The 9 Best DJ Mixers In The World Today!

The 9 Best DJ Mixers In The World Today!

The centerpiece of every DJ setup. The piece of equipment you will probably use the most. Check out the best DJ mixers for professional DJ setups today!

In 2020, the capabilities of a DJ mixer are enormous. This compact hardware full of faders, switches, buttons, knobs, filters, and many more features that will guarantee a nice sounding and smooth mixing in your DJ sets.

Whether you use CD Media players or DJ Turntables, the DJ Mixer is still an essential tool. Pioneer has conquered most DJ setups with a couple of magnificent mixer and player models.

No matter what mixer you choose, your job as a DJ is to blend and mix tracks as fluidly as possible. This comes with a lot of practice. Technology is a way to enable and test your creativity. A piece of equipment will not guarantee that. The best DJs can work well, even with the basic equipment.

In a few words, the DJ mixer’s primary function is to blend two or more audio sources. Most mixers feature more than just two channels with gain, equalizer, and level controls, as well as a headphone output for monitoring tracks.

Almost all of the DJ mixers we will see below offer premium features to satisfy the most demanding performers. Excellent studio-quality sounding meets extreme connectivity. It was never easier to connect your additional gear and Laptop with DJ or music production software and take DJing to its limits.

The DJ marketplace is overwhelmed with new DJ equipment, all aiming to out-reproduce one another at a lower price. If you have been in the field for a while, you are pretty confident with what you will see on the list below.

If you want a quick reminder of the use and what is a DJ mixer, affordable choices, and reviews, check the best DJ mixers for beginners.

Taking into consideration the product quality, popularity, features, customer reviews, and personal experience, we give you the best DJ mixers for professional DJs, club booths, and other festivals or DJ events.

Top 9 Best DJ Mixers for Professionals – Reviews

1. Pioneer DJ DJM-V10 6-channel DJ Mixer (new)

Check price on Amazon.com

The latest addition of Pioneer to the world of DJing is the new Pioneer DJ DJM-V10 6-channel DJ Mixer. The most notable features are the 6 channels, master isolators, four-band EQ, and compression knobs. But that is not all.

With six channels, you can connect a couple of CDJs, DJ turntables, and other audio sources, such as the RMX-1000 effect sampler or a drum machine. Each channel comes with a detailed 4-band EQ strip: a low band, high band, and two mid-range band EQ knobs with curve control that remind us of the Allen & Heath Xone:92 DJ mixer (see below). The compression knob on each channel will allow you to play old unmastered tracks with newly mastered compositions.

Furthermore, each channel comes with a filter effect, which is separated into a high and a low-pass filter, so you have more of a resolution to play with, compared to the previous Pioneer DJ mixers. Plus, the two headphone outputs means that back-to-back DJs will no longer have to switch headphones continually.

Last but not least, DJM-V10 supports all pro DJ software out there, such as Rekordbox, Traktor Pro 3, and Serato DJ Pro, as well, the Pro DJ LINK ShowKontrol protocol. 

Conclusion: Pioneer DJ DJM-V10 is well-equipped for world-class performance. It is expected to support the biggest festivals, DJ events, and club DJ booths all over the world. It might be one of the most expensive DJ mixers out there, but the investment will reward you for many years.

Check out our full review of the new DJM-V10 DJ mixer.

2. Pioneer DJ DJM 900NXS2

It’s hard for me to believe that there is any DJ out there who do not recognize this professional mixer. By far, the most popular DJ mixer on the market. It appears in nearly all big DJ events all over the world. I can’s say how many famous DJs use it exclusively, but in the electronic music scene, I’m guessing around 90%. Seriously, all boiler rooms, Mixmag, and other streaming live events show the DJM 900NXS2 on their regular setup.

We are starting with the most crucial feature of a DJ mixer, the sound. Pioneer DJM 900NXS2 offers studio-quality refined on-board digital signal processing, which gives a real representation of analog sound. On the mixer, you will find the standard 3-band EQ, which has been added with fader curves, controlled by Magvel faders. The Magvel Faders ensure smooth control over long-term use.

The DJM-900NXS2 comes with two USB ports so that you can connect two sound cards and have two laptops use it at the same time.

Pro DJ Link: You can use Pro DJ Link to connect up to 4 players and share one source. So, you can connect one USB stick or one PC/Mac, and you will be able to control your music with all four players.

The effects are not missing, of course, with Filter, Crush, Sweep, Dub-Echo, Noise, and Space effects on each of the four channels. At any time with a simple twist of the knobs, you can add your choice of audio effects, bringing numerous combinations to give color to your mix. All faders, knobs, and buttons are very durable and can endure millions of performances.

You can use the large X-Pad to engage 14 different beat effects and adjust the parameters on the high resolution LED display. The screen will show you which FX is in play. Some of the effects are spiral, ping-pong, roll, slip-roll, vinyl brake, and Helix, and more.

The entire Pioneer DJM mixer series should be taken into consideration if you’re looking for a new DJ mixer.

Conclusion: The only minus of Pioneer DJM 900 NXS2 is the price tag. Unfortunately, only if you are very fortunate or a truly professional DJ who can afford it, otherwise, you go straight for some much more affordable options. If we also add two CDJ 2000 NXS, we are talking for a total of over $6500. On Amazon.com, you can purchase the whole package.

Musicians who use it: Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Carl Cox, Ellen Allien, and most famous DJs out there.

3. Allen & Heath Xone:92 DJ Mixer

The second most popular professional DJ mixer on the planet. If the majority of the DJ events, artists and festival setups have either the Pioneer above either the Xone:92, therefore these are the best DJ mixers for professional use.

Allen & Heath Xone:92 is a professional four-channel club DJ Mixer perfect, for most music genres, like Techno, Deep House, Progressive, and more. If you are a Big Room or EDM DJ, then this mixer might not be an ideal option for you. The effects are a different situation compared to its competitors. You will not find a wide variety of effects, such as reverb, crush, or delay (commonly used on EDM, Trance, Big Room). On the other hand, Xone:92 has probably the best low, and high-pass filter sweeps out there.

It has a 4-band EQ (low, two mids, high), two headphone outputs, and one of the best crossfaders you will come across. The faders and buttons feel beautiful and glide smoothly, which is excellent for long time use. Some users faced minor problems with the channel faders, but nothing that can’t be fixed. It also offers a MIDI output, which allows you to control any DJ production software or additional gear such as the Korg Kaoss Pad.

Allen & Heath is a company all over the world, across almost every environment imaginable, including theatres, recording studios, churches, nightclubs, TV, radio stations, and countless other places where sound matters.

Conclusion: Xone:92 is nearly half the price of DJM900 NXS2. However, it has small disadvantages that should take into consideration. Allen & Heath Xone mixer series has a great reputation, and if you’re looking for a new DJ mixer, outside of Pioneer, it is an excellent choice.

Musicians who use it: John Digweed, Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, Luciano, Nicolas Jaar, Ellen Allien, and many more.

4. Denon DJ X1800 Prime

Denon DJ is no stranger to music and DJ equipment. Sadly, despite producing great DJ mixers, they have always been on the shadow of Pioneer and Allen & Heath.

Denon DJ X1800 Prime is a high-quality 4-channel digital mixer with 4 Phono inputs with DVS support. It offers a powerful 3-band equalizer with classic and isolation mode and an adjustable filter resonance control. Each channel gets a high/low pass filter, with overall resonance control in the settings. As well, separate knobs per channel for the Sweep FX. This will give you plenty of room to experiment and provide a particular trait in your sets.

DJ X1800 features a neat filter button that can turn on or off all the filters together. On the top right, there is a small OLED screen with the Utility menu. There you will find EQ type (full kill or traditional), Microphone settings, FX customization (editing the Beat Break effect is fun).

Similar to the above models (except XONE:92) offers two USB sockets to connect your external equipment and software.

Conclusion: Denon DJ has chosen the green color, and the overall design will make others wonder about your choice of mixer. It is very affordable compared to the other four-channel professional mixers with similar characteristics and sound quality.

Musicians who use it: Tiesto, Laidback Luke.

5. Rane DJ SEVENTY-TWO Two Channel Mixer

RANE DJ SEVENTY-TWO – Two-Channel Mixer

Check price on Amazon.com

Rane is an established brand with its innovative DJ gear to appear in many club booths around the world.

Rane Seventy-Two is a two-channel battle DJ mixer designed to work ideally with Serato DJ software. It has assignable USB controller inputs to connect the Rane Twelve turntable. However, it will still work with every media player, controller, or turntable out there. 

This advanced control and performance DJ mixer is an upgrade of the previous “Seventy” 2-channel mixer. It’s most significant addition its the 4.3” color touch screen interface, which visualizes all necessary information including moving waveforms, navigation, and track selection so that you won’t have to stare at a laptop screen during your performance. But the most impressive is the new  “MAG THREE” tension-adjustable faders, which feel extremely smooth and reliable compared to previous models.

The solid steel construction provides superb sturdiness. Dual die-cast aluminum FX paddles with 180-degree rotation and the 16 Akai Pro MPC performance pads and 14 pad modes give you plenty of room to be creative. If you have Serato DJ, then this might be the ideal choice for you. The only downside is its price tag, but that is expected when you get Rane US engineered superior audio quality.

6. Pioneer DJM-2000NXS DJ mixer

Back to Pioneer DJ mixers with this extraordinary DJM model. The Pioneer DJM-2000 Nexus is more than just a DJ mixer. As you can see on the layout, this is one of the most complicated interfaces out there. In a good way, because if you know how to handle it, it will definitely take your DJ sets to the next level.

DJM-2000 Nexus gives you the 3-band EQ to control the high, mid, and low frequencies on each channel separately. The unique part of this mixer is the LED 5.8 screen display. With the touch screen, you can control several features as well as a host of different effects.

The sound quality is magnificent (like expected by Pioneer DJ), and with the robust Magvel faders will ensure a smoother control of your mixes. Two metal shafts support the fader knobs, while the contact-free magnetic system is designed to handle abuse.

It has a built-in USB interface, so if you don’t have an audio interface yet, you won’t have to buy one right now. Along with the USB and the MIDI connection, you will be able to connect your computer (and use a DJ software such as Recordbox) or any additional DJ equipment.

Conclusion: Probably not the best choice for Techno or Deep house DJs, but the rest of electronic music genres DJs can use it to its full potentials. The LCD touchscreen feature puts it on the best professional DJ mixers in the market. If you want a serious piece of gear, and you can also afford to spend big, then the DJM-2000NXS might be the right choice for you.

Musicians who use it: Solomun, Dash Berlin, Hardwell, Armin Van Buuren, Alesso, and many more.

7. Allen & Heath Xone:DB4

Allen & Heath and Pioneer are dominating the market of professional DJ mixers. It’s only fair to feature two models of each company on our list for the best professional DJ mixers. Xone:DB4 is a choice of many enterpreuneer DJs and it still remains one of the most powerful club mixers on the planet.

DB4 is a 4-channel DJ mixer and one of the most advanced products that Allen & Heath has designed. Unlike the XONE:92, DB4 offers the standard 3 EQ band and a filter mode, with one LowPass, one High Pass, and one Middle Pass Filter. The loops and FX are automatically synchronized to the tempo of the track, making it extremely easy to build grooves without any problems.

You probably noticed by its looks that it has a bit different design from the rest. Although, it won’t take you much time to get used to it or run through the manual for instructions.

Allen & Heath XONE: DB4 offers two integrated USB interfaces that allow you to connect your PC or laptop, transforming it from a simple mixer to a complete DJ controller. With the touch of a button, it is a Midi controller to map to your favorite DJ or music production software such as Ableton Live. You can take a look here for the best and most famous DAWs on the market.

Conclusion: The build quality is superb, and the feel of the faders and knobs ideal. However, to make it yours, you will have to spend big. If you also like a different layout compared to the regular DJ mixers, then this is a great choice for you.

Musicians who use it: John Digweed, Richie Hawtin, Sasha, and more…

8. Mixars QUATTRO DJ Mixer

A new entry on the world of DJ mixers is the series by Mixars. Mixars Duo MKII (2-channel) and Quattro (4-channel) have started to receive a lot of attention from DJs all around the world.

Mixars Quatro is a 4-channel club mixer and Serato DJ controller with integrated Dual USB audio interfaces for simultaneous connection of two computers/laptops. Apart from the four central effects (Filter, Noise, Gate, and Crush), the mixer has 14 additional effects and a small LCD screen to check which effect is selected.

Quattro’s unique feature is the 16 backlit multicolor performance pads with four control modes (cue, sampler, transport, and user). In cue mode, the eight pads on either side trigger hot Cues for each deck. In sampler mode, the pads will trigger samples from the selected sample banks. Transport mode is transforming the mixer to an all-in-one DJ controller, enabling you to play, pause, pitch, and sync your tracks using Serato DJ. User mode lets you assign your own functions to the performance pads for even more freedom and customization.

Conclusion: The Mixars Quattro was designed in Italy by RCF’s award-winning engineering team to deliver the great audio quality, ensuring excellent performance in clubs, small venues, or at home. Premium features, on solid construction and for an affordable price, makes it a great alternative of the big two, Pioneer and Allen & Heath.

9. Reloop RMX-90 Digital Mixer

Reloop is one more neglected company with very reliable musical gear and DJ equipment. They have been around for years, and they know well how to satisgy every DJ out there.

Reloop’s RMX-90 is a powerful four-channel DJ mixer with Serato integration, DVS control, and an integrated eight in/8 out audio interface. Serato’s advanced NoiseMap technology combined with the 24-bit USB interface offers easy setup so that your DVS can be used immediately after hook-up. It comes with a Serato license and two time-coded 12″s, so you save a couple of hundred, and you can start play from day one.

RMX-90 features a 3-Band EQ with an adjustable response. You can pick between classic or full kill when you want to cut your frequency range completely. The Beat FX unit offers a large variety of 12 studio-quality effects. Flanger, delay, echo, reverb, transformer, pitch shift, loop roll, reverse loop, noise, bit-crusher, gate, and tape delay will give you plenty of room to color your mixes.

On top of the filters, you will notice LCD screens, which will give a lot of info. The display shows you the selected FX and FX channel, the beat length and BPM for the selected effect, and the BPM of the CUE channel.

Conclusion: With a robust metal housing built, this DJ mixer will handle long term use in any club, bar, or small event. We like the deep black coloring, but the design is nothing special — a reasonable price for its features and extras.

Buyers Guide

A quick look over the controls of a DJ mixer:

Faders: Faders control the level output of their corresponding channel.
Gain control: Adjusts the channel input level of the signal.
EQ: Equalization adjusts the frequency of your tracks. Mixers offer three EQ knob allowing you to adjust the high, mid, and low frequencies of each input channel.
Kill Switches: Allow you to cut the high, mid, or low frequencies of your song completely.
Cue Buttons: The cue buttons allow you to find the beat and match it with the music playing through the master channel.
Effects send and return: These allow you to ‘send’ singular or multiple signals to an external FX processor, which are then ‘returned’ to either the master channel or to a specific return channel.

What to look at when buying a professional DJ mixer?

  • The number of channels: The standard option for a beginner DJ is a two-channel mixer, however on a professional mixer, you will usually find four channels to connect up to 4 sound devices.
  • Built quality / Durability: The construction and built quality are vital for all DJ equipment. However, the professional DJ mixer is one of the tools that get a lot of abuse. There are brands in the market that have good popularity for quality built products such as Pioneer and Numark and Allen&Heath.
  • Additional features: Except for the standard faders, eq bands, and volume control, a professional DJ mixer will also feature effects and filters to achieve a smoother transition between tracks. MIDI connectivity, USB ports, and DVS support are essential when we talk about DJing in 2020.

A great mixer doesn’t necessarily make a great DJ. But perhaps our guide on how to become a professional DJ will help you get there. You can also check some advanced DJ techniques to take full advantage of your mixer and software.

Final Thoughts

There are some fantastic DJ mixers available on the market. Pioneer and Allen & Heath are well-established companies in the DJ industry. Models of these brands appear literally in every DJ setup all over the world.

Ultimately you get what you pay, but since no one can afford the most expensive mixer available on the market, there still are some pretty decent options out there. Mixars, Reloop, Numark, and Denon are also safe and reliable choices.

If only were more affordable, I could imagine every DJ in the world to be able to purchase one of the above. If you are a beginner DJ, you will probably have to start saving right now. However, there are some more budget-friendly DJ mixers out there. Behringer DDM 4000, and Numark M6 are two good examples.

In case you want to learn more about choosing the best setup, take a look at DJ equipment for beginners. The article will show you four different DJ setups for you to choose, as well as a better understanding of how to pick your gear according to your needs and budget.

Feel free to share your opinion on the comment section below.

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