The Best DJ Headphones in 2020 (Guide & Reviews)

The Best DJ Headphones in 2020 (Guide & Reviews)

The Best DJ Headphones in the world – 2020 Guide

The first tool of every DJ is a quality pair of DJ headphones. Comfortable and durable headphones are essential, but there are more things to consider before buying one. Our picks for the best DJ headphones include models used by famous DJs, and you won’t have to break the budget.

Looking for the best headphones to DJ with can be daunting. Whether you are looking for the best budget DJ headphones, cool-looking pairs, or with the best sound quality, or noise-canceling, our picks will cover you all. And it doesn’t matter if you perform in a club, or a festival, practice at home or on the road, the required specifications and features of your DJ headphones remain the same. 

What characteristics are important when you are looking for DJ headphones:

    • Headphone type: “Closed-back” – Keep in mind the DJ environment is extremely noisy. So it is critical that the pair of headphones better to be “closed-back” so that it will reduce the unwanted noises around you and hear the bass loud and clear. “Open-back” type of headphones do no block the background noises the same well. But if you want to focus purely on sound quality, then the open-back is a winner for you. There are exceptions, of course, of open type pairs with splendid isolation. More below…
    • Earcups: Some DJ headphones have earcups that sit on top of your ear; those are called On-Ear. And there are also the Over-Ear where the earpads (cups) cover the whole of your ear. There’s no right and wrong choice here, and it’s entirely up to your preference. On-ear headphones tend to be a little more comfortable and less dense. Over-ear headphones, on the other hand, create better isolation from the ambient noise.
    • Durability: You will spend countless hours with your headphones, and no matter how much you take care of them, eventually, you will drop them, crushed them against other tools in your backpack, the cable will get wrapped around it, and drinks might cover them someday. Studio headphones can be treated differently, but when you are looking for DJ headphones, a highly durable pair is essential.
    • Rotatable: You need folding headphones for two reasons. First, because if they are not rotatable are much more fragile, and second, rotatable headphones are more comfortable to pack and transfer them everywhere you go.
    • Sound quality (Loudness/Bass): Since we are not buying headphones for recording and studio work, we do not care for a “flat” sound. We need to hear loud & clear the bass/kick and high frequencies of the song. Loudness, also known as “sensitivity,” is measured either in decibels (dB) or milliwatts (mW). The higher the sensitivity, the better you will listen to your tracks on headphones. The large drivers will deliver bass frequencies more efficiently and with less distortion. For that purpose, drivers around 40mm or more substantial are the perfect fit.
    • Comfort: Last but not least thing to concern when you buy headphones for DJing, is the comfort they provide. For sure, in a studio, you will spend more non-stop hours wearing them. But comfort ear-pads and headband should affect your decision for any headphones.

Remember: Buy headphones that suit perfectly to YOUR needs. The most expensive DJ headphones don’t necessarily mean the best DJ headphones. 

What are the best DJ headphones in the world today:

  • Pioneer HDJ-2000 MKII
  • Sennheiser HD-25-1 II
  • V-MODA crossfade M-100
  • Pioneer HDJ-X10
  • Sennheiser HD-25
  • Beyerdynamic DT 1350
  • Sennheiser HD8 DJ

In case you are a beginner DJ with a limited budget for your first pair of headphones, take a look at the best DJ headphones under $100.

How we made our choices for the best DJ headphones:

All our picks for the best DJ headphones were made according to the features we saw above to cover all your needs and feel comfortable for your choice. 

There are dozens of great options out there. However, we picked only the top seven we believe are the best according to all elements, price tag, reviews, and personal experience. The “best” DJ headphone doesn’t exist since it is a subjective matter, and in the end, it comes down to your individual needs. But we are definite that the models below will get the job done better than the most.

Top 7 Best DJ Headphones in 2020 – Reviews


Pioneer DJ DJ Headphone Black HDJ-2000MK2-K

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Pioneer HDJ 2000 MKII is the most popular and worn pair of headphones by DJ’s all over the world. It is a professional closed-back hi-end pair, built to take abuse. Richie Hawtin, James Zabiela, Moby are few among many famous musicians who use this pair in their live events.

These DJ headphones ensure superb clarity with deep bass, crisp trebles, and clear sound. It has a very comfortable fit; the earcups rotate in every possible way, the headband is designed for stretching and is for sure a product that will last over time and hardship. Also, HDJ-2000’s cables and ear pads are replaceable, which makes those headphones a long-term investment.

The frequency range is at 5Hz-30KHz, which is ideally for DJing, plus 107dB sound output to overcome the speaker and crowd volume. The closed-back type and over-ear cups offer great isolation to ambient sounds that will let you concentrate on mixing.

When we talk about DJ equipment that will use at all times, the appearance will be taken into consideration. The pair by Pioneer has a very sleek minimal look, and it looks both luxurious and professional.

Pioneer DJ produces the most significant share of DJ equipment in the market!

Conclusion: You cannot go wrong with Pioneer HDJ-2000 has everything you need, from sound quality to durability. They are at the top of our list, and even if they are a bit expensive, they worth every penny, and I highly recommend them. Don’t forget you are paying for the legendary Pioneer name, experience, and reliability when it comes to DJ equipment. If you have the budget to spend, go for it. You can also go for the smaller sibling, Pioneer HDJ 1500, for a reduction of the budget.

DJ’s who use it: Richie Hawtin, Moby, James Zabiela, Calvin Harris 

Headphone type:closed-back, over-ear
Frequency range:5Hz-30KHz
Build quality:9.5/10



Sennheiser HD25-1 II Basic Edition

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Sennheiser HD-25 is another well-known pair of headphone and worn by many DJ’s around the world. Especially artists of Techno and Deep House music preference, will say that this is probably one of the best DJ headphones they currently use. The superb reviews and support by many pro DJs leave no place to doubt the quality of these headphones. I’m sure when you see DJs such as Guy J, Tale Of Us, and Hardwell wear them, you will want them too.

This “on-ear” style might trick you into believing that they cannot offer good isolation, but the thing is that HD 25-1 II block out ambient sounds exceptionally well. So well actually that you will see it worn by people of different professions and not just DJs.

The sound quality is excellent, with bright, punchy bass and extended highs. And all that in this extremely lightweight pair of DJ headphones.

This pair is nearly indestructible. You will find DJs that use it almost daily and still works fine after a decade.  Even if you are unlucky to destroy a part or two, it will be easy to find the replacement and fix it. Except for its high durance, HD-25 offers excellent comfort. With flexible ear-cups which allows you to cover the one ear when you are mixing easily.

Another plus of the Sennheiser HD 25-1 II is it’s exceptionally lightweight and size. It is one of the lightest pro pairs in the market. A large number of satisfied users give an excellent rating for a headphone that will probably last forever.

Conclusion: Sennheiser HD 25-1 II is the biggest competitor of Pioneer HDJ-2000 for the title of the best DJ headphones. Like Pioneer’s model, the HD 25-1 II is ideally a pair of headphones for djing. With superb sound quality, suitable for any professional DJ. On the one hand, you have the well-known essential quality of Pioneer and, on the other side, unique design and high portability to transfer it with an incredible easiness. It is probably the best value-for-money DJ headphone in the market.

DJ’s who use it: Nina Kraviz, Guy J, Tale of us, Avicii, Minilogue

Headphone type:closed-back, on-ear
Frequency range:16Hz-22KHz
Build quality:9.5/10

For more Sennheiser models, check the best Sennheiser DJ headphones in the world.




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If you are looking for cool-looking DJ headphones V-MODA M-100 might be the choice for you. Generally, I wouldn’t put “lifestyle” headphones in a list with the best DJ headphones, but the award-winning V-MODA crossfade is an excellent pair for DJing. The Italian manufacturer introduced to us a few years ago creates a complete pair of headphones for professional DJs.

Except for the beautiful and filled look, M-100 is very comfortable, has an excellent built and is highly durable. That is due to the flex-steel headphone band, which allows you to twist them without causing any long-term damage.

The 50mm dual-diaphragm drivers produce a powerful sound with clean and deep bass and ultra-extended highs. The frequency response is not flat, so is not recommend it for mixing and mastering in your studio.

One of the best-rated DJ headphones and highly recommended by the majority of users. 

V-MODA crossfade M-100 offers comfortable foam ear-pads that are incredibly comfortable, and you can wear them for hours. The over-ear headphone type also helps to achieve splendid isolation, blocking any unwanted background sounds.

Conclusion: For those who are looking for quality and design, V-MODA crossfade M-100 is a perfect option. It has already collected thousands of great reviews on Amazon store, and V-MODA gives a small variety of color collection (mate black metal, white-silver, shadow, and phantom chrome) to pick on your “likes”. It comes with a hard case to keep it safe from transporting and any other hardship.

DJ’s who use it: Pete Tong, Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, Nicky Romero

Headphone type:closed-back, over-ear
Frequency range:5Hz-30KHz
Build quality:9/10

4. Pioneer HDJ-X10 (NEW ENTRY)

Pioneer HDJ-X10

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The HDJ-X10 is the newest model of Pioneer and has already engaged a big amount of DJs and musicians out there. Same with the HDJ-2000, it is an over-ear, closed-back type of headphone. It offers a 50mm dome type driver that will give you a powerful, rich, and tight bass, clear mid-range. The frequency response of 5Hz to 40kHz and the SPL (Sound Pressure Level) at 106dB will give you clear sound rare to find it elsewhere.

They have a solid, refined design, a flexible headband, and rotatable ear-cups that will guarantee a long-life product.

The included hard-case will help you to keep them safe in case of often transfer or accidents. The headphones also come with removable cables. One coiled (1.2m to 3m) and one straight (1.6m), so you have the luxury to choose according to your needs and wants. The unique feature that makes this pair stand out from the rest is its shock-resistant (have been tested to US Military Standard MIL-STD-810G Shock test) as well as the Nano coating, which is resistant to sweat and dirt.

Conclusion: With a beautiful and stylish design combining the high durability and comfort makes it a perfect entry for our list with the best DJ headphones. It is available at approximately the same price as the HDJ-2000, and between those two, it’s hard to choose.

Headphone type:closed-back, over-ear
Frequency range:5Hz-40KHz
Build quality:9.5/10


5. Sennheiser HD 25


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The smaller sibling of HD25-1 II is a great choice for those with a limited budget but still desire professional DJ headphones with high-quality audio. Sennheiser HD25 is professional DJ headphones used by a vast amount of professional DJs around the world.

The frequency response at 16Hz-22KHz may not happily surprise you, but the sound quality is superb, with deep and punchy bass as well as, clear mids and highs. However, the HD25 is not recommended for studio use such as the Sennheiser HD8 and Beyerdynamic DT1350 that will deliver excellent work recording and monitoring in your studio. More below… It also offers a rotatable capsule and adjustable padded headband that will fit on any head size. 

This pair is very lightweight, compact but still capable of handling high sound pressure levels and maximum SPL of 120db. The same as the HD25-1 II, it has a specially made molded HardBody shell and soft velveteen inside lining that provides a comfortable and durable pair. The closed-back earcups and thick on-ear cushions block out unwanted ambient noise. There is also an HD25 Plus version with extra cable and earpads included.

The perfect entry-level DJ headphones for Techno, EDM, and most electronic music DJs!

Conclusion: Many DJs, such as myself, struggle with protecting our headphones over hardship and transfer. The package includes a Full Sized HardBody PRO Headphone Case from Slappa to give you extra protection and style with the black rubberized PVC exterior finish. If you have a budget under $200, I see no reason not to go for it.

Headphone type:closed-back, on-ear
Frequency range:16Hz-22KHz
Build quality:9/10



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We are used to seeing Beyerdynamic headphones in some of the top quality recording studios. DT 1350 is a pair for DJ’s as well, and it is pretty amazing. All these years of headphone production from Beyerdynamic leaves no room to doubt their build and sound quality.

With this closed-back type of headphone with 129dB maximum SPL, you can easily hear your music over the crowd. DT 1350 has an extraordinary bass response and clear the mids and highs. It is a superb headphone for djing. It is also an excellent option for music with an emphasis on bass sounds.

The overall appearance looks similar to Sennheiser HD 25-1, with small ear-cups but very good to block out ambient sound. Ear-pads are also rotatable, and the headband is very flexible, making them very durable. Same with HD-25, it is very lightweight and effortless to transfer it between gigs.

If you want a studio and DJ headphones in one, then the DT 1350 is an excellent option.

Conclusion: The Tesla technology offers low levels of distortion, the build is high quality, the pair is portable, very durable, and I can’t find any reason not to take this headphone seriously. I would personally add that I love the design and look of DT 1350. You wouldn’t be disappointed if you decide to purchase it, it’s perfect.

Headphone type:closed-back, on-ear
Frequency range:5Hz-30KHz
Build quality:8.5/10




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The second Sennheiser model on our list for the best DJ headphones is the most expensive one. The customer reviews are nearly perfect, making it one of the top-rated headphones, with users praising its comfort, sound, and durability. It is the ideal headphone for djing and recording studios.

Sennheiser HD8 is a closed-back type offering incredible isolation from ambient sounds. Along with the over-ear ear-cups, it will allow you to keep focused on the music, even in the loudest confined spaces. The HD8 offers excellent sound quality with maximum SPL capacity at 115dB. You will hear the bass and highs amazingly well, to help you perform superb beat-matching and mixing without damaging your ears.

If you are a fan of Sennheiser headphones, subscribe, and soon we will have a list with the best Sennheiser headphones in the market.

The top feature of the HD8 DJ is its durability, and I honestly believe that this pair can last for years, and that’s because of the metal around the ear-cups, metal pivot at the joint, and the flexible headband. The package also includes a pair of extra velour ear-pads and a premium hard case for transfer.

Conclusion: At first sight, the design and looks of Sennheiser HD8, along with its high price range, will probably leave you with doubt. However, Sennheiser HD8 DJ is very comfortable and a fantastic durable pair, which is quite essential for DJs who count dozens of hours DJing every month.

DJ’s who use it: Dj Pierre, Bob Sinclair, Thomas Gold

Headphone type:closed-back, over-ear
Frequency range:8Hz-30KHz
Build quality:9.5/10

These were our top picks for the best DJ headphones in 2020.

The most essential and useful equipment for a DJ, no matter the preferred genre of music, is the headphones. For many DJ’s this is the only tool they carry everywhere they perform, along with their music library – laptop, CDs, or USB.

DJ headphones vs. Studio headphones / What is the difference between them and what features separate them:

When you are playing music and mixing tracks, it is not necessary to hear a full dynamic range of a song. DJ quality headphones offer potent Kick, Snare, and HiHat, which are essential to guide you to a perfect and smooth mix. Studio headphones, on the other hand, provide better sound quality and flat frequency response.

The second feature that separates them is the headphone type. “Closed-back” is most common for loud environments and, therefore, for DJing. “Open-back” might lack isolation but offer better sound quality for the same price range. That is not a definite rule, as you can find both types delivering similar results in both Studio and Live environments.

You can also find out more and the best studio headphones and for a limited budget: the best studio headphones under $100.

What equipment you will need to start DJing:

As long as you will find your first or next pair of DJ headphones, you will need a DJ setup to start mixing. In 2020 the majority of beginners go for a DJ controller and software. Not to blame them, there are dozens of models and DJ software that professional musicians would like to lay hands on them. Here are The Best DJ Softwares in the market. With choices such as Traktor Pro, Serato DJ, and more… To take full advantage of these software’s take a look at the Best DJ Controller under $400 and best DJ controllers in the world.

For the ultimate guide: The best DJ setup for beginners.

Final Thoughts…

Now that you know what to consider on every pair of DJ headphones, you can narrow down the list of available models to that which interest you the most. Investing in a pair of good quality DJ headphones is one of the more thoughtful things you can do as a DJ. As a musician, the only irreplaceable “tool” is your hearing. So, do not act cheap, pick one of the above, and you are safe.

DJ headphones by quality-monster brands such as Pioneer, Sennheiser, and Beyerdynamic, makes the final choice pleasantly painful!

Once again, the final choice is up to you. If you like comfortable and light DJ headphones go for an on-ear type. If you want to focus more on isolation, then the over-ear is definitely for you. There are many different options out there, a wide variety of brands, features and price tags, for you to choose according to your preferences and budget.

That is why we made a list that will cover the needs of the most. More good pairs in the market could go on our list with the best DJ headphones of 2020. Pioneer HDJ-X5BT-K, Sony MDR7506, and AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular DJ headphones are great examples of value for money purchases for beginner DJs.

If you want to learn how to use your DJ headphones check out this video:

If the above DJ headphones are a bit pricey for your pocket, check the best headphones for DJing for under $100!

Do not hesitate to post your comments and questions about the DJ headphones. What do you wish to buy? How much can you spend? My team and I would be happy to help! Have fun shopping…


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