11 Best DJ Movies and Club Documentary Films

If for any reason you can’t go out, or there aren’t any remarkable events around, it’s time to relax, stay home, and enjoy one of these five brilliant DJ movies. 

Even if filmmakers don’t find the scene of clubbing, DJing, and electronic dance music so exciting, there still are some brilliant movies that you must watch. But with such a vast audience, anyone would expect more DJ movies on our list.

If you are not new in the field you probably already know the classic DJ films. – It’s all gone Pete Tong and Groove featuring John Digweed and Bedrock’s legendary soundtrack Heaven Scent. 

The second list features documentary films to get in-depth knowledge and understanding of clubbing, dance music, and DJing. 

6 Best DJ Movies To Watch This Weekend


If you are looking for DJ movies on Netflix, this amazing documentary is for you.

“What we started” features two of the biggest DJs in the electronic music industry, Martin Garrix, and Carl Cox. It will tell you the story and evolution of dance music over the past 30 years. 

The artfully crafted visual techniques, the music selection, the life of popular DJs behind the scene, and the secrets of electronic music is everything you will want to watch in this film. The movie also features interviews from David Guetta, Erick Morillo, Moby, Tiësto, Richie Hawtin, and Paul Oakenfold. 

“What we started” is the defining film of the electronic music scene, and it will be the best 94 minutes you will ever spend watching a DJ relative movie. You will find it on Netflix.com.

Movie genre:Documentary, dance music
Dj relative:10/10
Duration:1h 34min
Music genre:Club, Dance, Electronic
IMDB rating:7.4/10

Most of the DJ tools and equipment in this movie you will also find at the best DJ setup to perform like professionals.


As you may have heard and searched on the web for “deaf DJ movie”, this is the urban myth of Frankie Wilde. The famous radio producer and DJ Pete Tong presents the troubled life of a superstar DJ. Many famous artists such as Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, and Carl Cox appear in the film talking about the urban legend. 

About the movie:

A superstar DJ is living a dream life with his trophy wife and little son in Ibiza. He performs at some of the best clubs in the world, and he is preparing a new album that will launch his career. The overuse of alcohol and drugs as well as the nature of the job and the noisy environment caused him a hearing disorder, and he is rapidly going deaf. 

After a year of staying away from the scene and struggling with deafness and depression, Frankie decides to make some changes in his life. But will he ever come back from this? Is it possible to mix again and perform live? Or there is not much you can do if you are deaf? The music field is dominated by people who can hear.

The DJ gear used in this movie you will find in our guide with the best DJ equipment.

Movie genre:Biography, comedy, drama
Dj relative:10/10
Duration:1h 30min
Music genre:Club, Dance
IMDB rating:7.4/10



The next movie on our list is featuring the Techno master Paul Kalkbrenner. His album with the same name went global with thousands of fans. Including tracks like “Sky and sand” and “Azure” that made it to the top 10 charts of the world.

About the movie: 

A DJ/ Producer at the pick of his career is traveling to perform all around the globe and promote his work. Along with him, it’s his manager and girlfriend at the same time. After a drug overdose, he is admitted to a psychiatric clinic, but that doesn’t stop him to do what he loves. Even if the clinic and record label suggests some rest, he finds inspiration to complete his album. Great movie with a fantastic soundtrack that you will add to your Spotify playlist.

In the movie, you will see Kalkbrenner produces his tracks on Ableton Live. You can learn how to produce music like him with one of the best DAWs in the market and our guide on how to make electronic music.

Paul Kalkbrenner had a huge career boost after the release of the movie and music album.

Movie genre:Comedy, drama, music
Dj relative:10/10
Duration:1h 40min.
Music genre:Techno, Club
IMDB rating:7.3/10

4. GROOVE (2000)

An inside look into the San Francisco underground rave scene will make you nostalgic. John Digweed appears at the end of the movie to save the party and play the epic Heaven scent by Bedrock. 

About the movie: 

The movie shows everything to plan an underground warehouse party. From email invitations to a well-isolated warehouse with no one around to bother and of course, great DJs that will make the party a perfect night of raving. Except for John Digweed in the movie also appears real-life DJs, DJ Forest Green, and WishFM.

Definitely one of the DJ movies that you shouldn’t miss.

Movie genre:Drama, music
Dj relative:9/10
Duration:1h 26min.
Music genre:Rave, Progressive, Club
IMDB rating:6.5/10


Human Traffic will give you a full image of club culture. The central concept is not DJing like the movies above, but the rave scene. Carl Cox, Pete Tong, and Howard Marks appear in this movie and gives extra credit. 

About the movie: 

Five teenage friends with shitty jobs found their escape and can’t wait to spend the weekend in a mix of music, love, and club culture. Starting with preparations for clubbing, drug-taking, fun through alcohol followed by the weekend’s aftermath. The club scenes capture the real feeling, and the soundtrack is timeless.

Movie genre:Comedy, music
Dj relative:6/10
Duration:1h 39min.
Music genre:Rave, Club, Dance
IMDB rating:7.1/10


The movie might not be a very DJ relative, but the soundtrack of the movie is gold. Seann W. Scott is the star of the film, and I believe it’s his best performance. It is an intelligent movie with a good cast and the right amount of humor. The movie is a perfect mix of film and dance music.

About the movie: 

All movie is placed in a club where during a rave party a crook quietly plots his revenge against the boss who murdered his brother. He plans a robbery in the club where drug dealers, undercover feds, drug dealers, Chinese gangsters, and crazy raver girls are not missing. 

stark raving mad - club movie - music by john digweed

The entire music of the movie is produced by Bedrock meaning of course John Digweed and Nick Muir. A real progressive sound that will transfer you to rave parties. The soundtracks will make you fall in love with the label. 

Movie genre: ActionComedyCrime
Dj relative:6/10
Duration:1h 41min.
Music genre:Rave, Progressive, Club
IMDB rating:6.4/10

5 Best Club Documentary And Club Culture Films

  1. 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE (2002) / IMDB RATING: 7.4 – Alternative music. Joy Division who later became New Order and Happy Mondays.
  2. SCRATCH (2001) / IMDB RATING: 7.9 – Documentary film about hip-hop DJing, otherwise known as turntablism.
  3. BETTER LIVING THROUGH CIRCUITRY (1999) / IMDB RATING: 7.1 – A documentary film about the history of the U. S. rave scene.
  4. MODULATIONS – CINEMA FOR THE EAR (1998) / IMDB RATING: 7.2 – The evolution of electronic music and its many genres.
  5. MOOG (1998) / IMDB RATING: 6.2 – Bob Moog with some of the most inspiring electronic instruments ever created.

If you watched lately any good DJ movies let us know. Feel free to drop a comment below with your movie review.

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