, depending on where you struck the pad. All of these features will amount to nothing if you can’t sit at the TD25KV with comfort and trust that the hardware Is solid. The drum rack is firm and can hold mote drums if you’re considering another pad.  

7. Roland V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Kit TD-17KVX-S

Roland V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Kit TD-17KVX-S

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 Another suspect electronic drum that is nothing less than quality.  Every professional who chooses quality over quality should cash on this. You should not see a price as too costly for a professional drum like this. There a thing to the many Roland models on this list of professional drums.

The mesh drum heads do no disappoint. Usually, you would attach many occurrences of a brand to a promotion, but the features of this electronic drums have made it top.  Researches have shown that they last longer and are sturdy. This model is not your usual electronic drums. It is eve blessed with a drum module that can enhance your playing style with traditional beats and demo tracks for making hits and practicing more. It is also connectable to external devices for recording and import purposes. 

8. Yamaha DTX562K Electronic Drum Set

Yamaha DTX562K Electronic Drum Set

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This product is a bit higher than the Yamaha above product. It can be called am upgrade in the class of mid-level electronic drum sets and is made for pro drummers. There’s a lot to this drum as the features cannot be explained in just a few paragraphs. Starting with the snare drum which has three sensor zones,  this means you can play side stick shots aside from the hits you make on the silicone head. It’s attached hi-hat can stand alone on its own.

All other drum heads are quite receptive and have this ultra-quiet feature. With this, you can practice midnight sessions without affecting your neighbors. You need to take good care of the kick pad; it can last a fortune if it is well taken care of.

Beginners and intermediate players can also find this kit helpful with the drum module featuring different modes for improvement. The many sounds it comes with can be useful for a producer and studio engineer.

9. Alesis DM10 MKII Pro Kit | Ten-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

Alesis DM10 MKII Pro Kit | Ten-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

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This is the only electronic drum kit with a ten-piece drum on this list. As expected,  it is a premium edition with a dual-zone mesh technology applied to the drum heads. This means a lot as it is an ultra-quiet kit, the demon heads will be highly sensitive to any hit, and additionally, it won’t produce irritable sounds.  

All the drum heads are adjustable on the rack for your preferred playing style. You do not need special effects to make the sounds come out as a traditional drum. Every hit on the pads is a replica beat on the acoustic version. There’s never been a kit so real. 

It is ideal for any production and road shows. As advanced as it is, you won’t find it hard to play whenever you want to. Included in the packaged box are four toms, one snare drum, one bass drum, and four cymbals(1 hi-hat, two crash, and one three-zone ride). All the drum heads have a filter feature that dampens noise. The attached drum module is superb in a nutshell,  adding to the drum beauty is an excellent rack that can hold many drums.

These were our top picks for the best electronic drum set in 2019!

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A good way to end this review is to choose from any of these best professional kits, but this guide is incomplete if you haven’t found a suitable drum for yourself amongst ten ideal sets. There’s no entry-level or manageable kit on this list; you can trust any of these drums to enhance your music and playing styles. They’ve all got similar features that appear in different and higher forms. 

You have little to worry about, even if you’re a badass at producing beats. Alas,  you’ve got the right tool for this. Usually,  acoustic drums do the most, but with the invention of these sets, there’s never a second option behind these when you’re considering professional electronic drums with high values and with a good value to cost ratio. 

Finally, every considerable factor you need to take note of has been tested on these drums. Their respective results have been okay with a user-friendly feel. Feel relaxed with one of these best professional electronic drum kits in your possession. Good luck.