A Short Guide to DJ Video Editing 

Video content is growing widely popular among the audience, given its intrinsic ability to better entertain and engage with the audience. Editing your videos can feel like a challenge, especially when you are new to the game. Effective video editing plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality of your videos and making them more appealing to the viewers.

Why DJ Video Editing?

Livestreaming your DJ set is the future. However, having the time to edit your video might give a better final and more personal result.

While shooting or recording a video, it seldom happens that we are content with all the details captured. Most of the time, there are irrelevant pieces of stuff in the frame that need omission and curation. Dynamic online video editors like InVideo and Kapwing help achieve what you want to deliver by applying effective video editing tools and techniques.

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Catching Eyeballs with Effective Video Editing

The importance of video editing and online video editors is increasing as more people prefer to consume video content. Editing your DJ videos also plays a crucial role in changing your audience’s perception and making your content outstanding. However, editing videos can be a little tricky and requires detailed precision.

One of the most prominent video editing techniques used for editing DJ videos is “match on action.” A match on action occurs when the editor wants to cut a scene during the middle of the action to another angle of the action as it progresses. A match cut is used as it disguises the cut in the editing process.

One of the best things about the “match cut” technique is that the edit point is quite natural and invisible because the viewer is already anticipating the action. Excelling the match cut allows you to keep the flow seamlessly going without bothering your audience. DJs know the importance of impactful music transitions on the dance floor and how bad a missed transition can be.

A good camera for your DJ video is essential to make the editing process more efficient and productive. 

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The need for editing your videos

Like other video content, DJ videos also require a special touch to evoke the needed emotions from the audience. Some of the most important reasons why you need to edit your videos are mentioned below. Remember to create a DJ logo that is unique, personal, and eye-catching, and import it to your final project.

  • Creating special moments 

DJ video editing allows you to create special moments using your video content. You can add or omit scenes per your needs and suitability to create a compelling storyline or setup.

  • Evoking emotions

It is hard to evoke emotions in a video naturally, and many a time, you will miss out on interesting captures. Video editing software can easily help you evoke the required emotions from the audience and viewers.

  • Better engagement

Video content has a higher engagement rate, and posting edited videos of your DJ sessions can further improve the overall engagement.

clideo video editor

Edit Your DJ Videos Like A Pro 

There are two main video editing components when perfecting your DJ videos, audio editing, and video editing. Unlike other video editing tasks, audio editing plays a crucial role in DJ videos, and you need to edit the audio files meticulously. In addition to this, video editing also requires precision.

It is important to note that post audio editing in DJ videos might not require much effort if you have used software or devices having a good limiter to record your audios. It helps to effectively manage the peaks and distorted sounds that you might witness in audio popping.

Suppose you are looking for a quick solution that can help you fix your video in a fairly lesser amount of time. To get the best DJ videos, we recommend recording the sound with the device that is recording the video. This reduces your manual intervention and efforts required to sync up the audio.

Another way to get a better recording of your DJ set is using a DAW such as Logic or Ableton.

remix daw

Components of an online video editor 

Video editing has become far simpler in the contemporary digital age than it was a few years back. Numerous reliable and feature-packed online video editors like InVideo and Specterr allow you to easily edit your DJ videos and add special effects to make them come catchy. Online video editors provide you with the flexibility to overlay video files and texts over an existing audio or video track without harming any original file that you have used.

There are tons of templates that you can use even to repurpose your video content for your social media handles and impact your viewers. In addition to this, there is an extensive list of features, including text-to-video tool, blank template, social share, etc., that you can use. Some of the most important components of an online video editor include the following. 

  • Scroll bar

It is used to display the magnification level of the waveforms. It can be dragged to any part of the file to make the necessary adjustments.

  • Waveform

It gives a visual outlook of the audio file that is being used with the video. It helps to display the beat grids associated with the file using a grey-scaled background. 

  • Video timeline

The video timeline helps to demonstrate the chronological sequence of the video file. It doesn’t depict the audio file sequence.

  • Play/stop

It is used to play the track if paused and pause a track if it’s already being played.

  • Playhead

It is used to show the current position of the track being edited. It is linear with the scroll bar, and once released, it will jump back to the previous position.

  • Overlay buttons

Overlay buttons are primarily used to create video, image, text, or lyrical overlays in the video timeline based on the timestamp. 

DJ Video Editing


Editing your DJ videos helps to improve the overall quality of the videos and also boosts engagement. One can easily use an online video editor like InVideo to edit their videos in a fairly short period. It comes with numerous premade templates and other power-packed features that help to make your video catchier.

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