The Best Pioneer DJ Controller on the market [2020]

The Best Pioneer DJ Controller on the market [2020]

The Best All-In-One Pioneer DJ Controller in 2020

All-in-one DJ controllers give you the tools to mix, scratch and perform exactly like on a traditional DJ setup! Our top 6 picks for the best Pioneer DJ controller will serve you well.

Pioneer has earned a sterling and admirable reputation, among music producers and artists, due to its outstanding audio equipment. Pioneer is famous for its groomed and sleek designs. Most of the controllers and equipment you’ll find here are digital and efficient because all of the products are passable and proved to be fun for spinning in your dorm or house party. For more than a decade, building on its root, Pioneer has devoted all of its potentials, in designing audio solutions for the music enthusiasts.

The range of their products has been created with the vision in mind as authenticity, leading-edge technology, and creativity. Moreover, the incredible ease of use; is all for the beginners, who love to play DJing. Also, this ostentatious and extravagant, vision led Pioneers to create the array of outstanding DJ controllers for computers to feature a built-in audio interface.

Hence, over the years, Pioneers are enjoying their reputation and have acquired a significant amount of know-how. Thus, leading as one of the leaders in portable mixing controllers for the system.

Experienced DJs are well aware of the difference between the upgraded DJ system and boring, analog turntables and mixers. The latest and exclusive DJ controllers will give you more tools and effects to work. Furthermore, DJ controllers are those external devices that connect to your computer and mimic the setup of a traditional turntable system. Also, they allow the awesome and incredible workflow because they grant you to scratch, mix, and control all the effects of the digital library. These pieces of equipment come in various models; some of these control the effects only, while others are specifically scratching-platters or mixers.

The Pioneer DJ Controllers:

Pioneer is a focused and forward-thinking prominent DJ controllers because that gives the customers all the features and the layout of full-size professional and efficient controllers, with other pieces of equipment in a rugged and portable unit. Pioneer DJ, was formerly called Pioneer Pro DJ, is the leading brand of Pioneer Corporation, which represents the outstanding and wide range of DJ products that all are specific and striking in their own accord.

The DJ system preserves the concept of flagship and streamlined, which permits the unparalleled flexibility to produce beats and remix, meanwhile performing live or producing in the studio. Accompanied, with it’s large, effective, and low-latency platters, dedicated pad, and transport controls, onboard sequencer, and mic input with the proficient vocal.

Moreover, Pioneer serves with high-quality accessories of the computer like USB blue ray, DVD burners, earbud headphones, USB powered computer speakers. In addition to this Pioneer offers the latest technology in AV receivers, Blue-ray Disc Players, High-resolution Audio Players, and Speakers.

Then they serve you with the Sleek and Powerful headphones to fit in ears, and you can fuel your longer and intense workouts, and their earphones are compatible with your personal–style and taste incorporated with unrestricted freedom of Wireless Bluetooth capabilities. Moreover, Pioneer DJ products are the best suited for Professional DJ systems with outstanding Digital and Mixers, DVD turntables, Headphones, and CD Players. In case you are also looking for a reliable laptop, take a look at the best laptops for DJing.

What to consider when buying DJ controllers by Pioneer? 

The first impression plays a vital and dominant role in the selection of any product. It will probably feel right and improve because if something feels right in the very first contact, we human beings are intuitive. If something feels wrong, chances are it will downhill from there. Traditionally DJing was done with two turntables and a mixer, but if you are starting out as a DJ, they are a bit too expensive, and it takes quite a space too.

Even if you feel attracted by the advanced things that don’t have jog wheels or pitch faders don’t go for them. Once you master the basics, then feel free to move on. So, in short, your first DJ controller must have the basic features, i.e., platters, pitch faders, cue, play buttons, and mixed with EQing, line faders, and crossfaders. It is better to ensure the component’s quality and decent size.

There are few things to consider while investing in a good and valuable DJ controller. Firstly, in an ideal and perfect DJ controller; the right software package plays an active role. Most of the DJ controllers are customizable because these are MIDI-assignable.

For more information, check the best DJ software used by professionals

Firstly keep in mind that they are designed by keeping in view some special aspects, only compatible with some special software, with unique features.

Secondly, this is important to know the types of gigs you want to play, like if you’re going to perform in a big event, or any other professional club. So, it is best to invest in something that is swiftly moved and sturdy. Just like this a responsive crossfader and good jog wheels are suitable for scratching DJ.

Thirdly, it is essential to pay attention to the ports and connectivity system; you should consider including things like, if you are connecting to a club PA system, if your master-output needs to be delivered if you need a booth output, etc. Since the control surface contributes to the largest portion of the controller, so the must wanting features of the control surface are Knobs; the control surface has several knobs and serve to check the sound levels, for sound equalization (mid, bass, treble). Similarly, a good operated Jog wheel used in fine-tuning of beats matching and manage the speed of video and audio.

Similarly, the well-performing pads are important, for excellent chopping vocals beat matching, slicing through tracks, adjusting the length of slices, finger drumming, and enabling the loops, including, the well-serving faders that allow and control the sound signals traveling. Also, well-performing buttons, screens, ports, audio interface, and the best external hardware control are crucial for the effective product, that will outstandingly serve you.

The Top 6 Best Pioneer DJ Controllers in 2020 – Reviews


Pioneer DJ DDJ-RZX - 4 channel Professional DJ Controller

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The DDJ- RZX is the flagship of Pioneer because it is equipped with mechanical Jog wheels and three touchscreens. Sometimes it is spiced up with the Rekordbox DJ video pack, which allows the introduction of videos in the DJ software. The topmost product of the Pioneer DJ controller is the DJ DDJ–RZX-4 channel professional; it embraces outstanding features. Moreover, the best part is the three high-resolution screens support video. The decks and mixer feel like a much more expensive professional setup and have enough inputs and outputs for every need, but it comes at a high price and worth it.

Hence, the product is heavy and expensive, but it is the best in the range of DDJ. It virtually supports all features like Rekordbox DJ, including and foremost Rekordbox Video. Apart from the high-resolution screens, it has improved sound color effects. And several other improvements that make it stand out.

The product is equipped with fantastic, double USB inputs, a lot of boards, computer independent FX options, and CDJ/DJM feel. Hence, the Pioneer DJ DDJ -RZX is the best of all the controllers, with high-quality components and premium features for video and audio performances. If you get enough money to spare on a complete package of the outstanding visuals and the pieces of music, then this should be on your shortlist.


Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2 Professional DJ System

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The second iteration of the original XDJ-RX, it was a logical choice for the DJs, who want the Rekordbox ecosystem, but they resist to buy the expensive and separate components, back in 2015. The XDJ -RX2 plays directly from the USB stick, without any Laptop since it is a standalone system. The setup simulates a full Nexus setup. It resembles the Pioneer mid-grade hardware like, the mixer section is similar to the DJM-450. For the right DJ, the XDJ-RX2 is a perfect choice. As pioneer has made a great improvement to this sector and gives it a more professional look than a budget compromise.

Moreover, the system is able to rock any gig and hold its own. Pioneer is a great vendor they install all the important features in this system. Although it is equipped with two channels, it’s very well built. The overall services are up to the mark; if you want to simulate the setups like CD Nexus 2, then this is the best option.

In addition to this, the faders are equipped with an appreciated amount of resistance and are smooth. Along with this, all the profession knobs, effects, BPM sorting, and touchscreen search serves outstandingly for finding the right track, and best in serving a very high output from the main headphone jack.


Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 Professional DJ 4 channel controller - rekordbox

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Pioneer DJ DDJ -1000 is the hands down the best controller in the market. The large platters and the Magvel fader are so comfortable and smooth. It takes the least minute to relearn the software and the deck. Most individuals invest in it because of its full jog wheels, and the closeness of the unit to gear. Everything work as expected the sound work is incredible; the build quality is top-notch and very solid. This transition is something out of the world if you know the 1200s or CDJs. This would be the best DJ controller in your budget.

In addition, it serves best with the outstanding 4-channel DJ controller, seamless integration with Rekordbox DJ Software, the exclusive Magvel faders, Auto standby, high definition Jog display with LCD screens, P-Lock Fader Cap, Magnetic crossfaders, 16 performance pads in multicolors, compatible with the full version of Rekordbox DJ and others.

Hence, the overall layout of the DJ controller is standard, which is the best in its own accord. Pioneer ungraded this version with just a few changes in locations of buttons, knobs, and faders, but all in all, the design is so appealing.

In addition to this, you are getting some augmentations like an AC adaptor, a USB cable, power cord, and the Rekordbox DJ license key. This is great if you don’t have DJ software yet.

DJ DDJ-1000 by Pioneer is also featured in our list with the best DJ controllers under $1200


Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX3 Performance 4 channel controller

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It is one of the best DJ DDJ -SX3 equipped, with Serato DJ Pro controllers in the market because it is loaded with outstanding Jog wheels, 4 channel service, and DVS allows mixer with built-in sound color effects, a professional-grade input, and output series.DDJ-SX3 is always equipped with microphone input.

It also serves you in the form of mixers available with the different sound color effects, and hardware mixer that allows the connection of external audio sources. All channel switches have improved access, equipped with dual USB inputs.

The best DJ controller upgraded since it comes with all features that worth applaud and built for maximum performance. Pioneer DDJ SX3 has 24 bits/44.1 kHz sound cards with a range of frequencies of 20-20,000 Hz. Hence, the DDJ-SX3 is sturdy, portable with a familiar layout, and equipped with lower latency Jog wheels. Also, this is the best controller for the DJs performing at club nights, parties, weddings, and resembled ceremonies.

Since it loaded with all the advanced features like three mics inputs, it controls EQs and applies FX to each. Similarly, they can connect two computers at the same time, that provide enough feasibility to the users.


Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 Portable 2-channel controller for Serato DJ

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The outstanding professional-grade DJ controller has the alluring design of the DDJ-SR. The appealing DJ controller, loaded with 2 channels, touch-capacitive jog wheels, and assuring the lowest possible latency for optimization when it reaches mixing and scratching.

Moreover, for triggering cues and samples, the DDJ-SR2 boasts with multicolored performance pads. This controller also equipped with Pitch ‘N Time Serato DJ controls, which provides you a variety of dedicated buttons that used to perform functions in the Serato DJ software.

In addition to this, the DDJ-SR2 is the Serato DVS upgraded, and the license is available separately. The DDJ -SR2 is a beat controller equipment, with a variety of connections like balanced XLR outputs. In addition to this DDJ -SR2 is compatible with the exclusive version of Serato DJ.

DDJ -SR2 is portable and lightweight, easy to use wherever you go. The DDJ -SR2 is jam-packed with ostentatious and classy features like mains or USB power, Flexible connectivity, secondary master outputs, professional XLR outputs, and a TRS booth output; all of them gives you the liberty to join the controller with various kinds of PA equipment easily.

The most amazing key features of DDJ-SR2 is that it is built with the high–graded sound added with melodics because it is equipped with premium materials and audio circuitry. The reliable and robust build, assures durability, with unique styling, that gives it a professional and splashes look.


Pioneer DJ DDJ 400 2 Channel Controller -rekordbox

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The best DJ controller for beginners and aspirants because it assists the beginners in learning, train, and boast themselves to the proficient levels and advance their skills. It offers easy to learn features, that help the beginners to grasp the basics fast. Moreover, DDJ 400 comes with Rekordbox software license, as Rekordox is user-friendly software; Itunesplaylists and music collection can easily run with Rekordbox software.

It is something that people love to see in the club atmosphere. DDJ 400 is a light weighted and embellishes with simple setup and fairly responsive pads. In addition to this Filter, knobs, beat sample controls are located where it is expected as in any high-end Pioneer multiplayer.

The DDJ -400 is an ideal, light-weighted, and professionally designed deck. It is an astounding item because it is loaded with outstanding features as 2 channels and deck control, 16 slot x 4-bank sampler, manual loop, beat jump, 8 hot cues, 24 bit/44.1 kHz soundcard, 20-20000 Hz frequency,one Mic input , powered USB bus, signal to noise ratio of 103 dB, and the ideal weight of 46lbs/2.1 kg. DDJ -400 applies professional FX by considering the tempo of the track, that uses the Beat FX feature. The mic input provides crystal clear sound with minimum distortions.

These were our top picks for the best Pioneer DJ controller in the market!

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Final Thoughts…

Pioneer DJ provide those tiny monsters that are enormous contributions for the amateurs or to the proficients to a great extent. Pioneers have nailed the low-end market because it serves professional-grade products. Pioneers have coloreds and add more spices in the pool parties, house parties, functions, and ceremonies with the proper sound systems. Also, the effects of every product are exactly the way it is expected. The Pioneer DJM mixers perform effectively like synced perfectly to the beat of the music that sounds great.

Pioneer DJ continues to make strides with the array of software. Parallel to the layout of the club standards CDJ/DJM is in the economic gears, which means the smooth transition from bedroom to main room for new DJs, and unfamiliar with how such set-up performs. The company loaded its products with excellent features like 100% plug and play, easy to use, in addition to several connectivity ports, a great price.

Mid, bass, and treble knobs are really helpful. Most of the Pioneers products are astounding because it is loaded with good and responsive jog wheels, touch strip that embraces enough bells, and whistles to keep beginners happy. It also offers an outstanding environment to grasp the crafts and skills of modern times.

Finally, the instinct review of the Pioneer DJ controllers will end on the positive note, as the overall performance of the Pioneer DJ controllers is outstanding. It is recommended to both freshers and those who are going to hit the party with solid performances. The price is affordable and suited to your budget.

Furthermore, the features and the added benefits are well worth, after comparing the products with other competitors, servings of this company sound best.

Feel free to leave your comment below and let us know your experience with any of the above.