Top 8 Best DJ Backpacks to Fit Everything

A DJ backpack, if not more, is equally important as the DJ equipment. Without a proper backpack, there is no way to store the equipment and accessories while traveling. Well, technically you can use other ways to travel with the equipment. Like, just throw all of your DJ stuff at the backseat, if you want to break it. Or, you can use multiple bags to carry the stuff. But it will be more inconvenient.

This is why it is recommended to use one bag to carry all of the equipment. From headphones to cables, pack everything in one bag. This is also a helpful tip when traveling by air. So, all of your DJ tools are in one carryback, and nothing gets lost.

But when buying a backup, there are some important things to keep in mind. First of all, you should know how you are going to use the bag. Because if you are traveling in your car or bike, then a backpack would do nicely. But for flights, it is more suitable to get an under the seat or luggage bag.

Then there comes to see features to look for. The bag should be waterproof or at least somewhat water-resistant. Make sure the shoulder straps are padded for maximum comfort. Enough storage and secure zips are also important.

Laptop and mobile DJs usually carry a lot of gear and accessories to their live events. DJ controllers, laptops, DJ headphones, cables, and personal products will not fit in a typical travel backpack. 

So, keeping all of these features in mind, we researched available backpacks. And the following are the eight best DJ backpacks to fit everything. 

8 Best DJ Backpacks In 2020 (Reviews)

1. Magma Riot Lite Control-Pack DJ Bag (MGA47889)

Magma Riot Control-Pack Lite DJ Bag (MGA47889)

Key Features

  • 100% waterproof
  • Height-adjustable roll-top
  • Padded main compartment with laptop sleeve
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps

This backpack is created especially for DJs and musicians who travel frequently. The main compartment of this bag is padded from the inside to store the delicate equipment.

Magma Riot Control-Pack Lite DJ Bag (MGA47889) with DJ gear


The cushioned inside to protect the gear from any kind of shock. The largest compartment also has a separate sleeve for storing a laptop. There are a few other separate storage spaces to store the cables, headphones, and other accessories.

Magma Riot Control-Pack Lite DJ Bag (MGA47889) inside

The height of adjustable to give optimum freedom to store DDJ-SR2, DDJ-800, Roland DJ-707M or NI Control S4MK3, etc. This 100% waterproof bag saves the equipment from any accidental spillage. It also has adjustable straps to fit everyone, and inner padding offers comfort.


2. Gator Cases Club Series DJ Backpack

Gator Cases Club Series DJ Backpack with Adjustable Interior

Key Features

  • Rigid Case L 29″ x W 15″ x H 4″
  • Black nylon outer layer
  • Internal adjustable straps
  • Padded inside
Gator Cases Club Series DJ Backpack with Adjustable Interior inside
Gator Cases Club Series DJ Backpack with Adjustable Interior with cables

The Club series from Gator is offering sturdy cases with passed shoulder straps. These cases are different than usual backpacks but can be worn like one. These straps are adjustable and provide maximum comfort. Because of the stiff body frame, the equipment is safe inside.

This case is a perfect fit for Pioneer DDJ-RX, DDJ-SX2, DDJ-SX, and some other mini-synths. You can fit in analog keys, a laptop, and other heavy equipment in their separate compartments. The adjustable straps can be tied around the DJ gear for extra safety. And the inside of this case is padded, which acts as a safety cushion.


3. Odyssey Digital Gear Backpack (BRLBACKSPIN2)

Odyssey Digital Gear Backpack (BRLBACKSPIN2)

Key Features

  • Fully padded inside
  • Dedicated adjustable compartments
  • Convenient elastic band cable holder
  • Padded back, shoulder strap, and handle

 This backpack looks exactly like a typical school bag from the outside. But it is fully padded inside with specific compartments for different DJ gear. This product is slightly smaller than the others on this list. But this means it is easier to fit in a confined space. The dimensions are 13″ x 19″ x 20″.

Odyssey Digital Gear Backpack (BRLBACKSPIN2) inside
Odyssey Digital Gear Backpack (BRLBACKSPIN2) with DJ gear

It makes it easier to store a laptop and headphones. Odyssey Digital Gear Backpack has padded interior dividers for organized packing. The elastic band holder for cables ensures the cables do not tangle. This backpack has a solid base that provides bridal stability. The back, shoulder straps, and handle are padded to prevent back pain and muscle strain. And on top of that, this backpack has a dedicated water holder compartment too. 

4. Pioneer DJC-SC2 DJ Controller Bag for XDJ-AERO and DDJ-ERGO

Pioneer DJC-SC2 DJ Controller Bag for XDJ-AERO and DDJ-ERGO

Key Features

  • Large outside storage compartments
  • Padded and adjustable back straps
  • Custom-fit for DDJ-ERGO or XDJ-AERO
  • Completely padded inside
Pioneer DJC-SC2 DJ Controller Bag for XDJ-AERO and DDJ-ERGO inside
Pioneer DJC-SC2 DJ Controller Bag for XDJ-AERO and DDJ-ERGO with DJ controller

Are you looking for a backpack to store your Pioneer DJ XDJ-AERO and DDJ-ERGO while traveling? Well, this backpack is perfect for both of these models. The padded inside can hold either of these gear perfectly. But it does not mean you can not fit other DJ equipment. Basically, if you can fit any model in then, you are good to go.

This backpack also has large compartments on the outside for quickly storing headphones, cables, tablets, and more. The bottom of the Pioneer backpack is sturdy that allows convenient vertical storage. Its back is not padded, but the cushioned shoulder straps provide enough comfort.

If you are planning to purchase a Pioneer DJ controller such as the Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2 then this is the backpack for you. 

5. BUBM Professional Protector Laptop Bag For Pioneer DDJ DJ

BUBM Professional Protector Laptop and DJ Bag

Key Features

  • Lightweight & compact
  • Water-resistant, shock- & dust-proof
  • Nylon exterior & cushioned interior
  • Multiple compartments
BUBM Professional Protector Laptop Bag For Pioneer DDJ DJ Lite SB

A DJ gear backpack is not that useful when you are traveling by air. But this BUBM Professional travel bag is perfect for flights. The bag can easily fit your DJ gear, headphone, Mac Book, laptop, and more. All of the insides are padded which makes the bag shockproof. The nylon exterior gives the bag resistance from water and saves equipment from dust.

You can not wear this bag as a backpack. But it is enough compact to fit in your luggage. The external dimensions are 20.5 x 12.6 x 5.5 inches. And if you want to hold it in your hand, the sturdy handle provides support.

 This DJ backpack is the ultimate choice if you use the Pioneer DJ DDJ SB3 DJ controller.

6. Rockville 25-Key Case Soft Carry Bag Backpack

Rockville 25-Key Case Soft Carry Bag Backpack For Impulse+Launchkey 25 Keyboards

Key Features

  • Nylon exterior and padded interior
  • Backpack, one-shoulder carry, hand-held bag
  • Multiple compartments
  • Compatible with 25 keyboards & others controllers

Rockville is famous for its DJ speakers such as the Rockville RPG 225 and the best seller RPG-152 Bluetooth speaker. If you are not sure about getting an expensive backpack for your DJ gear, then this bag is good for you. It offers multiple padded handles so you can wear the bag as a backpack. Or if you want to carry it on one shoulder, that is easy too, and there is always the handle as a third option.

Rockville 25-Key Case Soft Carry Bag Backpack For Impulse+Launchkey 25 Keyboards INSIDE

The bag is made with rigid yet cushioned nylon. The exterior is mainly nylon which makes the bag somewhat water-resistant. Meanwhile, the padded inside will save your DJ gear for possible shocks.

The backpack is big enough (L 21″ x W 13″ x H 4″) and offers many different compartments. You can store a laptop (15″ or low) easily in the dedicated storage for a laptop. There is also a separate pocket to hold the headphones, one for cables, and a spot for even water bottles.

7. Mark Ryden 40L Carry-on Travel Backpack

Mark Ryden 40L Carry-on Travel Backpack underseat Flight bag fit 17.3 Laptop

Key Features

  • 3 main pockets & 7 compartments
  • Flight under-seat & Backpack
  • Built-in charging cable
  • Dedicated 17.8″ laptop sleeve

Are you looking for a flight under-seat bag with backpack shoulder straps? Mark Ryden’s carry-on bag might suit your needs. This bag is 19.7 x 12.2 x 9, can fit all of your DJ gear, and some extra clothes easily. When the bag is compressed, the capacity is 25L, but it can be expanded to achieve 40L.

The padded shoulder straps and a sturdy frame ensures users’ comfort. Customers have reported the bag is not 100% waterproof. But the exterior is nylon, which makes the bag water-resistant. So, it might not be able to save equipment from heavy rain, but spillage will not ruin anything.

8. Tinvic Travel Laptop Backpack TSA

Extra Large Backpack,Travel Laptop Backpack TSA Friendly Durable Computer Backpack

Key Features

  • Extra-large backpack with 45L capacity
  • Fits 17″ laptop
  • Water-resistant exterior & padded interior
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
Extra Large Backpack,Travel Laptop Backpack TSA Friendly Durable Computer Backpack INSIDE

This school bag can fit DJ accessories like headphones, cable, keypads, laptops, etc. The bag is 21″ x 14″ x 9″ in size and big enough to hold DJ equipment. The exterior is of durable and water-resistant fabric. The padded shoulder straps provide comfort. But if you do not want to carry the bag on the back, use a suitable strap to attach it to the luggage.

The 90° to 180° opening makes the bag checkpoint friendly. The backpack also has an external USB for convenient charging and a hole for headphones.


We hope this post was helpful and helped you make a choice. Now you can choose any DJ backpack from this post that you find interesting. Try to pick the one that is big enough to hold all of your equipment. Also, keep the budget in your mind when choosing from the list.

But if you are still not sure which bag to get, then let us help you. If you want a simple backpack for minimum accessories to get Magma Riot Lite Control-Pack DJ Bag (MGA47889). The backpack is lightweight, compact, and waterproof. Will store all your DJ equipment and laptop in specific compartments.

And if you often travel by air, then maybe get Mark Ryden 40L Carry-on Travel Backpack. This carry-on bag with an enormous capacity can fit bigger and heavier equipment easily. The bag fits right under the plane seat. And last but not least, it is easy to carry.

Before you leave, check out the best DJ equipment for beginners to get started.

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  1. I wish I had stumble upon this list before I bought my DJ backpack. As a mobile DJ, I know in fact that this is an essential part and you should never buy cheap products! 


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