Rockville RPG152K V2 Review – The Best Bluetooth Speaker for every event

A Public Address System, more commonly known as the PA system is a great tool that you can use to get your voice across a large number of people. It is an electronic system that consists of microphones, loudspeakers, amplifiers, and other required equipment. From making announcements in the town square or the school auditorium to singing or playing instruments at a concert, a PA system works best for every type of purpose!

If you are looking for an all-rounder PA System that keeps your voice or music as crystal clear as possible with the perfect pitch and bass while increasing its apparent volume (loudness), then you need to keep reading this article.

We felt its necessary to review one of the cheapest 2KW DJ speakers in the market – the Rockville RPG 152K V2. 

The new RPG152K V2 is a powered Bluetooth 15 inches PA system. Think of all the things you need in a pro PA System setup – a long-lasting power, a master active speaker, built-in amplifier, speaker stand, a microphone, a USB/SD player, it has it all!

The most affordable Bluetooth speaker pair

This speaker system consists of two 15 inches pro audio speakers that have a whopping power of 1500 watts. The unit adorns exceptional class ‘D’ Digital and efficient amplifying system in addition to 2.5 inches voice coil made from aluminum and a  high power 15 inches long-throw woofer which makes the overall sound reproduction experience an amazing one. The woofer also helps to give the speakers a phenomenal bass response that will enhance the quality of the instruments you might be playing.

Furthermore, for clear highs, the unit possesses 25-millimeter compression horn drivers. The built-in Bluetooth connects within seconds with any device and you can enjoy any audio or music without any distortion.

Now let’s talk about why we have nominated the Rockville RPG 152K V2 as one of the best Bluetooth Speaker/ PA systems.

Rockville RPG152K V2 Powered Bluetooth Speaker Review

Rockville Dual 15 Powered Bluetooth +Mic+Speaker Stands+Cables, Version 2 (RPG152K V2)

First Look:

The speakers are encased in ABS plastic polymer cabinet. Though they might have a plastic-ky feel, they do their job well. The cabinets are perfectly time aligned with the drivers. This helps to stabilize the system and help it deliver large amounts of bass and treble that has clear and distinct mids and highs.

Furthermore, to make things easier for you, the active speaker has an LCD screen on its back that displays all the functions that the system has. It showcases the MP3 functions such as controlling the volume. Moreover, it also displays Bluetooth connectivity options.

There is a Clip LED indicator on the active speaker which lets you know when the audio on the speaker begins to distort so you are always in control. The system also possesses separate treble and bass control knobs that you can customize according to your needs. In addition to this, you will also find a power LED cabinet that lets you know when it is time to charge the device.

To aid you in transferring them, the unit has ergonomically shaped side handles.  All you have to do is put them in the desired place, set them on the tripod stands and begin your show! Nothing will hinder your shine while you are on the stage!

Rockville Dual 15 Powered Bluetooth +Mic+Speaker Stands+Cables, Version 2 (RPG152K V2) package

Features / Specs:

The Rockville RPG 152K V2 Speakers are jam-packed with unique features that make it stand out in the sea of all the other DJ/PA systems. So what are these features? Let’s find out!

  • An All-Rounder Amplifier: It has a built-in class ‘D’ Digital and efficient amplifier which will make anything you are presenting using the microphone clear, distinct and loud without any distortion.
  • Powerful Woofer And Voice Coils: It also possesses a 15 inches high power long-throw woofer and a 2.5 inches aluminum voice coil which are essential to produce clear sound output with appropriate bass response.
  • Optimal Compression Horn drivers: The incorporated 25-millimeter compression horn drivers work ideally to provide you with clear highs.
  • Built-in Bluetooth: The unit also features built-in Bluetooth that can be connected to any media player or phone.
  • USB/ SD Card Input: You can also use a USB or SD card to get audio input. They can be used to add special effects. The system amplifies any preprogrammed audio file and plays it on the system.
  • Wired Microphone: A wired microphone with an optimal grip is included in the system.
  • FM Tuner: The system also embraces an FM radio which is built-in. The FM radio helps you to tune into any radio station that you like and play it at full volume on the speakers.
  • LCD Display: The active speaker unit has an LCD on the back that has functions related to MP3 and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Wireless Remote Controller: The system comes with a wireless remote controller that makes things further convenient for you. You can adjust all the MP3 functions using the remote.
  • Adequate Design: The system is compact and lightweight. This helps it to deliver disturbance-free audio even at a high SPL.
  • Convenient Side Handles :Each unit has a side handle that can be used to carry it around.
Rockville Dual 15 Powered Bluetooth +Mic+Speaker Stands+Cables, Version 2 (RPG152K V2) backside

Sound Quality:

With a compact ABS Polymer cabinet, the system is time aligned with the drivers and work exceptionally well to provide you with a clear and distinct, distortion-free audio output even at a high SPL. SPL is Sound Pressure Level which is, as the name indicated, the pressure of the sound. It is measured in decibels (dB). This particular PA system has the maximum SPL o 125 decibels at 1w/1m.

Furthermore, a built-in equalizer is built-in the system that works exceptionally well. It allows you to adjust the sound of the speakers according to the genre of the music that you intend to play. Whether it is normal, classic, jazz, country, rock or pop, the equalizer will give the best audio output!

The unit also includes class ‘D’ Digital and Efficient amplifiers which work flawlessly with the system. Combining the amplifier with its 15 inches high power long-throw woofer, 2.5 inches aluminum voice coil, and 5-millimeter compression horn drivers, you will be getting a crystal clear voice with the most adequate high, mids and lows along with just the right amount of bass and treble. The speakers have a frequency response of 45 hertz to 20,000 hertz and an impedance of 8 ohms.

Another great aspect is that the device allows USB and SD card input. Thus through these two media, you can play any audio, add any special effects and amplify any preprogrammed audio through the PA system!

Moreover, the device has a built-in Bluetooth system and an FM tuner. So you can play any audio from your phone or media player on the system or you can just tune into your favorite radio station and enjoy it on the speakers. No matter what you can be sure that the Rockville RPG 152K V2 Speakers will be loud and clear without any distortion.


  • Setting up the unit will take no more than a few minutes.
  • The wired microphone is great for live performances –whether it is an address to the public or a live concert.
  • The built-in Bluetooth lets you play any type of audio from your phone or media players compatible with Bluetooth.
  • The device is not heavy and can easily be carried from one place to another. It also has side handles that help you transfer it easily.
  • With an amplifier, long-throw woofer, horn drivers and voice coils, the unit produces powerful yet clear audio output.


  • The tripod stands for the speakers are to be purchased separately.
  • The LCD does not show you the EQ setting you currently are using.
  • Only one microphone can be used with this system. Though it is ideal for many customers, some that it was not sufficient, especially for a karaoke night.
  • The system seems bulkier. However, the side handles help to easily move the unit from one place to another.
  • The microphone wire is thin and short.
  • Some customers complained that the wireless remote did not work like it was supposed to.
Rockville Dual 15 Powered Bluetooth +Mic+Speaker Stands+Cables, Version 2 (RPG152K V2) single

A pair of the Rockville RPG 152K V2 and the Rockville RPG225K will make a complete sound system for every DJ event.

Final Thoughts:

The Rockville RPG 152K V2 is an all in one DJ/PA system. With its diverse list of features, the unit proves itself to be one of the best ones in the market these days. It includes all types of features you might expect in a pro-DJ/PA system. It has a flawlessly working amplifier, woofers, and equalizer that give you the intended bass, treble and audio quality.

Moreover, it allows you to play audio using Bluetooth enabled media players, phones, USBs and SD cards. You can even add side effects using these mediums!

It is easy to assemble and use. It has a user-friendly LCD where you can manage many functions of the speaker like controlling the volume and Bluetooth connections. To make things more convenient, the company has made the system compatible with a wireless remote you can use to control its volume, etc.

Though it has some negatives overall it has a sturdy yet compact design and is portable, durable and reliable. It is particularly useful for DJs, small gigs, Karaoke nights (if a single microphone is sufficient for you) and parties.

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