JBL EON600 Full Series Review

The Ultimate Multipurpose Powered Speaker

If you are looking for a powerful speaker that plays any type of audio, whether it is a speech or music, with the optimal bass, treble, and frequency, then you have to choose one of the powered speakers from the magnificent JBL EON600 Series.

In this article, we will discuss three speakers from the JBL EON600 series –the EON610, EON 612, and EON615. Let’s dive in straight away…

JBL EON610 / EON 612 / EON615 Review

JBL Professional EON610 Portable 2-Way Multipurpose Self-Powered Sound Reinforcement, 10-Inch review

Each speaker in the series is engineered to deliver the best sound output you can imagine. EON610 has a 10-inch woofer system, whereas EON612 has a 12-inch woofer, and EO15 has a 15-inch system. The devices are self-contain Public Address Systems that are portable and efficient in function. With a proprietary Waveguide Technology, the JBL EON600 series have a woofer system that possesses a Bass Reflex Cabinet.

It has a 1000-Watt peak class D amplifier, and a Bluetooth-controlled Digital Signal Processor (DSP). The EON 615 has Bluetooth control for Android and iOS and has onboard EQ Presets Furthermore; it has a 5-way user-definable parametric Equalizer. The four different modes –Speech, Sub, Main, and Monitor, these devices will tick off everything on your checklist.

The units have multiple setup configurations, and side handles so that you can move it from one place to another without any trouble. While EON610 has two handles on the side, the EON 612 and EON 615 have four handles to transfer it from one place to another conveniently.

Moreover, the units have ¼ inches dual combination XLR connectors. These connectors are used in electronic devices to provide balanced line-level and microphone signals over long distances. These connectors make sure that the final audio that reaches your ear does not have any distortion or other disruptions caused by external electrical interferences.

JBL Professional EON610 Portable 2-Way Multipurpose Self-Powered Sound Reinforcement, 10-Inch inside

Features – Design:

The JBL EON600 series have a very purposeful design so that everyone can easily use it. It has the latest technology in acoustic science, cabinet materials, and transducer design. The devices have a high-end, user-friendly interface with all the important settings. These devices are highly flexible, portable, and extraordinary in their function.

The units have an enclosure prototype that has been engineered with precision so that it gives you the utmost clear, distinct, and wholesome acoustic resonance that you want. The prototypes have an injection of molding techniques and mechanical shaping, which further optimizes the cabinet volumes and helps to elevate the sound quality of any type of music while maintaining the footprint.
While the EON610 has two handles to carry the device and move it around conveniently, the EON 612 and EON 615 possess four handles for extra convenience. These devices weigh 26, 33, and 39 lbs, respectively, and are easy to carry out and about!

The hardware of these powered speakers is incorporated into the enclosures. Moreover, the units have indexed feet which are molded into the cabinets. The purpose of these feet is to allow you to easily move and store the device when you do not need them. It also enables secure stacking for stand-up and acoustic configurations.

Each of the devices allows Bluetooth integration. Since, you need apt control of the device to have the perfect tuning, the engineers that construct JBL speakers have developed a Bluetooth v4.0 compliant interface that is supported by both iOS and Android. This interface can control the master volume, adjust the 5-way EQ, and even save and recall different users’ presets.

Each unit has a similar design. Each speaker is in black with a transducer in the front and a user-friendly interface that has buttons and knobs for Bluetooth control, EQ presets and master volume control, and much more.

JBL Professional EON610 Portable 2-Way Multipurpose Self-Powered Sound Reinforcement, 10-Inch backside

Sound quality:

If we talk about EON610, it has a very sleek waveguide design to give you outstanding performance. This particular technology evaluates the radiation of the EON’s low and high-frequency drivers from 36 different points by using the brand’s exclusive measurement techniques.

They further designed the Image Control Waveguide which makes sure you get the right radiation and coverage pattern, which matches seamlessly at high and low frequencies as well as a crossover point. Hence, no matter what you are playing, you will get a consistent output all over its 110 degrees coverage.
The consistency and quality between on and off-axis gives you smooth coverage and high intelligibility all round. The unit has a frequency range of 52 hertz till 20 kiloHertz and a frequency response of 60 hertz till 20-kilo hertz.

If we talk about the JBL Waveguide Technology of JBL EON612, it has another innovative design. It possesses special fluting, which is optimal for guiding various frequencies through the full range that the system has.

The sound output is phenomenal, giving you a consistent response over its 110 degrees coverage pattern. Furthermore, there is a supreme balance between the on-axis and off-axis that works efficiently to provide maximum coverage and intelligibility.

The device has a frequency range of 57 hertz till 20 kiloHertz and a 20-hertz response till 20-kilo hertz. Coming towards the JBL waveguide technology of JBL EON615, it uses JBL’s exclusive measurement tactics to examine the radiation characteristics of the EON’s frequencies from 36 different points. It also possesses the Image Control Waveguide, which promises consistent coverage and sound output over high, low, and crossover frequencies. Like the above two models, it has the optimal consistency between the on-axis and off-axis and gives a smooth and transparent output balance.

The EON610 unit has a frequency range of 52 hertz till 20 kiloHertz and the EON615 a frequency response of 50 hertz till 20 kiloHertz. Whether you choose EON610, EON612, or EON615, you will get the best type of sound output that you can hope for. Each has a wide coverage pattern of about 110 degrees x 60 degrees, which helps to provide a consistent response.

JBL Professional EON615 2-Way Multipurpose Self-Powered Sound Reinforcement, 15-Inch PREMIUM TRANSDUCERS

In Use

The EON600 series consists of three speakers with different woofer sizes -10, 12, and 15 inches. Each has Bluetooth technology that works best with both iOs and Android systems. The Bluetooth allows you to adjust and use the presets.

The amplifiers which are integrated into the models are the Class-D amplifier stage. These deliver the same output power ranging -350 Watts and 150 Watts to the Low Frequency and High-Frequency drivers. Also, they can produce 1000 Watts of peak power.

If we talk about the sound quality of the three models, they have a 110 x 60 degrees coverage area. That works effortlessly to produce a consistent and balanced sound resonance. The speakers are best for indoors as well as outdoors use without any compromise on their sound quality.

The units embrace durable and reliable material with a sleek design. The interface at the back has various buttons and knobs to control the device. It is easy to use. Furthermore, the devices are lightweight and can be carried wherever you want them to be.

All three types of speakers have internal components stocked inside the unit. They prevent them from getting any scratches or damage. Thus, you can carry this on the car, plane, or train without worrying that it will get any disfiguration. For the ultimate speaker for mobile DJ’s, you should also check the Rockville RPG152K V2 powered Bluetooth PA system.


-Each unit is the perfect travel partner. They are small, lightweight, reliable, durable, and portable.
-It has a very easy setup. The hardware is mounted inside the speaker cabinet, and indexed feet help store and transfer the speaker safely.
-JBL’s waveguide technology works efficiently to give a consistent resonance and vibrant sound output.
-Perfect for indoors as well as outdoors.


-The Bluetooth option is ineffective. You cannot use Bluetooth to stream music. The Bluetooth works only with the JBL app and only adjusts and saves the EQ presets.
-The JBL works optimally, but some customers did not like the interface. They thought that the text and display were too small, making them hard to read.

Main Differences between EON610/612/615

Though the JBL EON 600 series has a lot of similarities regarding the general design and sound output, each unit has a unique aspect that sets it apart from its sisters.

JBL EON610 has a 10-inch woofer system, and it weighs around 26 lbs or 11.79 kgs. It has dimensions of 21.97 x 12.68 x 11.62 inches. It has two handles which make the transfer among distances very easily and safely.

JBL EON612 has a 12-inch woofer system. It weighs around 33 lbs or 14.86 kgs. Furthermore, it has dimensions of 26.14 x 14.96 x12.44 inches. To make it a convenient speaker that you can take anywhere you like, it has four handles on the sides for easy transportation.

JBL EON615 has a 15 inches woofer system, and it weighs approximately 39 lbs or 17.69 kgs. It has dimensions of 27.8 x 17.3 x 14.4 inches. Like the previous model EON612, this particular model also embraces four handles to help you transport it easily from one place to another.

EON612 and EON615 have unique LF waveguides and an asymmetrically shaped opening covering the face of the woofer only slightly. The design provides a consistent balance of Low, medium, and high frequency over the coverage angle of 110 x 60 degrees.

For a complete speaker setup to cover every event you will need the proper subwoofer:

JBL EON618S Portable Self-Powered Subwoofer – Review

JBL Professional EON618S Portable Self-Powered Subwoofer, 18-Inch review

JBL Professional EON618S Portable Self-Powered Subwoofer, 18-Inch inside

The EON618S is a portable PA subwoofer that will make a great bundle with any of the EON600 powered speakers to add extra low-frequency reinforcement when needed. It has been designed to deliver class-leading performances in a variety of stages and events. It is extremely lightweight (for a subwoofer), and the light cabinet materials with comfortable handles allow you to easily transport and set up wherever.

JBL Professional EON612 Portable 2-Way Multipurpose Self-Powered Sound Reinforcement, 12-Inch with subwoofer

In terms of sound and frequency response, it surely delivers an extraordinary quality, clean sound, and loud low-end. With a frequency range of 30 Hertz – 150 Hertz and a maximum SPL of 134dB, you cab rest assured that it will deliver the performance you need. This high-end subwoofer may serve you well in a studio but its ideal use is at open-air venues. If you want a sub for your studio, check out the best studio monitor subwoofers.

Final Thoughts:

All the models of JBL are optimal for anyone’s use. Whether you are a musician or someone who wants it for indoor use, they have a compact, lightweight, and portable design. That has all internal components safely tucked into the inner enclosure to keep them from getting damaged.

The unit has several features like class D-amplifiers, JBL waveguide technology, and side handles. Moreover, it embraces Bluetooth-controlled Digital Signal Processor, 5-way user-definable parametric Equalizer, and four different modes –Speech, Sub, Main, and Monitor. These characteristics make a stand out in the market and provide the best sound output, which is clear and balanced.

The major difference between the three types of speakers is the size of the woofer system. Thus, that depends solely on the reason you want the speaker for.

Other powered speakers you might want to take a closer look at in the same price range are The BOSE S1 Pro and the Pioneer XPRS10.

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