AIAIAI TMA 2 Modular DJ Headphones Review

DJs, both professional and amateur, rely on their gear to produce the hottest mixtapes, to practice, experiment with different sounds, and generally to hear themselves when they’re performing live. A good mixing console will help you navigate your tracks, a good microphone will help you interact with the crowd, but what helps you the most in every possible aspect is a good pair of headphones.

Now, ‘good’ DJ headphones are in abundance, but premium-quality and top-shelf models are pretty hard to come by. After extensive research, we’ve found Aiaiai’s TMA 2 Modular DJ preset headphones, which certainly fit the description of ‘rugged, great-sounding cans that offer comfort and flexibility on the fly’.

These headphones are unique in the sense that they come supplied with some of the most advanced features while having a completely exquisite ‘modular’ design. They’re light and put up minimal clamping pressure, and they were specifically designed and tailored for DJs.
In simple words, if you’re out on the market looking for the best headphones you can get to compliment your DJ rig, we warmly encourage you to stick around for a while as we review Aiaiai’s TMA 2 DJ Modular headphones.

AIAIAI is not as popular as Pioneer or Sennheiser headphones, but audiophiles all over the world review them as the best alternative of the “usual” pairs out there. Without any further ado, let’s dive right into it:

AIAIAI TMA 2 DJ Headphones Review

AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular DJ preset Headphones

First look – Design:

The design is precisely what makes Aiaiai’s TMA 2 Modular DJ headphones so unique. Basically, the original TMA 2 doesn’t exactly come supplied with any features per se; instead, you’re free to choose between twenty-two individual components to find the best combination possible. The options include four speakers, four headbands, seven ear cushions, as well as seven different cables.

However, Aiaiai’s TMA 2 DJ headphones are one of the preset configurations that already pack the most potent specs and features for DJ performances.

These headphones pack the Over-ear coupling, closed-back design, which is expected from DJ headphones. They block outward noises and keep most of the sound inside the cups, allowing you to hear more detail with greater focus since you won’t be distracted by the audience’s noises as much.

Furthermore, they pack E02 cushion pads and H02 leather headbands, which means that they will be highly comfortable to use, even during the most extended shows and performances. The pads put up very little clamping pressure and are made of such material that repels sweat and somewhat prevents heat from building up.
The exact dimensions of Aiaiai’s TMA 2 measure 12 inches by 3 inches by 10 inches, and they’re practically weightless.

AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular DJ preset Headphones front view
AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular DJ preset Headphones side view



The features are easily the most interesting and fun part about what Aiaiai’s TMA 2 is all about. Namely, these headphones pack interchangeable components, which is the first thing that separates them from most traditional headphone types.

First and foremost, the core feature of the TMA 2 DJ-preset modular headphones is the heavily acclaimed SO2 driver unit. Essentially, the SO2 is a very well-rounded speaker with a balanced soundstage and EQ with an accentuated bass and slightly diminished treble (which leaves even more room for the boosted bass to be present).

We’ve briefly mentioned the H02 band and E02 cushion pads; these are the features primarily responsible for the excellent comfort rating of Aiaiai’s TMA 2 boasts. Both H02 and E02 are pretty thin, as their main function is to provide comfort in the least aggressive way possible. Rather than encompassing the entire ears, the pads are there to support them.

Aiaiai TMA 2 DJ Headphones package

Aiaiai’s TMA 2 headphone set is wired and features the C02 cable. Basically, this is a 1.5-m spiral cable that sports a built-in mini-jack adapter. It’s almost exactly the same cable as the one supplied to TMA-1; subtle differences setting them apart are reduced weight and slightly increased length.

Apart from the cushion pads and the headband, the headset itself is made of durable plastic material. The band features a molded type of design rather than having connector joints, which means that it’s slightly more flexible and less durable.

Generally speaking, the features of Aiaiai’s TMA 2 DJ headphones are absolutely amazing. They’re very simple and straightforward, yet they do a remarkable job of providing sound accuracy and comfort to the wearer along with consistency and reliability.

The only thing that could’ve been made a bit better is the headband type; namely, these headphones aren’t particularly easy to carry since they aren’t foldable. Apart from that, everything else checks out.

AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular DJ preset Headphones parts
AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular DJ preset Headphones packs

In use: 

TMA 2 modular DJ headphones aren’t necessarily great only for DJs; they’re so versatile that it isn’t hard to imagine them being useful for studio engineers and working musicians as well.
Before we begin, we should mention that TMA 2 headphones aren’t too great for critical listening in general.

Namely, they don’t have a neutral sound signature (since they have a slightly cut treble and extended bass range), which further means that people looking for Hi-Fi headphones should keep on looking. With that out of the way, let’s see how Aiaiai’s TMA 2 performs in action.


They’re great for studio engineers who often have to work with certain raw, hardly audible parts. Instead of sending the bassist and the drummer back to sparkle up the demos, you can use TMA 2 headphones to hear the kick and the bass’s thump a bit more clearly. Of course, these headphones will not ‘beautify’ the sound; they’ll just help you discern it from the other instruments.

TMA 2 modular headphones are great for musicians who want to concentrate on their own playing and who wish to improve their technique. The closed-back design atop the slightly augmented bass response allows you to hear yourself with increased accuracy.

On the flip side, these cans aren’t particularly useful for live performances and shows. Namely, they’re not monitors, and you won’t have a clear representation of how your sound is pushing through to the audience.

This only applies to live bands, though, not for DJs; disc jockeys won’t have to deal with instruments being out of tune and losing the tempo, so you can rest assured that Aiaiai’s TMA 2 works tremendously well for DJs. After all, they were designed with a DJ’s needs in mind.

AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular DJ preset Headphones connection


Aiaiai’s TMA 2 headphones sound absolutely phenomenal, and more importantly, they offer consistency. The driver unit these headphones are supplied with is robust and reliable, boasting exceptional functionality that will persist and endure the tooth of time.

Furthermore, these headphones are as light as a feather, and they will be able to provide you with comfort even after hours of wearing them. Speaking of which, the pads and the headband are both light and plush-like, and they boast moisture-wicking properties that substantially reduce the amount of sweat build-up.

The modular design of these headphones allows you to change any part you don’t particularly like with another one, and there are quite a few of them in the Aiaiai store. Overall, they’re more than worth the buck, and they’re not even that expensive.


Sadly, the only thing most people don’t seem to like about Aiaiai’s headphones is that they aren’t foldable. The rigid plastic construction offers little flexibility, so you’ll always have to wear them in a protective case or around your neck.

Professional DJs that wear the AIAIAI TMA-2:

richie hawtin with aiaiai tma 2
  • Zedd
  • Bonobo
  • Trentemoller
  • Richie Hawtin
  • Eli & Fur
  • Nicolas Jaar
  • Carl Craig
  • Guy Gerber
  • Annie Mac
  • D. Ramirez
  • Nicole Moudaber
  • Luciano
  • Nic Fanciulli

For the full list visit

AIAIAI TMA 2 DJ vs. Sennheiser HD 25:

Sennheiser HD 25 Plus DJ Headphone Review – The no.1 Choice of professional DJs

Aiaiai’s TMA 2 DJ headphones are, in a nutshell, slightly better for DJs specifically than Sennheiser’s HD 25. Basically, they’re less versatile, but their specs and features are geared towards electronic, bass-heavy music instead of well-rounded HD 25 that are generally the go-to headphones for live musicians playing in bands.

Essentially, Sennheiser’s HD 25 is also modular headphones, which is the first thing they have in common with Aiaiai’s TMA 2 headphone set. They’re closed-back cans, just like TMA 2, and they sport a lightweight plastic construction, again just like TMA 2.

The first noticeable difference in terms of design between these two sets is that Sennheiser’s HD25 features a rotatable and detachable capsule design, which significantly helps for music listening on one ear (which is, obviously, perfect for DJs). In that respect, HD 25 is a bit more convenient.

HD 25, however, weighs slightly more, which means that they’re not so great for full-fledged parties that sometimes last for 6+ hours.
Sound-wise, these headphones come supplied with significantly different drivers, both of which are geared towards providing accurate and deep bass with a slightly decreased treble.

Check out our deep review of the Sennheiser HD25 before making your final choice.

Final Thoughts:

All things considered, Aiaiai’s headphones are absolutely great for the money. These cans pack a set of highly advanced features, and the fact that you can replace and upgrade any given feature speaks volumes about their quality. If you’re a DJ looking for top-shelf professional-grade headphones, you might want to give them a shot.

Although, many would love to see some improvements in terms of the plastic headband, the sound, the versatility, and the comfort of these headphones are more than enough to compensate for this tiny flaw.

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