The 10 Best Free DJ Software Apps for Beginners

DJing has a long-rooted history in America, and in 1947, we saw the first public example of modern DJing. However, in today’s era getting into DJing is not at all difficult. With readily available sophisticated technology and free software, getting to learn the art has become easier for beginners. You don’t have to purchase expensive mixing equipment, rent gear with a hefty price tag, or buy expensive software.

Whether you want to kickstart your DJ career or just mix some music up in your library, the best way to do it is by installing a free DJ software. With these kinds of software, you can easily use your existing media or the digital music files that come with the software. Most of this software lets you record your music into a separate audio file as well.

Choosing a DJ software is not as easy as installing one. You have to consider more than a few things, and your operating system is one of them. However, before deciding on the software, you need to write down your needs and expectations from the software and check out a detailed review.

If you ever wondered if there is any good free DJ software, you will see below that there are plenty. We found at least ten free DJ softwares that are perfect for DJing at home or even at the big stages. 

This article is all about helping you find your soul software that does not break your bank. We have reviewed several free DJ software so that you don’t have to do any of the hard work.

If you believe that the features of the below free DJ softwares don’t cover your needs, check the best DJ software for professionals.

Top 10 Best Free DJ Software Apps For Beginners – Reviews

1. Serato DJ Intro

serato dj intro - best free dj software

Download for free at

Serato is one of the premium brands when it comes to DJ software; the Serato DJ Pro is its commercial software with more features, while Serato DJ Intro is the free version. The brand is dedicated to digital vinyl DJing. DJing on physical vinyl discs is an out-of-the-world experience. This free software can help you get the same experience on the paid software. 

As compared to the premium edition, this edition has restricted capabilities but still works pretty well for people who want to make their way into the DJ world. The efficiency and performance of Serato DJ Intro are the same as its premium version, except for some added capabilities and convenience, the software works pretty well.

Coming to its features, the software has a color-coding system. This allows the users to track the BPMs and see their matching keys at a glance. It has a deck-like display, which gives the user a vinyl-like feel, this not only personalizes the whole experience but also gets the best of the DJ.

As a DJ, you know all your work depends on sorting tracks, Serato DJ intro makes the whole process easy for you. On top of all this, the software works perfectly with DJ controllers and scratching tools in its segment. The best part is, this software literally has no real cons.

Furthermore, you can get a new DJ controller, and it’s quite possible that you will also get a free full version of Serato DJ. For example, take a look at the best DJ controllers under $400.

2. Mixxx

mixxx dj - best free dj software

This is one of the least known free DJ software available online. However, you should know, free availability does not mean no effort has been made for the development of this software. It is basically a collaboration between different mixers who want to focus on finding a cheaper substitute for mainstream DJ software packages that usually rip you off.

This software works best for all occasions, whether you are broadcasting on live radio or spinning at your friend’s house party. The cherry on top is, no matter which operating system you use, MAC, Windows, Linux, this software is available for all three. It comes will all features like scratching, fixing, track looping, etc.

Some of its features include automatic BMP tracking. As soon as you add the track into the software, it automatically detects the BMP and marks cue points as well as forms a broad overview of the song’s waveform. It comes with powerful master sync that keeps the beats locked even if the user plays around with speed.

For DJs that are into broadcasting, this app will help them as well. It has a live streaming option, where the user can broadcast their mix using Shoutcast and Icecast servers. It also has a talkback option for radio DJs.

Mixxx DJ software is, without a doubt, the perfect free DJ software available to download. All you will need is a good laptop to properly run your DJ software.

3. Virtual DJ

virtual dj - best free dj software

Download for free at

When it comes to living to mix and to cut, the Virtual DJ is the premier software. It works best on your laptop or personal computer as well as on your phone, phablet, or tablet. It lets you mix songs like you are using a real-life turntable. The mixing experience and the mixing quality are the same as a real-life turntable.

On your tablet or phone, you can do it using your fingers and, on a desktop, or laptop mixing can be done via your mouse. Speeding up, slowing down, scratching, crossfade, etc. are all features of this amazing application. There is a beat sync tool as well that is used to match song speeds for a seamless transition between songs.

It can be easily termed as the best freely available software. It has a very easy interface that makes mixing, recording, and editing more than a few audios pretty easy. This new version comes with various pro features that have been added to the software.

Virtual DJ comes with a sandbox feature; this feature allows the users to broadcast the music to the listeners at the same time the user is mixing. You have to make an account on the web portal of this software for regular updates and upgrades.

Virtual DJ 2020 is FREE only if you are not using it professionally, or DJ with a professional DJ controller!

4. MixVibes Cross DJ

cross dj mix - best free dj software

More info at

The software Cross DJ by mix vibes has several applications and features that target beginners and wannabe DJs since it makes everything a lot easier. It has a simple interface and has four cool players as well. Despite being a paid product, this free version hardly lacks anything in terms of features. 

The only thing that lacks is MIDI support for external hardware. However, the application comes with two decks for video-making support. Each deck supports hot cues and loops, beat direction, a three-band equalizer, and three different audio effects. Since this is a free and limited version, many whistle and bell options are not included.

It is an excellent package to learn DJing, but since it does not offer support for DJ hardware, you will have to use Cross DJ iOS Remote, which costs approximately $5, or your keyboard and mouse, which can get a little inconvenient. The $49 version of Cross DJ then supports the DJ hardware. 

The beat matching software helps you learn a lot and also helps you in polishing your skills, but it has a very limited scope, and eventually, you will outgrow it. Ninety-nine percent of newbies like the software and have polished their DJing skills using it. Hence, if you are new to the DJ world, you will be fine.

5. Ultra-mixer

ultramixer3 cross - best free dj software

Visit for free downloading

This software was initially designed for DJs who are always on the move, like DJs who play at different events like parties, birthdays, or even wedding DJs. However, over time, it has become an indispensable tool that is being used by many amateur and professional DJs.

The best part about this free DJ software is its compatibility. It can be used on a laptop or any external device like a DJ controller. It is not compatible with a single type of DJ controller; instead, it can be used quickly and efficiently with any kind of DJ kit. Around 80 different mappings for controllers are available on the website, which also covers major models like MIDI, Reloop beatpad2, etc.

Interface-wise, this free software is designed to be trendy and flashy but also has an old-school utilitarian touch to it. The GUI is slightly old fashion and gives the windows XP vibes, but a GUI like this only improves functionality and is also unfussy. The old-school GUI is usually taken over by its functionality, and DJs typically don’t mind it.

The working of this software is extremely flexible and well thought. It is a powerful program that helps the DJ excel in almost all areas. Ultra-mixer works well for newbies and professionals alike. Newbies find it easy to use since the interface is easy to work with, and professionals find it convenient since it offers all the premium features.


dj prodecks - best free dj software

You can download it for free at

This is another free DJ software but is less popular as compared to others. However, due to its efficiency and fewer limitations, it deserves a place in the list of 10 best free DJ software. Apart from the standard MP3 and WAV, it also supports a variety of other input formats for audio like FLA, WMA, MP2, and AAC.

Virtually, any DJ controller can be used with this software, which only improves its functionality. Per deck, the software allows three effects simultaneously, which is enough. The DJ effects that can support simultaneously include echo, wah, and flanger.

The best part is, users, get three memory spots per deck. These memory spots hold loops and cue points for you. Moreover, they can hold 3 sample slots for each deck per single shot effect. Hence, it is ideal for both professionals and amateurs. Apart from this, we also have other features that come in handy.

These features include auto loop and auto-mix, auto deck sync based on tempo, real-time EQ, and auto beat detection. It also comes with a music library that you can control via your PC’s keyboard. It is only compatible with windows. The interface is very modern and is pleasant to the eye, unlike some DJ software.

7. You.DJ - best free dj software

Go to and start mixing right away. 

You.DJ is not your conventional free mixing software. It was basically designed for amateurs who want to start mixing but don’t have the proper resources. Most of the time, either the software is not compatible without a PC, or we don’t have the hardware requirements. Well! You.DJ solves all those problems. You don’t have to install anything and strain your PC hardware for this application.

All you have to do is log into their website, and you will have all the features only a click away. You can start mixing your clips. Also, the application’s cloud has several different tracks pre-uploaded, which can be used for your mixing. This only makes your task 100 times easier.

If you don’t like the soundtracks on the application’s cloud, you can even add tracks from sound cloud and YouTube. This can be done via the in-built search bar that is provided with the website.

This application is ideal for DJs who want to explore different genres of music. If you’re going to create playlists on the fly and want something to experiment with, this is the right application for you. The functionality, efficiency, and performance will leave you stunned, considering it is cloud-based software. The best part is, you can use it anywhere and anytime you want.

8. Blaze free DJ Software

blaze free dj - best free dj software

Check out more at

Blaze free DJ is a free DJ app designed explicitly for windows. It is a take on MAC-like software for windows. We usually see MAC software are more sophisticated and have better controls, which is why this free software has been constructed keeping MAC software in mind.

One of that the innovations programmers have done is the integration of online playlists. This integration not only helps in creating better and more creative playlists but also helps in doing the task quickly. It is an ideal DJ software for amateurs and intermediate alike. The sound engine is a low battery latency system and is based on ASIO.

The software comes with a spectrum-colored waveform that is re-enabled. Moreover, it has a spectacular synchronization ability. Apart from this, the blaze has timecode support, which is the same that is used for specialized vinyl playback. Moreover, it has MIDI support, beat sync, and tempo, recording to WAV files. In short, it embraces all the core essential DJ functionalities.

We also have an onboard effects selection list. One of the downsides of this free software is, it closes after every 30 minutes. Thus, in case you are performing somewhere, you need to keep the timing in mind and reopen it after it closes.

9. Partycloud online

party cloud online - best free dj software


Go to and start mixing music online.

This is another online platform that you can use for mixing and DJing without straining your computer hardware. Who needs to install DJ software when you can easily find them online? Most professional DJs think relying on an online platform is foolish, but once you start using this application, you will not find it foolish at all.

If you have a not very up-to-date PC, you would know how long it typically takes to load a DJ software. However, if you log onto your party cloud online DJ app, you will notice how fast it loads and how smoothly it works. The tunes are analyzed quickly, and the key lock algorithm is out of the world.

Filtering out is also very easy and is not at all an issue, unlike other software. Can you imagine doing all this only in your browser? The best part is, this software can remember all your favorites. You can log into it using your Facebook account, and it will remember all your preferences. Using this online application, you can even share all your creations on Facebook as well. The Facebook integration has taken this application’s blow-up to the next level.

10. Zulu DJ

zulu dj - best free dj software

Check out for more info and free download.

Zulu is a comparatively series and more professional DJ software, which is ideal for beginners that want to make a career out of their music and mixing experience. Users can create complete playlists of their own and try their hand at being professional DJs. The best part of this software is it’s easy to use, understand, and self-explanatory GUI. 

The controls are crystal clear, and within one hour of software exploration, anyone with basic knowledge can get the hang of them. Hence, starting with this free mixing software does not have any kind of complications. However, a few typical DJ software features are missing from this application.

One of the main missing features is manually hauling the soundwave. Hence, you cannot manually find the beat you want to start from. You can start from the start of the track, but this disrupts the accuracy of your track and mixing.

On the positive side, the software comes with support for a vast array of audio formats, which is why it is ideal for beginners who want to play around with mixing and creating tracks. This software can help you get the hands-on experience you require. It has a drag-drop interface and also allows you to set your own hotkeys.

These were our top 10 picks for the best free DJ software for beginners!


What is DJ software?

A DJ software is kind of a shortcut for mixing tapes. Well, it’s just something that you can do instead of purchasing a physical DJ mixing deck and vinyl record. It is a program or an application that helps you mix and combine individual tacks into an attractive music piece.

As compared to a physical DJ mixing deck, DJ software is much more flexible and cost-effective. We still have a lot of DJs that use physical mixing decks and vinyl records, but the portability and flexibility offered by a DJ software are unmatched. That, too, is free of cost. What else does a DJ need?

Many DJs today perform with DJ software and DJ controllers. If you don’t believe me check the most popular DJ setup used by the majority of professional DJs.

What to look for when choosing a DJ software?

There are various things you need to consider before deciding on a DJ software, even if you are going for a free one. Your first goal should be researching as much as you can. Also, you should look for reviews of the software by your senior DJs. Always remember, taking your senior’s word for software will take you further than you think. Since we are looking at free software, the price will not be a deciding factor for us. Other factors that you take under consideration:

  • Features:

As an amateur, most newbies think the software with the most features is the best one. It can be true in some cases, but it might not be useful for you since you might not know what to do with 90 percent of them. Hence, take one step at a time and don’t go for quantity, instead go for the software that will be most useful. More features will only bring more disc space; as your mixing qualities evolve, you can jump to software with more features.

  • Reputation:

Most of the time, people don’t consider checking the reputation of certain software before installing or buying it. This is the biggest mistake you can make since the reputation will tell you everything you need to decide upon a specific software. Some software looks impressive on paper but is a piece of junk when it comes to performance.

  • Compatibility:

Compatibility is another very important factor that needs to be considered. Running software on your device requires specific hardware capabilities, if you don’t have a high-spec device, make sure you install the software that won’t strain your device’s RAM, or else your device will crash. Apart from this, you also have to find software that will work with your operating system. Every software supports a specific operating system.

Connect an audio interface to your laptop and any of these best DJ Speakers of 2021, and you are good to go.

What is the best free DJ software for beginners?

Virtual DJ, Mixxx, and Serato DJ Intro are the best and most famous DJ software to start DJing and mixing right now. The TOP 10 free DJ software are:

  • Serato DJ Intro
  • Mixxx DJ free Software
  • Virtual DJ
  • MixVibes Cross DJ
  • Ultra-mixer
  • DJ Prodecks
  • Blaze free DJ
  • Partycloud Online
  • Zulu DJ Software


If you are a newbie, getting software that has plenty of tutorials is very important. If the software does not have any good tutorials, it is unlikely that you will learn much from just exploring the software. Commercial software comes with proper documentation, help, and support, open-source software doesn’t have any of those, thus, make sure you decide on the software that has tutorials you can take advice from.


A DJ software that provides you hands-on experience that helps you create great DJ sets doesn’t necessarily need to be paid. By keeping in your budget or by not using any money, you can easily get great software. This will give you the exact features you want. Getting the most feature-filled software is not always necessary. All you need is software that will provide you with the features you want.

This article was to help you kickstart your Disc Jockey career and help you find the software that will give you precisely what you want without having to use up your money. However, if you want something that is out of the list we mentioned, make sure you check out the categories you need to ensure before installing software. Also, beware that unknown free software might be malware with a sheath.

That’s it, pick the perfect free available DJ software, one of the best DJ headphones under $100, and you are ready to start DJing. 

Feel free to drop your comment or personal experience with any of the above softwares. 

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