BOSE S1 Pro Review – The Ultimate Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Portable speakers are the most convenient type of speakers you can find in the market these days. Whether you are going to a college party, a gig, or making an announcement, portable speakers can come in handy. All you have to do is pick them up and take them with you wherever you are going.

So, if you are tired of executing an entire plan before taking your speaker to a gig or a pub, you need to look into Bose S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Stop worrying if there is a power outlet nearby or if the speaker is too heavy to be lifted by a single person.

Bose S1 Pro Speaker offers several features that accommodate you along the way. With wireless Bluetooth pairing, built-in sensors, and inputs for microphones or musical instruments, the unit serves as an all-rounder speaker!

Creating a playlist that speaks to your soul takes a lot of time, and you do not want it to waste. Thus, the unit has a Bluetooth speaker and a multi-functional Public Address system that provides the utmost perfect balance between different frequencies while playing your songs.

BOSE S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Bose S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker System

Specs & Design

Made from high-quality material, the Bose S1 Pro has a valuable and robust design. To keep the speakers stable and secure from any type of damage, a stable and sturdy metal grille is placed before them.

The unit is compact and light –weighing only 7 kgs, which makes it convenient and easy to be carried around without any hassle. Having dimensions 11.1 x 9.4 x 13.1 also makes it easy to store. You will face no difficulty in finding a place for it in your car, your room, or your garage.

Furthermore, since it has a length of only 11 inches and 13 inches height, it can be considered as a low-profile landscape monitor.

S1 portable speaker

The unit is ‘multi-position,’ which means that it has various angled surfaces, and it can easily fit into a variety of angles and positions. Whether you want to stand it straight, tilt it on its back, or position it on its sides, it will stay in the position without any wobble. Also, it does not need any stand or extra feet to stabilize it.

There is a speaker stand socket beneath the base of the S1 Pro Speaker, which has a standard size of 35 millimeters so that you can elevate it to any particular height you want it to.

The grip shell that adorns the top of the speaker is ideally put there for wearing comfort. The controls, which litter the speaker’s back in a very user-friendly interface, are slightly offset inwards so that nothing pokes out while you are transporting it.

To accommodate the customers, Bose includes the speaker, a power cord, and operating instructions in its package so that using this speaker is as easy as possible for the users.

Bose S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker System front


Known for producing a sufficient and powerful sound from such a small, compact, and lightweight unit, Bose S1 Speaker flawlessly provides music playback whether you are playing it from a cable or Bluetooth. It gives a sound output that has a clear and distinct treble.

bose s1 pro

The device possesses an automatic master Equalizer that adjusts the response of the unit’s frequency according to the installation position. This is a very noteworthy feature of Bose S1 Pro Speaker. Since each side of the unit has a different interface. Hence, the beam angles depending upon the position and the sound changes.

Bose S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker System w: Battery backside

Therefore, the equalizer helps to adapt the frequency response according to the position it is placed in. This is done through a position sensor installed on your smartphone. Whenever the location of the speaker is changed, it is noted by the sensor, and the applicable EQ settings are activated instantly.


The unit also allows you to use the mixer at the two multi-functional inputs to enhance the sound output. It has a pre-select switch, which is from the Bose ToneMatch. Moreover, you get set up for both vocals as well as acoustic guitar signals.

The interface also adorns controls for bass and treble. You can also add a reverb effect by using the Reverb control. The reverb helps to give you a sound output with the perfect dimensions so that even if you are using it in a small place, it still sounds like it would in a huge concert auditorium.

Place your speaker properly

diagramm bose s1 sound
bose s1 speaker volume

To aid the users, the unit has visible LEDs that indicate the audio signals. Green LED means the signal is okay, whereas the red one warns of overload.

The unit has a sound pressure of 109 decibels (dB). The crossover frequency that exists between the three mid-high speakers and the woofer is quite low, approximately 600 Hertz that has a positive outcome on the sound quality. It enhances the clarity of the music, vocals, and speech with regards to the direction and altitude the speaker is placed on. If you are planning to use it as a DJ speaker then you will definitely need the Bose Sub 1.

In Use

If we talk about the entire speaker, its design best fits the phrase ‘Design follows function. The unit looks valuable and is made from high-quality material, which will surely protect it from any type of damage. To protect the transducer and speakers, the entire device is covered with a metal grille.

Since it only weighs only 7 kgs, it is easy to carry around. It also possesses handles so that you can easily carry it from one only place to another. Furthermore, it is small in size, which makes it easy to store anywhere you want.

If we talk about the sound quality, it has a very robust sound resonance. It embraces ideal low, mid, and high frequencies. It has special buttons for reverb, treble, and other features. You can customize the sound output according to your liking.

The S1 Pro Speaker looks sleek and can look good next to any type of instrument. There is a Bose badge on the front of the speaker, on top of the grille, which can be rotated in 90 degrees. The unit also has a neat and protective travel bag. That can further ensure your speaker does not get any scratches or bump during travel.

bose s1 connect with app

There are some additional functions like the stereo mode. You can access it by downloading a free Bose free app, available for both iOs and Android phones. Besides, you can update the firmware of the nit by using a micro USB port present on the control panel.


  • The speaker quickly adapts to any sort of situation to give out the ideal sound quality. Whether it is placed on the floor, tilted back, or elevated on some stand, it will give the optimal sound outcome.
  • The unit adorns a three-channel mixer, which helps to enhance the vocal microphones and acoustic or electric guitars.
  • The unit has a feature called ToneMatch, which aids in optimizing the sound of the instruments (pianos, guitars, mic).


  • The brand does not provide any information about the amplifier outputs and other important performance data.
  • Some customers felt that while the speaker delivered optimal highs and mids, it lacked to give satisfactory low end.
  • A few users complained that the unit does not have sufficient battery life. The battery drains charge, especially in standby mode.

Comparison between Bose S1 pro vs. JBL EON One:

One of the biggest competitors of Bose S1 Pro is JBL EON One. The distinctive differences between the two are:
The frequency response of Bose S1 Pro is 62 hertz till 17 kilo-hertz, while the frequency response of JBL EON One is 37.5 till 20 kilo-hertz. The former’s woofer size is 6 inches, whereas the latter has a woofer size of 6 inches.

Though Bose S1 Pro does not have Phantom or Hi-Z like JBL EON One, it has ToneMatch, which helps the Bose S1 Pro deliver natural deliverance of voice. Whether it is vocals, guitars, or any other instrument. It helps to give a natural and optimized sound outcome.
If we talk about the sound’s clarity, many customers complained that JBL EON One does not have as much sound clarity as Bose S1 Pro provides.

Another similar size portable speaker is the Rockville RPG 152 V2, and you should definitely consider it if you are on a tight budget.

bose_s1 pro live for dj

What to expect from a small portable Bluetooth speaker?

Made from sturdy but lightweight material, the speaker, is an ideal travel buddy. It contains carry handles to help you move it easily from one place to another.
The speakers have a multi-position design. Besides this, it includes an auto EQ that automatically adjusts the tone of the system to make sure that the music always flows flawlessly through the transducers with

Like we said, with this device, you do not have to worry about a power socket near your speaker. Bose S1 Pro Speaker possesses Lithium-ion batteries that allow non-stop operation for 11 hours! Though if the speaker has a low battery and you want it to be functional, just plug in the power cord included with the speaker. You can place the unit on the ground, on its sides, tilted backward, and even in an elevated position!

If you want a more powerful speaker and you can also afford more, check out the Pioneer XPRS10 DJ Speaker!

How to connect Bose S1 Pro?

connect sound card to S1 Pro


If you are looking for a compact, lightweight, and portable PA system, Bose S1 Pro Speaker is one of the best speakers you can come across in today’s market.
The unit has flexible placement options. That means that no matter the speaker’s position, it will always deliver an enhanced sound resonance, treble, and bass. Furthermore, it has a very robust and sturdy prototype. That makes it the perfect travel buddy. You can carry it wherever you want without the fear of damage.

Furthermore, the battery is built-in, which means you do not have to worry about finding a power socket to make this speaker operate. The unit provides optimized sound for 11 hours without the need to charge it!

It also includes a Bluetooth input option, ToneMatch, and a three-channel mixer. Moreover, various other features that help to enhance the overall quality of the speaker. The best thing is the firmware of the unit can easily be updated.
Thus, what are you waiting for? Buy Bose S1 Pro Speaker now!

Bose S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker System for outdoor

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