7 Best DJ Starter Kits In The Market

Music is a form of art. This field of architecture has flourished tremendously through time. Formerly, there were no such musical instruments as there are today. Notably, there was no concept of the DJ system.  But during its introduction, it revolutionized the music industry. The DJ system has become an essential component of every house party, event, prom, birthday, and wedding. People like to express themselves through music. 

DJ system provides them a full chance to show themselves play their records with the robust beats system. The new and modern DJ systems have the perfect sound amplifiers and exceptional sound quality systems. One can produce whatever sound or beats with the advanced DJ system.

A high-quality DJ system should have all the essential features that are required to produce premium quality sound.

The most important trait is that it should be tailored for the people who don’t know much about DJ systems so that everyone can have access to the most modern music. It should be appealing to look wise, the shape and the design of the DJ system should be professional. A DJ starter kit should have all the necessary cables and plugs. We expect a DJ system to be portable so that its handling is convenient.  A DJ starter package comes with a sound card to record the music as you play it. 

The signal-to-noise ratio should be fixed to a specific value in a particular DJ system but vary in different DJ systems.  The beats should match the tempo of the music track that you are playing to generate quality music. A modern DJ kit should be controlled by the user’s mobile phone and wifi. One should be able to play backtracks and control pausing with the jog wheels. Sound isolated headphones with a sleek design are also a prominent feature of a professional DJ kit.

TOP 7 Best DJ Starter Kits For Beginners -Reviews

1. Pioneer DDJ-800 2-Channel DJ Controller Bundle

Pioneer DDJ-800 2-Channel Portable DJ Controller for Rekordbox DJ Bundle with Stand, Headphones, and Austin Bazaar Polishing Cloth

Pioneer DJ DDJ-800 DJ controller is undoubtedly one of the most modern and eye-catching DJ controllers out there. It is featured in most lists with the best DJ controllers in the market in 2020.  Its sleek and slim body design is best for handling and storing, and it can be easily carried around. Its club-style layout is one of its appealing traits. Pioneer DDJ-800 comes with a sound card that is inbuilt and also a plug for connection via USB. The users can play any kind of music of their choice owing to the USB connection system. 

Performing on the DDJ-800 is exactly like using the professional NXS2 set-up. The controller’s interface, buttons, knobs, and faders are in the same arrangement as those of the club-standard CDJ and DJM gear. The software system of the pioneer DJ controller is updated to its latest version for user ease. Furthermore, the product is best for beginners, as well as advanced DJs, as it has the same operating system as any professional DJ controller. The cue buttons, jog wheels, beat FX, and tutorial feature provide you the chance to enhance your creativity and come up with unique music. A Rekordbox DJ license key also comes in this DJ kit. 

The package comes with a stand for your DJ laptop or controller, a pair of headphones, and an Austin Bazaar polishing cloth to keep your new instrument in great condition.

2. Hercules DJ Starter Kit 

Hercules DJ Starter Kit Review

Hercules DJ starter kit is a fantastic DJ package within its price range. This DJ kit comes with a club-style DJ controller, powerful monitoring speakers, and sound-blocking headphones that are perfect for DJing. The DJ controller, due to its slim design, is light, portable, and thus easy to transport. The cue keys and other buttons present on the controller give you the chance to produce different beats and music. The Bass and frequency control system built in the DJ controller is best for creating transitions and mesmerizing sound effects. 

This is probably the best value-for-money DJ starter kit for beginners out there.

One of the worth mentioning features of the Hercules DJ kit is the touch-sensitive jog wheels that deliver the best playback feature. The jog wheels not only for the control pausing action but also impart a professional look to the DJ kit. The speaker system consists of a pair of high-quality monitor speakers. The speakers have an enclosure of a 6mm thick MDF with 7.6cm woofers and dual bass ports, making it perfect for exponential sound quality. Also, the Hercules DJ kit works perfectly on 120 volts voltage supply.

3. Pioneer DDJ-SB3 Serato DJ Controller Kit

Pioneer DDJ-SB3 Serato DJ Controller Starter Package w:Speakers + Headphones

Pioneer DDJ-SB3 Serato DJ controller is undoubtedly the best package for a professional-level DJ kit within its price range. The box has all the essential equipment required to produce high-quality music. It includes a high-power DJ controller with a copious amount of useful features. High-quality monitored speakers, an exclusive set of headphones, a high-grade multi-purpose vocal microphone, a 3 foot RCA to RCA dual cable, a USB cable, and whatnot. The DJ controller, due to its modern and slim designs, gives a definitive look to the DJ kit. The speakers have a sound frequency within the audible range, and the beats produce are just exceptional.

Furthermore, the harmonic distortion is minimized to 0.005%. The input and output ports are there to connect the microphone, USB cables, and mobile phones. The power consumption by the Pioneer DDJ-SB3 is 500mA. The maximum dimension is 482.6 x 272.4 x 58.5 mm, and the weight is just 2.1 kg, making it easy to transport and use. Having a memory of 4 GB RAM and the internal software updated to its latest version, this DJ starter kit is a perfect deal.

4. Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200 Compact DJ Controller Bundle 

Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200 Compact DJ Controller + Headphone + Basic Accessory Bundle

 The intuitive and compact design of the Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200 is one of the key features. DJUCED DJ software is installed in it rendering it functional even for beginners. The jog wheels of the controller are touch-sensitive and thus make the playback activity much more manageable and fun. Another striking feature of the product is its intelligent Music Assistant (IMA), which suggests DJ software to play the music according to the particular event. The lights on the board change their color and intensity to match and play the beats, making it easy for the player to adjust the beats. 

Also, the multi-colored performance light pads guide the user to mix the beats and thus be creative with the music production.  Hercules Inpulse 200 comes with a systematic DJ controller with touch-sensitive jog wheels, Samson SR360 sound-blocking Dynamic Headphones that are best for insulating sound in crowded events, 2 RCA male Y cables, and a soft microfibre cleaning cloth. The items are very portable and handy, with a net weight of just 5.09 pounds.

5. Behringer DJX750 Professional 5-Channel DJ Mixer Package

Behringer DJX750 Professional 5-Channel DJ Mixer with PreSonus HD9 Headphone, Samson Dynamic Microphone, Mic Boom Stand, and Premium DJ Bundle

Behringer DJX750 is the latest and one of the most professional operating systems. This DJ kit comes with several amazing features and instruments. The DJ controller alone has plenty of beneficial features, including a five-channel mixer with operational buttons arranged in different columns, 45mm VCA controlled crossfader, and 3-way frequency switches to produce the best quality sound. It also has a pair of BPM counters, which gives an automatic tempo count. 

Moreover, the kit comes with a dynamic set of Presonus HD9 headphones, which have perfect sound isolation quality, and the adjustable headband provides maximum comfort level. For live performance or sound recording, a mic also comes with the DJ kit. The high-grade mic is an essential feature of a professional DJ starter package. The Samson mic, provided with the equipment, is handy, lightweight, and easy to use. Besides, a stable and sturdy mic stand also comes with it making the Behringer DJX750 a complete package. 

If none of the above DJ starter Kits satisfy your needs, you can always build your own. Take a look at the best headphones for DJing under $100 and the best DJ speakers for home setups.

TOP DJ Packages with Powered Speakers

1. The Serato DJ System 4000 WATTS

The Serato DJ System 4000 WATTS! - 15 ZX-15P Powered Speakers. Numark Mixtrack Pro3 includes Serato DJ Software

The Serato DJ system, a modern DJ kit, includes an excellent so many characteristics that make a DJ system efficient to another level.  The heavy-duty operational mode of the Serato DJ provides you with the most efficiency. The DJ kit’s modern and sleek body design makes it much more mobile and durable than any other old-fashioned DJ system. It also includes leads, a pair of amplifiers, functional cables, and connectors. The CD/MP3 player of the Serato DJ kit is also one of its crucial components. The main factor that makes Serato DJ package different from others is its digital DJ controller. 

The Numark mix track pro three digital DJ controller provides the user to mix and match the music with the beats in the most professional way with 4000 watts of power usage. The speakers that come with the kit are compelling, and the woofers are the finest. The product also contains a rich set of headphones used to isolate sounds in a crowded area, making it best for prom parties, birthday parties, weddings, and even small concerts.

2. Pioneer DJ, Serato, and 6100 Watt DJ System

6100 Watt - Pioneer - Serato - DJ System - Pioneer DJ Controller DDJ-SB3 - Serato DJ Lite Software - Dual 15 Adkins Pro DJ Speakers - APA-6100 Amp and Mic

Pioneer DJ system with 6100 Watt power usage is undoubtedly a change-maker in the music world. Its fantastic design and high-grade metallic jog wheels render high-quality sound production and make the DJ kit unmatchable. The software of the product is the latest in the market that is Serato DJ lite software.

One of the worth mentioning characteristics of the product is its latest Adkins Pro Audio TA-300 – Dual 15″ DJ Speakers. The speakers are of high quality, and the sound production is excellent. The power amplifiers are 6100 Watts. This is a perfect DJ kit for wedding DJs.

The microphone that comes with the kit is superb and easy to handle due to its lightweight and ample gripping space. This pioneer DJ system is best for nightclubs, hotels, and concerts where sound production requirement is on a large scale. The cables and leads complete the DJ set and serve the purpose of engaging the audience and exceptional quality sound.


Well DJ starter kits are not only profound in professional fields, but they also help to transcend your regular weekends into complete DJ nights with no extra hassle. People who have just started to excel and decide to pursue their career as disc jockey have something to look forward to with these fantastic starter kits. Quality, sound resonance, features, and frequency are the elements that complete the DJ package that you want to go with. 

Moreover, the frequency and control features of the packages are eminent to consider while purchasing equipment alike. Just like while buying a car, you look at its speed per hour, while buying a DJ kit, you look at the robust features likewise. If you have a fancy kit in your hand, you can be the ruling element of any small or grand event.

As soon as you get the perfect setup, check out how to become a DJ and how to master your skills if you are not a beginner.

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