Denon DJ HP600 | HP800 | HP1100 – Ultimate Series Review

We review the new Denon DJ HP600, HP800, and HP1100 and compare sound performance, comfort, and specs to check if they should be your next DJ headphones.

Without a decent pair of headphones, you cannot properly listen to your own mixes during a live set. The right headphones are not just about sound quality and design. They should also fit you comfortably for many hours, and they need to have a tough construction that will last often transportation. Do any of the HD headphones offer that?

Denon is a very popular brand among DJs, and its gear appears in many club setups, DJ booths, and music studios around the world. What to expect from Denon? Great sound, solid units that will last years of hardship, and affordable gear for every budget. 

The family of Denon’s DJ HP headphones consists of three models: the HP600, HP800, and HP1100. All three headphones have a similar design and built, but slightly different technical specifications and sound responses.

Let’s take a look and compare the features of each pair and then review them deeply.

Denon DJ HP600 Review

Denon DJ HP600 | Value On-Ear DJ Headphones with Swiveling Ear Cups



Technical Specifications:

  • Style: On-Ear
  • Driver Size: 40mm
  • Sensitivity: (1mW) 99dB/mW (JEITA)
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz to 28kHz
  • Maximum Input: 1300mW
  • Impedance: 58 Ω

First Look / Design: The matte black color and silver ending is a common feature in top-quality DJ headphones. The Denon DJ HP600 is extremely light and compact – a bit smaller than they look in photos. The ear-cups are small, soft, rotatable, and they fold up very easily for common and safe transportation. 

Sound Quality: The Denon DJ HP600 offers a lot in terms of audio quality. These DJ headphones offer amazing sound detail, good isolation, and excellent overall sound quality. For DJing, the kick and highs are the essential parts for perfect mixing. A good level of bass, clean mids, and crisp highs will help you mix and beat-match, quit easier – and the HP600 does just about that.

Durability and Comfort: Many DJs find the design attractive and the sturdy metal headband construction very solid. These rugged headphones will not only handle your DJ gigs, but your daily transports, flights, and home studio listening sessions. The Denon DJ HP600 DJ headphones are great for short periods of use – three to four hours –  but they are not ideal for DJing all night long. The comfort appears to be a small issue to some users, as they found that they “clamp down on the head quite hard”.


  • Excellent sound response
  • Very light and compact DJ headphones
  • Nice design and solid construction


  • Comfort
  • Not detachable cable

Box Includes:

  • HP600 DJ headphones
  • A semi-coiled soft insulated cord with 1/8” connector (attached)
  • 1/8” to 1/4” adapter

Denon DJ HP800 Review

Denon DJ HP800 | Heavy-Action On-Ear DJ Headphones with Rotating Ear Cups & Included Carry Bag





Technical Specifications

  • Style: On-Ear
  • Driver Size: 40mm
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz to 30kHz
  • Sensitivity: (1mw) 100dB/mW (JEITA)
  • Maximum Input: 1700mW
  • Impedance: 38 Ω

First Look / Design: The matte black color and silver finish is the same in all HP series DJ headphones, and it is extremely difficult to tell them apart until you get them on hand. They have a fairly similar size and weight, but the HD800 offers a cushioned headband for long-term comfort

Sound Quality: Denon HP800 provides an excellent balanced sound and good clarity and detailed audio levels of the midrange. The bass is warm and punchy and is similar to the sound of the famous HD 25 by Sennheiser. 

The 40mm driver is what you expect to get from a pair of DJ headphones at this price range. The HP800 offers a wide frequency response from 10Hz to 30kHz and a 1700mW of intensity which is the perfect combo to hear your mix loud and clear. For a better understanding of driver units and their types check this article by

Durability and Comfort: The closed-back design provides great isolation, and the soft on-ear cups will give you the comfort you need when DJing for long-hour events. The built-quality feels solid (a standard feature of Denons’ products), so these headphones will probably last you for years. Dozens of customer reviews will back up our words. 


  • Balanced quality sound
  • Value for money
  • Solid construction
  • More comfortable than the HP600


  • Not detachable cable

Box Includes:

  • HP800
  • A semi-coiled soft insulated cord with 1/8” connector (attached)
  • 1/8” to 1/4” adapter
  • Carrying bag

 Denon DJ HP1100 Review

Denon DJ HP1100 | Professional Over-Ear DJ Headphones with 180-degree Cup Swivel & Leather Carry Bag


Technical Specifications

  • Style: Over Ear
  • Driver Size: 53mm
  • Frequency Response: 5Hz to 33kHz
  • Sensitivity: (1mW) 105dB/mW (JEITA)
  • Maximum Input: 3500mW
  • Impedance: 36 Ω

First Look / Design: The HD1100 has a similar size and design to the above, even tho it offers better specs and a larger driver. For experienced DJs, the 180-degree swivel ear-cups are a great advantage when looking for headphones.

Not only they are perfect for single-ear DJing but also make transport and storage extremely practical. It will also match perfectly with a Denon DJ controller.

DJ HP 1100

Specs / Sound Quality: The latest family member of Denon’s HP headphones series, packs the biggest driver of all. The 53mm driver is the biggest in its group and delivers an astonishing bass response, hardly found even on professional DJ headphones. It also handles an amazing 3500mW of intensity, so you can be sure that DJing won’t be a problem even at the loudest clubs, events, and festivals. 

The new Denon HP1100 offers bright and crisp mids and highs. The overall sound is clear and smooth, with noticeably punchy but uncontrolled bass. The sub-bass might actually be a bit overwhelming for some DJs.

Durability and Comfort: For all professional DJ headphones, durability and comfort are essential parts. Denon HD DJ headphones are produced by strong plastic closed by metal implants, so you can be assured that they will withstand a busy DJ life. The headband is soft and designed for long-term use, and the overall folding design makes it easier to fit on any head size. A proper box is missing, but at least it comes with a stylish leather carrying bag for some protection.


  • Wide frequency response
  • Folding Design
  • 180-degree swivel and dual-pivot ear cup
  • Solid construction


  • Bass-overwhelming
  • Not detachable cable
  • Price 

Box Includes:

  • HP1100
  • A semi-coiled soft insulated cord with 1/8” connector (attached)
  • 1/8” to 1/4” adapter
  • Leather carrying bag

DENON DJ HP600 - HP800 - HP1100 Comparison

Technical Specifications:StyleDriverSensitivityFrequency Response Maximum InputImpedance
DENON DJ HP600On-ear3099 dB/mW10 Hz - 28,000 Hz1300mV58
DENON DJ HP800On-ear30100 dB/mW10 Hz - 30,000 Hz1700mV38
DENON DJ HP1100Over-ear53105 dB/mW5 Hz - 33,000 Hz3500mV36

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the Denon HP passive or active headphones?

The Denon DJ HP600, HP800, and HP1100 are passive headphones, and they don’t need external power to operate.

What transducer type does Denon HP carry?

All three models we reviewed above are Dynamic types of headphones.

Final Thoughts:

If you are looking for a sturdy and reliable pair of DJ headphones with good sound quality and boomy bass, then the Denon DJ HP1100 and HP800 are two great choices. There might be headphones out there that will deliver a more advanced sound performance, but not at this price range. 

Denon’s new series of DJ headphones will appeal to both beginner and professional DJs. A top brand that always delivers high quality and proper-looking gear. The choice is yours…

If none of the Denon HP feels good for you, take a look at our list with the best DJ headphones in the market right now!

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