10 Electronic Music Club’s To Visit in Europe

Clubs and Electronic music are a match made in heaven. That is common knowledge for the party monsters who come from all parts of the world to be a part of this unique party atmosphere. For all those who like to party: These are the best clubs in Europe where the crowd moves to the beats of the city. 

When it comes to electronic music clubs, Europe has some of the best clubs in the world. Colossal sound systems, global DJs, new talents, the ability to enjoy every kind of music genre, and in a perfect party-vibe environment.

Everyone likes a festival, but there is more to dance music than huge spaces with many stages. There are also legendary clubs in majestic cities with amazing DJ lineups. Let’s face it that clubs like the below you cannot afford to miss. From London to Berlin, and from Paris to Ibiza, here are the best Electronic Music Clubs in Europe. Since no words can describe the club life, you will probably have to go and check them out yourself.

If your dream is one day to perform in a club check how to become a DJ and how to master your skills and see what it takes.

10 Electronic Music Club’s To Visit In Europe

1.Berghain / Panorama Bar, Berlin  

Berghain : Panorama Bar, Berlin

Berghain  is Berlin’s most  famous electronic dance music club. Any time of the day, the massive main dance floor at Berlin’s Berghain is full. Many of these revelers have been in the club for more than 24 hours.  Berghain has developed a considerable reputation, with club lovers all over the world to want to be a part of its history. We need pages and pages with the lists of global DJs that have performed here.

To  enter Berghain is, as many people have described it is a religious experience. First, you need to be +21 aged, keep your phone in your pocket, to be poorly dressed and discreet. Do not even think to bring your camera; this is not a commercial place. Better do not come with a large group of people (2 or 3 max). If you’re fancy tattoos or piercings or any other kind of alternative aesthetic, this could be a big plus for let Sven to let you in. For those who haven’t heard of him, is the famous bouncer of the club. It is true that famous people can not access it and you won’t find many promotional videos on social media or other platforms.

2. Amnesia, Ibiza  

Amnesia, Ibiza

One of the longest-running venues, Amnesia Ibiza  has been voted the best club in the world numerous times. Without a doubt, it had to appear in this top 10 clubs around the world on many lists and articles. The 5,000-capacity club boasts two huge rooms packed with eager electronic music fans night after night. The custom-made sound system can hit frequencies that reach through to every soul on the dance floor.

The current programming offers an eclectic mix of  dance music  style and  world-class DJ bookings. Residencies such as Sven Väth’s Cocoon,  Marco Carola’s Music On, Cream, or Hyte are pretty impressive. Be prepared for some sleepless nights. If you are ever in Ibiza, its a crime not to visit Amnesia.

3. Fabric, North London

Fabric nightclub, Farringdon, London

Fabric London has seen its fair share of controversy in recent years. After the global shock of closing the club, the majority of artists that had to perform there helped to reopen the North London icon. The fabric was voted the 2nd best club in the world by DJ Mag after Space Ibiza.

With three large rooms, the music varies from house and techno to electronica and dubstep. Room 1’s ‘bodysonic’ dancefloor is one of Fabric’s unique features as 450 bass transducers are attached to the floor to give visitors a true full-body experience. Room 2 provides an underground feel with its near pitch-black atmosphere and hidden enclaves where you rave to the music away, from the crowds. With residents like Craig Richards and Terry Francis, you can expect any night at Fabric to be one of the best nights out you’ve ever had.
Note it as my favorite dance club in the world. 

4. Fabrik, Madrid  

Fabrik, Madrid

Time to talk about one of the most  recognized  clubs in the world. Fabrik is located in  Madrid and  has previously been only one place before the NO1 of the best clubs in the world by  DJMag. This converted aircraft hangar has been the site of several mass graves since its opening in 2003.

Thanks to its lighting show and its amazing sound system, several international artists have performed there. Ricardo Villalobos, Loco Dice, Luciano, Sven Vath, Carl Cox, and many more have played in that club. The venue’s huge main room has a capacity of more than  7,000 people . and is accompanied by a terrace with two tents not to mention the Satellite room with other sounds and rotating artists. There’s no way you’ll ever get bored at  Fabrik. 

5. Razzmatazz, Barcelona  

Razzmatazz, Barcelona

Most people would agree that Barcelona is a great place to visit. The city itself is incredibly beautiful with much of it designed by the famous architect Gaudí. It is not just football, Messi, architecture, and the Mediterranean sea but nightlife and clubbing as well. Razzmatazz is a multi-space club for electronic music lovers. The club follows the latest trends in music, varying from electro to house to techno to indie and much more. The club is ranked as a club of international reference for independent music.

Razzmatazz has five rooms that cover all styles of Music. It’s a shame if you haven’t tried them all in one night. And good luck not to lose your friends because Razz is enormous. Since its creation in 2000 several big names in the music industry have appeared here. Names such as Justice, Richie Hawtin, Paul Kalkbrenner, Jeff Mills, Kraftwerk, and Skrillex are among others. 

6. Concrete, Paris  

Concrete, Paris

Paris might be a perfect place for romantic couples but it is also great for clubbers. If you are ever there, try to go Concrete. Just make sure you don’t get seasick because the party is on a boat on the banks of the Seine. In the beginning, the idea was to make all day long parties, but due to neighborhood complaints and the availability to organize parties during night time, they moved for more classical nights, from 8 pm to 7 am.

People go to Concrete for a spectacular night of dancing to emerging French DJs and world-famous techno artists such as… EVERYONE. You should not miss the chance to visit the Wood floor in summer when you can admire the sunset on the river. You can also profit from a free entrance. If you arrive before 10 pm. 

7. Egg, North London

Egg, North London

Second London placed club is the perfect place to enjoy electronic music in the city. Egg London has a warehouse-style but it also offers an outdoor space that is perfect for nights out in the summer. If you are looking for a big dance floor, you will find it in this North London venue, along with five more areas.

Saturday is the ideal night for techno and house music, with the names of Nicole Moudaber and Matador having graced the stage. Although, occasionally a student hotspot, Egg is the perfect party club for lovers of all genres and electronic music alike. 

8. Ministry of Sound, London 

Ministry of Sound, London

Even if the Ministry of Sound does not have the popularity it had a few years ago, it definitely worth a visit. The line-up at this club is still the best to be found in all of London, but most of the time you will hear commercial dance music, rather than real underground sounds. As a global dance music brand, its top priority is definitely the sound, as it offers one of the loudest sound systems in Europe. So make sure you go with a pair of earplugs for clubs and festivals.

The club’s layout has something for everyone. Beginning with an ample space where famous DJs play, and you can dance on the world-renowned sound system’s speakers. As well as a smaller, darker room where you can equally dance on the tables. If you’re looking for an introduction to electronic music in London, without being thrown into the deep underground scene, the Ministry of Sound is the place for you. 

9. Phonox, South London

Phonox, South London

Primarily everything excited, dance music-related happens in the UK first. Phonox is a perfect example of this. It is a brand new club, opened its gates in September of 2015. It is based in the developing and increasingly gentrified area of South London, Brixton, and has started to draw in, more and more significant artists to play this small venue. The British club is perfect for a casual night out at the weekend.

The music ranges from the expected house, techno, disco, drum and bass, progressive, but also a little bit of funk and soul too. On Fridays, one guest plays all-night-long, while Saturdays are in the hands of the club’s resident DJ.

Renowned label Anjunadeep usually hold their nights here, and unlike MOS, Phonox is definitely one for those who are well versed in the electronic music genre. And prefer the lesser-known, underground artists trying to break out into mass popularity. And that is a big plus. 

10. XOYO, East London

XOYO, East London

XOYO is also located in East London. It is becoming an electronic hotspot as more and more DJs are deciding to play here. Open most nights until 3 am, XOYO’s two rooms playing more commercial music in one and mostly techno in the basement downstairs, the club gives off an air of a dingy. As well as, dark dive for the “warehouse” lovers. Many people and true clubbers start to choose XOYO over the bigger clubs like Fabric and Ministry of Sound.

If you want to land a gig at one of these places check how to become a resident DJ.

If you are ever in Europe and looking for a club destination, the above ten clubs will deliver your expectations. Amazing sound systems, world-class DJs, and real party experience for every kind of electronic music preference.

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