10 Best DJ Lights [2023 Reviews]

Every event is incomplete without perfect lighting and theme décor. To make your event a successful one throughout, contrasting lights are a must. The brightness varies according to every event’s theme and the crowd.

If you are at a birthday party, there will be eliminator lighting combined with standard bright lighting to give a light party mode look.

If you are at a concert, you ought to have a lot of stages of LED lights, swarm LED lights, disco lights, par, and also moving headlights. Therefore, the application of DJ lights varies from place to place and occasion to occasion.

However, the most ravishing feature that most of these hold nowadays is the sound control system. As a part of this innovative world, you can fix these lights on any occasion and make them transcend the light modes and also the pitch notes of the sound of music.

Moreover, several sound-sensing lights beam through the fog to give a perfect party look. Yet that’s not it, and there are several other features that DJ lights these days hold. Therefore, without further ado, let’s look closely into the best DJ lights on a budget.

Top 10 Best DJ Lights For Every Event [Reviews]




  • Sound activation system
  • Six high output LEDs, i.e., two red, two green, two blue.
  • 90 degrees rotation angle giving complete coverage over the dance floor.
  • It requires no duty cycle.
  • It has a low power consumption of about 15 Watts.
  • Weighs about 6 lbs

Are you ready for a bash? Eliminator Lightening got your back by providing us with its most beautiful product, Eliminator Lighting Electro Swarm LED Lighting. Super bright LED light with many functions makes your night exceedingly lightened up. It is a perfect item for nightclubs and parties.

A lightweight, broad-coverage DJ light is an ideal tool for making a night worth remembering. As DJ lights are total mood-making items so only the best and the more efficient product must be chosen.

It has a sound activation system, which means the LED lights turn on and off along with changing colors according to the pitch of the sound. Plus, it is a plug-and-play device, all you have to do is attach it, and it will radiate the neighboring with its high-quality lights. Overall it is a user-friendly device.


  • One-year warranty.
  • It requires less power.
  • Provides a full coverage high-quality light
  • Two modes with a sound activation system.


  • Not eligible for international shipping.
  • Limited warranty.
  • It has small parts hence not suitable for children less than three years around.

2. LED Par – RGB Stage Wash Lights 

LED Par Lights, YeeSite 36LEDs RGB Stage Wash Lights Sound Activated with Remote and DMX Control Up Lights for Church Wedding Stage Lighting DJ Party


  • 36 LED lights in a pack of 4 with three colors.
  • The body structure is made of ABS and Metal.
  • The beam angle of 25 degrees.
  • It comes with a user manual and remote control.
  • The power required is 110V – 240V.

 LED lights are here to change the whole lighting game. Yemenite comes with a better lighting solution. A combination of 36 LED stage lights with a glorifying coloring effect soothes the eyes. A perfect blend of views for any occasion, whether it’s a wedding, party, or a nightclub set up.

Par LED Lights has a high-quality structure with a robust mounting bracket that can be attached to stand or stage rods. It throws a flexible light beam with changing patterns along with the beats of music. It comes with a wireless remote that handles its multiple control modes like static mode, fade mode, active sound mode, etc. Other specifications are as follows:

LED Par Lights, YeeSite 36LEDs RGB Stage Wash Lights Sound Activated with Remote and DMX Control Up Lights for Church Wedding Stage Lighting DJ Party 2

If you are a mobile DJ that already carries a lot of heavy DJ equipment, then these small LED par lights might be the choice for you.


  • Upbeat LED lights alleviate the surrounding.
  • High-quality light with less power feeding.
  • Good for birthdays and Christmas parties, it acts as an energy booster.
  • Seven lighting modes with a speed control function.


  • It is more expensive than other products due to its numerous exceptional quality LED lights.

3. MUSIC Complete Professional 4-par LED lights 

MUSYSIC MU-L31A Complete Professional 4-Par 4-in-1 Stage LED Lights DJ Band DMX System & Stand


  • Four different light color options
  • 48 LEDs of 3W.
  • 50,000 hours of life expectancy.
  • The beam angle is 18 degrees and the field angle is 31 degrees.
  • Its luminance is 2,330 lux, which is 2m (per pod).
  • It weighs 15 pounds.

LED lights are an innovation. They require less power and give more light. A lighting system with LED lights will brighten up your DJ desk.

MUSIC MU-L31A LED DJ DMX System Band & Stand is a proper lighting system suitable for all types of events. The LED lights are of four different high-intensity colors (Red, Blue, Green, and White light options), portraying an illuminating and shadowing effect. The light’s colors and patterns can be controlled with DMX and a remote.

A Tripod stand is included with an adjustable height of 6.5 ft. It has a standing, which makes it highly useful and easily portable. The four adjustable heads of LED lights get attached to the stand giving full coverage.


  • High strength, multiple lights, and user-friendly.
  • The tripod stand can be built up at any time and any place.
  • Easily portable making a full lighting system on the go.
  • Creates light shows with a sound activation system making the scene attractive. 


  • The product runs out of stock more often.

4. CHAUVET Derby DJ with RGB LED static lighting 

CHAUVET DJ Derby X RGB LED Derby w:Static, Blackout, Strobe Effect Light & Automated:Sound Active Programs


  • 6 LED clusters having three colored LED lights.
  • Built-in automated programs and different built-in modes.
  • Adjustable X bracket.
  • DMX channel of 8 and DMX connectors of 3 pin.
  • Full coverage angle of 96 degrees
  • It weighs about 4 lbs.

With the advancement in technology, new and innovative products are launched in the market with enhanced and eye-catching features.

CHAUVET DJ Derby X RGB LED Derby w:Static, Blackout, Strobe Effect Light & Automated:Sound Active Programs 2

CHAUVET DJ Derby offers RGB LED along with Strobe Effect Light, Static, Sound Active /Automated Programs, & Blackout. It is an improved design in the field of the LED lighting system with an unusual feature.

This club lighting system has 6 LED clusters with three colored (RGB) LED lights, or you can also say that it has 90 LEDs, 30 in each color. It is through bright light rays showing an illusion inside a room with red, blue, and green colors.

The LED lights follow the beats of the sound dancing along with the music through the sound activation system. Derby’s light effect radiated the room with an enhanced light show.


  • Sound activation system.
  • Many features and modes like static mode, blackout mode.
  • Built-in strobe features.
  • A lightweight device capable of brightening the atmosphere.


  • Expensive than other LED lighting products.

5. U`King Stage Lighting with an LED Moving Head

U`King Stage Lighting 50W LED Moving Head Light with Remote 8 Gobo 8 Pattern Spotlight by DMX 512 Controlled 9:11 Channel for DJ Disco Party Strobe Lights Shows


  • It’s a user package for DJ Disco Parties
  • It’s used along with Stage Lighting
  • 50W LED Moving Head Light with
  • Eight different patterns and colors
  • DMX512 control system

Customized events, nowadays, imply limelight features. That gives a professional touch to the whole aura of the game. If you’re in search of similar DJ lighting equipment, here’s your magic wand.

U`King Stage Lighting 50W LED Moving Head Light with Remote 8 Gobo 8 Pattern Spotlight by DMX 512 Controlled 9:11 Channel for DJ Disco Party Strobe Lights Shows 2

U’ King Stage lighting with eight pattern spotlight is your ultimate gear. It’s for all professionals or non-professionals, with a wide range of designs and spotlight patterns. If you want your big day to be more superficial and memorable, this professional DJ light is a must to consider, especially for club DJs.

This DJ moving head offers a scanning angle is Y-Axis: 270° and X-Axis: 540°, of which the speed is also controllable by the remote. Including innovative modes like automatic mode, sound-activated mode, DMX mode, remote control mode, and master-slave mode that can be flexible according to your event theme.


  • Package of 8 patterns 
  • Remote controlling options 
  • Perfect for both professional and non-professional usage
  • User-friendly operations.
  • The option of 5 controllable light effects
  • The moving head with eight color options and effects
  • Best for DJ stage lighting
  • Good for disco shows, birthday events, weddings, or club shows


  • Comparatively expensive

6. Stage Lights – OPPSK 72W 24LED Wash DJ Stage Lighting 

Stage Lights, OPPSK 72W 24LED Wash Lights Bar DMX Control Auto Play Sound Activated with RGB Tricolors for Wedding Birthday Christmas New Year Party DJ Stage Lighting


  • 3, 6, 12, 24 DMX channels
  • 24 tri LED beams at 40 degrees angle
  • Weights 1.8kgs
  • 40 x 2.5 x 2.5 in (102×6.5×6.5 cm) in size
  • 4-Button DMX LED Display
  • LED lifespan is Rated at approximately 50,000 hrs.
  • Power Draw 72W

Most of us love to go extravagant when it comes to partying. Wash lights are the best option in this case scenario. If you have a bar or organize DJ events, know that your event is incomplete without these lights.

If you are really into party extravaganza and glamour, then this DJ Stage lighting with 72W 24LED Wash Lights is your go-ahead. It is the device that can transcend the whole vibe of your party or themed event on the go. 

This stage light has seven operational modes that are AutoRun, color-changing Mode, Sound Active, Color fade, Static Color, Master-slave mode, and DMX-512 Mode, which is Flicker Free. It is Linkable to Power via a daisy-chain NEMA power link and DMX through a three-pin XLR cable.

Its RGB tri-color mixing LED gives a pretty much infinite color palette besides also giving your dance floor distinct ambient lighting. Also, it comes with mounting brackets to mount it on a wall or just set it on the ground for roof lighting. 

Moreover, its 40-degree beam angle provides a vibrant and broad light beam to wash the stage, wall, and dance floor,


  • 4-Button LED DMX-512 menu
  • Good for creating an atmosphere
  • Color variations


  • It does not have a sound-sensing option

7. DragonX – LED mobile DJ Stage Wash Light Party System for bars

DragonX 4 Bar LED mobile DJ Stage Lighting Package:108W Portable RGB Par Can Kit Gig Spotlight Bar Set:Sound Activated Flex Wash Light Party System W:Stand


  • 4 LED Par Cans
  • Comes with a Tripod Lighting Stand
  • Includes a Parian Bag and a Stand Bag
  • It has an exclusive daisy chain multiple bar system by linking them together with DMX cables
  • Built-in 10+ pre-programmed scenes
  • Extended Power Cable and Foot Switch Cable

Are you a newly started band or a professional mobile DJ option? Here’s the perfect lighting match for your band play.

DragonX 4 Bar LED mobile DJ Stage Lighting Package is no random lighting, despite its convenient-to-carry option. You can easily carry it along with your DJ backpack.

With the DragonX 4-Bar LED, you can start a party anywhere, anytime. Not only it’s a DJ best-fit package but can also suffice for house parties and themed events, and weddings.

This is a dynamic, ready-to-go LED Stage Light Package for stage performances, clubs, or parties. Also, the built-in programs are perfect for plug-and-play use, and the DMX function enables you to customize according to your theme.

It comes with an extended footswitch cable and power cable, which makes it easier to control lights along with sound. The PartyBar lighting system is also an exciting all-in-one LED Wash system for mobile bands and DJ stage lighting. 


  • It’s unique in design
  • In short, it is user-friendly
  • It’s a Great LED lighting option for the stage with vivid colors
  • Furthermore, it gives Full stage coverage


  • It takes time to assemble and disassemble
  • It takes time to set it up

8. Betopper –Par DJ Stage LED Lights Wash DMX Lighting


  • 54 LED x 3W/ 162W
  • 3 in 1 RGB full color LED par light 
  • Light Source Lifespan of 50000 hours 
  • Rating Power of 180W 
  • Control Mode of DMX512 which is Auto, Sound Activated, Master-Slave 
  • Size is 295mm/11.62inch 
  • Weight is 2.57kg

People often like it when a party has memorable lights. Especially when you are organizing a DJ-themed event, lighting plays a pivotal role. A choice among illumination may have a vast range, but if you want it to be exclusive and memorable, here’s your stand-out element. 

It’s a DJ light that can imply different colors and provides a mixing effect of stunning color and creates a subsequent atmosphere. Moreover, it is a Par Light having multiple control options auto sound-activated, DMX 512, and master-slave.

Additionally, it is exclusive for providing various light effects like hoping, fade, color jumping, strobe effect static color, gradual color change, etc.


  • It has four pieces which include 54x3W LED RGB stage light which is super bright
  • Its brightness is adjustable
  • 30 days warranty of return
  • Guaranteed lifelong technical support
  • Aluminum housing that makes a dense light unit


  • It’s comparatively expensive
  • Has no remote control option

9. CHAUVET- DJ Intimidator Spot 

CHAUVET DJ Intimidator Spot 155, BLACK (INTIMSPOT155) 2


  • Super crisp optics and an even output
  • The luminance rate is 4,860 lux at 2 meters
  • Minimized programming time with built-in movement macros
  • Move-in-black features

Looking for a professional lighting set? We’ve got you, here’s a perfect solution to all the professional DJ lighting issues. This one incorporates all the professional moving and operational tools to fit best to your large-scale event.

It has Built-in performance features like separate color and gobo wheels and ultra-smooth dimming. Plus, it has adjustable strobe speed to control light effects. Moreover, it allows you to increase design flexibility and effects with separate colors and gobo wheels

You can minimize programming time with built-in movement macros, move-in-black features, and sound-activated. This adjustable fixture also allows individuals to reset the tilt, color, and gobo wheels. Multiple units can be power links to save time spent on running cables and managing extension cords.

To learn a little more about this exclusive DJ lighting package, let’s look into its specifications;


  • It’s user-friendly
  • It is a bright, compact, and lightweight LED moving head
  • perfect for mobile applications and moving bands


  • Comparatively very expensive
  • For professional usage

10. CHAUVET – DJ LED Lighting in BLACK



  • LimPAR 64 RGBA houses in red, green, blue, and amber
  • It Generates a magnitude of colors and achieves natural color temperatures with punchy amber LEDs
  •  Ultra-compact casing
  •  4 or 8 channel DMX mode
  • Light-weighted (only 3.7 pounds)

Party organization is already a task, managing all lights on your own and on time can be a pain. So, here’s a viable solution as it has an in-built automated system and pulse effect program which can just fit in with your music beats.

These lights work well with all sorts of concerts and large-scale professional events. It exclusively offers exquisite static colors and color mixing with or without DMX. Moreover, it has built-in automated sound adjustment and pulse effect programs with variable speed.


  • You can use built-in automated sound-activation as well as pulse effects programs at variable speed
  • Ideal for silent operation and has no moving parts
  • A low-profile fixture that fits in places where the other lights cannot


  • Comparatively expensive
  • No remote control

To get a good idea about club lighting, visit an electronic music club in Europe for the full experience.

What is a DJ lighting system?

The overall use of DJ lights has improved in performance as these best of them are also available with a remote control to set the modes according to your taste. The basic DJ lights these days are usually with the LED feature, which is more eloquent in performance and consumes lesser energy.

As the world has stepped into a more innovative era, so has the mode of partying. There are multi-purpose easy to use and pocket-friendly lights that almost go about every themed party that you want to have. These exclusively work at clubs and concerts for a more elegant vibe and look of the event.


Any party is imperfect and a flop without impeccably matching lights. Concerts and clubs are all about lights, so the significance of these DJ lights has even more increased with these growing trends.

To cope up with it and to give a professional touch to your themed event, matching lighting is a must. In light of the facts stated above, it can be concluded that there are DJ lights for all types of events with their innovative exceptions and portability. 

Most of these are vulnerable and flexible for both professional and non-professional functioning. Moreover, with being provided a list and range of 10 best lighting products of 2019, we want to make it easier for you to decide according to your requirements and taste.

Before you go, you might find interesting our guides on how to become a DJ, and how to master your DJ skills

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  1. Good list and some great choices. The Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot is a best selling unit and for good reason. Bright light, awesome gobos and a great price make it a top choice for mobile DJ’s.

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