8 Best DJ Turntables (Guide & Reviews)

Is there life after the legendary Technics SL-1200? We searched and found 8 top DJ turntables for every DJ out there.

When the output of the Technics 1200 turntable stopped in 2010, we had to recheck our list for new DJ turntables. Thankfully there is a significant and constant enhanced production of vinyl turntables. Other digital DJ equipment might involve and become better year by year, but the analog technology of vinyl turntables was perfected long ago. 

Technics SL-1200 or a new model?

For over 30 years is the standard DJ turntable and if you can find a used SL-1200 in could condition, grab it!! It comes in many different versions. Everything starts with the MK2 following MK3, MK 4, MK5, MK6, LTD, and GLD. And if you want a black matte finish instead of the classic silver check the SL-1210.

In 2019 Technics announced the restoration of SL1200. However, the price tag makes it an unreachable dream for many.

DJing with turntables is a way of life!

The choices for the best turntable for DJing are made according to sound and build quality, value-for-money, popularity, and personal experience. Into consideration, we also took the user experience and reviews at online markets, along with warranty and customer support. 

The top-rated DJ turntables on our list check all boxes and match the description of the quality product we are looking for. They offer great features and build quality that will guarantee long-term use. Brands like Stanton, Pioneer, Audio Technica, and Numark have been in business for years and know exactly what the customer wants and needs. 

1. Technics SL-1210MK2 DJ Turntable

Technics SL-1210MK2 Professional Turntable

Key Specs:

  • Quartz-synthesized direct-drive turntable 
  • Continuous-pitch adjustment up to 8% 
  • 0. 01% wow and flutter,
  • -78dB rumble 
  • Precision aluminum die-cast cabinet 
  • Heavy rubber base

If you are looking for the absolute best DJ turntable in the world, you won’t need to check the rest choices on our list. SL-1210MK2 is the best Turntable for DJing out there. Hands down!

The legendary SL-1210MK2 is a terrific choice for professional DJs and beginners alike.

The rock-solid reliability and the outstanding quality of its construction remain the same as the original. The Quartz-synthesized direct-drive motor delivers accurate pitch control and an overall feel that DJs cannot live without.

With heavy-duty and vibration-resistant construction, it is excellent for installation in professional nightclub DJ booths, as well.

Video by Crossfader

Some of the additional features include a sleek Black steel finish, adjustable tone arm weights, a heavy rubber base, anti-skate control, a pop-up target light, and sliding pitch control. This turntable offers everything you need to perform at the highest level.

Whether you are a Techno DJ, mobile DJ, or scratching DJ, it will serve you well. Its only downside is the price tag. However, considering its features, reliability, and construction, Technics SL-1210MK2 is definitely worth every penny.

DJs who use it: Every professional DJ out there will pick the SL1200 to perform live.

Drive motor drive:Quartz-synthesized direct
Additional features:

Continuous-pitch adjustment up to 8% , 0. 01% wow and flutter, -78dB rumble

Built quality:10/10

2. AUDIO TECHNICA LP120X Turntable

Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BK Direct-Drive Turntable (Analog & USB
  • Direct-drive turntable
  • AT-VM95E Dual Magnet phono cartridge
  • 33/45/78 RPM speeds
  • Adjustable dynamic anti-skate control
  • 17.5 Pounds

A brand so reliable and famous that you will find its models ranking in most articles with the best sound and studio equipment. From studio headphones to recording microphones, Audio Technica built the most famous and top-rated DJ turntable in the market right now.

With looks that bring to mind, the Technics SL-1200 is available for a sweet price that will make you think about purchasing a pair. The balanced S-shaped tonearm with hydraulically damped lift control offers high-fidelity audio of vinyl. 

You can easily manipulate the various speeds (33-1/3, 45, and 78 rpm) and adjust the pitch with extreme precision. There are two pitch adjustments (+/-10% or +/-20%) for more versatility. 

LP120 features a speed indicator and forward and reverse play for ultimate manipulation. As well, as a switchable pre-amp built-in with line-level RCA outputs. The USB connection will quickly help you connect the unit to your Mac or Windows computer

Video by Audio Technica

As expected, the cartridge offers outstanding clarity and detail that users rated as the best value-for-money choice. The 60 years of Audio Technica experience and the aluminum platter guarantee a long-term relationship with this DJ turntable. 

Conclusion: Except for the irresistible price tag the package comes with everything you need to start, including the Mac and PC compatible Audacity software to digitize your LPs. Audio-Technica products are well known for their quality and durability, and LP120 is an excellent example.

DJs who use it: Pretty Lights, Ski Beatz

Drive motor drive:Fast torque direct
Additional features:USB, +/-10% or +/-20% pitch adjust, Audacity software
Built quality:8.5/10


3. PIONEER DJ PLX 500 Vinyl TurntableBest dj turntables PIONEER DJ PLX 500

The beautiful design and attractive appearance of the Pioneer PLX 500 are irresistible. I can only imagine the beauty and versatility of a complete Pioneer DJ setup. A pair of those, a DJ mixer, a pair of CDJs, and an RMX station is a perfect setup for clubs and big events. Except for the looks, PLX 500 is built to produce high-quality vinyl sound.

The S-shaped tonearm features a direct drive with high torque and an excellent sound design. The pitch only adjusts +/-8%, but you will find various speeds (33-1/3, 45, and 78 rpm) to select. The build quality is super reliable and offers excellent vibration damping — one of the best DJ turntables with that feature. 

Video by Pioneer DJ

PXL 500 features a USB port (a USB cable is included) to connect to your computer, PC, or MAC. As well, as the Rekordbox software to make digital recordings of your vinyl. If you add a DJ mixer and the RB-VS1-K  Control Vinyl, you will be able to play, mix, and scratch with digital files.

In the package, you will find a slipmat, adapter for 45 EPs, dustcover, and RCA cable to connect to your DJ mixer.

Conclusion: We have only seen Pioneer produce high-end DJ tools, and PXL 500 has the sound quality and construction reliability every DJ wants. It has a low price relative to other Pioneer DJ equipment gear. For those who wish for a beautiful design and choice of colors, PXL 500 is also available with a lovely clean white costume.   

Drive motor drive:High torque direct
Additional features:USB, +/-8% pitch adjust, Recordbox software
Built quality:9/10

4. AUDIO TECHNICA LP1240XP Turntable for DJing

Direct-Drive Professional DJ Turntable
  • Direct-drive, high-torque, multipole motor
  • Start and brake control adjustments 
  • Professional anti-resonance
  • Damped die-cast aluminum platter with DJ-style slip mat
  • 12.5 Grams

Audio Technica dominates our list of the best DJ turntables for more than one reason. Users found the quality, durability, and price/performance standards that they were looking after Technics turntables.

LP1240XP is a professional DJ turntable with a high-torque direct drive motor that offers exceptional sound. The motor that is carried on an S-shaped tonearm offers to speed fidelity and cohesion. The pitch adjusts (+/-10% or +/-20%) with high accuracy pitch lock, and the various speeds selection stays the same as the above. 

Direct-Drive Professional DJ Turntable tonearm

We like the black “club” design and platter with die-cast aluminum that provides excellent durability. The USB port to connect the turntable to your PC or MAC is not missing, as well as the Audacity software.

Conclusion: Audio Technica LP1240 simply lost first place because of its price tag. Especially if you need a pair, the difference between the above is apparent. However, it still is a perfect value-for-money choice and is highly recommended by many users. This is a professional DJ turntable for use in nightclubs, touring, and mobile applications.

Drive motor drive:High torque direct
Additional features:USB, +/-10% or +/-20% pitch adjust, Audacity software
Built quality:8.5/10

5. Crosley C200A-BK Vinyl Player

Crosley C200A-BK

The Crosley C200 is a solid direct-drive turntable for beginner DJs and home use. It looks similar to other models from Technics and Audio Technica, but it is much more affordable. It is one of the cheapest turntables you will find on the market. 

The C200 is equipped with an Audio-Technica magnetic cartridge that will guarantee great sound quality. The tonearm has a hydraulic lift control and the same lockable rest you find on most turntables out there. There is also pitch adjustment and 33 rpm and 45 rpm playback speeds.

The sleek and elegant design discloses that this DJ turntable is very easy and simple to use and operate. It includes a built-in switchable phono pre-amplifier with detachable RCA output cables. The build quality is tough and should last for many years. 

Conclusion: C200 offers great sound and reliable performance at every time and every use. Its price tag makes it an irresistible choice for beginners who cannot afford any of the above.  

Drive motor drive: Direct
Additional features:  pitch adjust
Built quality:8.5/10

6. RELOOP RP 7000 DJ Turntable

Best dj turntables RELOOP RP 7000

Right into our budget comes this professional DJ turntable by Reloop.  Reloop’s DJ turntables are club-standard for many years, establishing a reliable brand quality for amateur and professional use.

The quartz-driven Reloop RP 7000 comes from a big family with four more siblings RP2000/4000/6000/8000. The anti-skating S-shaped tonearm with an upper torque direct drive delivers excellent sound. Also, the torque is adjustable, making it a reliable and precise DJ turntable.

The extra features of this gear are essential. Starting with the highly precise pitch resolution with three selectable pitch ranges +/- 8%, +/- 16%, and +/- 50%. You will also find a reverse button and 3 speeds (33-1/3, 45, and 78 rpm) to choose from. 

The “indestructible construction” as the manufacturer subscribes, is absolutely right. It definitely is a long-term engagement with this turntable. Another plus for some DJs might be the detachable mains and RCA cable.

Conclusion: As far as you will search on the web, you will mostly find superb reviews with users praising its sound quality and solid construction. It’s under our price range and definitely worth every penny. The ideal option for any beginner DJ who wants to practice at home or even move it to regular club events.

Drive motor drive:Upper torque direct
Additional features:USB, +/- 8%, +/- 16% , +/- 50% pitch adjust
Built quality:8.5/10

7. NUMARK TT250 DJ turntable

Best dj turntables NUMARK TT250

The same as the brands above, Numark has developed a reputation for quality products. There cannot be many DJs who don’t know or even own at least one Numark DJ tool. 

TT250 is a professional direct-drive turntable with a high-quality magnetic cartridge that is pre-mounted and ready to use right out of the box. The quartz-controlled direct-drive motor and the S-shaped tonearm with anti-skating control will ensure excellent sound quality and precise tracking. 

 The pitch fader is smooth, but the adjustment range is a bit limited at ±10%.  It is one of the lightest digital DJ turntables on our list, but it is rock solid stable, and compact with a die-cast aluminum platter.

Conclusion: Numark TT250 might not have the popularity of the above, but very few reviews talk about an excellent product easy to use and with great sound quality. It has an affordable price tag that might help your pocket to afford a second unit. The last pick for our best DJ turntables is an excellent choice for beginners and mid-range use. 

Drive motor drive:Quartz-controlled direct
Additional features:USB, +/- 10% pitch adjust 
Built quality:8/10


Stanton STR8.150 MKII

With over 50 years experience of in manufacturing DJ equipment, Stanton DJ turntables have built an excellent reputation. Stanton STR8 150 is probably one of the best DJ turntables for scratching.

Worth mentioning features of STR8 150 are the world’s strongest torque motor and heavy-duty steel construction. There is a straight arm instead of an s-shaped tonearm we saw before. If a straight arm is not your desire, also check the Stanton ST 150 MKII with an S-shaped tonearm.

The brushed aluminum top frame and robust construction deliver ultra-clear signal quality. This is one of the heaviest DJ turntables ever produced as it weighs over 40 pounds each. So, imagine carrying a pair of those at your live performances. However, this is minimizing resonance and feedback.

Buyers Guide

What to consider when buying a DJ turntable?

  • Drive motor type: There are two options here, but for DJing, you should go for direct type over the traditional belt type.
    A high torque direct type will offer superb sound quality and tracking. The most downside is that sometimes vibrations can affect the music that you are playing.
    A belt type, on the other hand, dampens the noise more efficiently but often produces a more pure sound quality. Also, they tend to be more fragile, and you will have to replace them from time to time.

  • Tonearm: The overall tonearm nature is essential for sound quality and tracking ability. The arm is where the complicated technology is stored. It has its own spot at the base and has enough distance from the platter to reduce shakiness. 
    Between s-shaped and straight arms, there is no right or wrong choice. Club DJs prefer s-shaped tonearms while scratching DJs will mostly go for the straight arm.

  • Cartridge: The cartridge is an essential component. It is connected to the tonearm and holds the stylus. It may be useful to do some research on the cartridge that is included, but the truth is that most of them are going to function the way they suppose to.
    The cartridge can be either a magnet type or a moving coil. Try to avoid used cartridges because they can reduce sound quality or even cause damage to your vinyl records. 

  • Pitch control: Same on cd players, pitch control, is one of the basic controls for beat-matching. You can find a vinyl player with 8%, 10%, 16%, and 50% adjustments. Also, make sure that you can adjust the slider smoothly. There are brands in the market that are known for great built quality controls that will last hardship.

  • Additional features: Digital outputs including a USB port to connect to your PC, as well as, reverse, BPM counter, pitch adjustment, and more.

  • Budget: As long as one piece of equipment like a DJ controller is so affordable, beginner DJs will find it hard to invest big bucks on at least 2 DJ turntables and a DJ mixer. Thankfully the prices have dropped dramatically compared to years ago. There are affordable choices for beginner DJs with a tight budget to purchase a pair and start playing records and mixes.

  • Brand: Technics, Pioneer, Stanton, Numark, Reloop, and the highly-rated Audio Technica are some of the most popular brands for DJ turntables out there.

What is the best DJ turntable for a beginner?

  1. Technics SL-1200MK2
  2. Audio Technica LP120 
  3. Audio Technica LP1240
  4. Pioneer DJ PLX 500
  5. Crosley C200
  6. Reloop RP 7000
  7. Numark TT 250
  8. Stanton STR8 150

How to DJ with laptop and turntables?

You can use your turntables in combination with your DJ software and perform live. How? Digital Vinyl System (DVS). This means that you will have your turntables and mixer for DJing and your software will only work as a track selection tool. For premium quality, 4-channel DJ mixers check the best professional DJ mixers.

Final Thoughts

After many hours of researching, comparing, and advising, we hope we found the best DJ turntables for you to choose from. Do not forget to consider the things we mentioned above. Shortly, you’ll want a DJ turntable that can last you a while and is also versatile enough, to use in the studio and at live events. 

If you choose any model from the list above, you can sleep tight. Our picks were made out of hundreds of possible options that are available on the market today, and no choice was random. 

If you want to know more about harmonic mixing and how to master your DJ skills, check our article on how to become a pro DJ.

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