Global DJs Guide is a website for DJs, music producers, and audiophiles. We research, compare, test, and review the latest DJ and home recording studio equipment including controllers, keyboards, mixers, turntables, speakers, microphones, headphones, software, and musical instruments.

What is this website/blog about

Global Djs Guide is a website/blog platform launched in 2016, aiming musicians, DJs, and music producers who make their first steps in the music scene.

For those who are looking for home studio equipment and DJ tools for live performances. Expert guidance to major subjects about electronic dance music. This DJ guide and home studio equipment are created to save you months of work and unwanted costs.

Through this journey, we will look at the best DJ and studio equipment for you to purchase and build a career. As well, music news, ultimate guides, and digital DJ tips. The How-to section will provide very useful pieces of information and guidance to major subjects that concern musicians for a very long period of time.

Global Djs Guide specializes in electronic music production. With a particular section that will provide useful pieces of information, music libraries, and Video Tutorials with step-by-step guidance for beginners.

5 menu categories of every musician

  1. Dj equipment” – The best DJ equipment for beginners. DJ setup choices according to your budget, personal preference, and experience. In this section, you will find the best DJ equipment tools for beginners as well as experts. 
  2. Studio equipment” – The best home recording studio equipment. God knows how much I had spent on my home recording studio equipment when I started. Tools I end up selling, trading, or storage in the closet, were a complete waste of money. The best choices for a home recording studio, and music production tools. 
  3. How-to” – Will give you specific guidance to music relative issues. DJ guides, recording tutorials, artist online presence guide and many more. 
  4. “Music Production” – Video tutorials and music libraries. During 2020 this menu tag will be updated with Ableton tutorials and tips to start music production.
  5. News & Tips” – Articles about the latest news and digital tips.

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How authoritative is this DJ Music Blog:

Most of the articles are written by me, a DJ and music producer with over 14 years of experience in the electronic music scene. I have performed in many musical events, and clubs in Europe. My portfolio is including track releases, a radio show with over 300 podcasts, and guest mixes by famous global DJ’s. I’m also a partner to a record label with a big influence in electronic dance music. I’m often on the road but still manage to take my home recording studio everywhere, and write about my favorite tools.

To provide the best possible collection of information I make a deep research on the web for reviews, tutorials, and product comparisons. Taking under consideration my personal experience and advice by professionals – partners i was lucky enough to work with, and they are currently occupied as DJ’s, music producers, sound engineers, or radio producers.

Feedspot.com is featuring our website in the Top 15 DJ Music Blogs to Follow in 2020.

Music production, DJing, and electronic music is my passion and I want to see newcomers and beginners to take the next step. Start, improve, and succeed in the hard world of the music industry. This is the reason of creating Global DJs Guide pwebiste. My purpose is to present useful information and tutorials and also personal assistance on any music matter.

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Artists i had the pleasure to either perform at the same event or guest mix my global radio show:

  • Coyu
  • Blond:ish
  • Nastia
  • Dj Motiv8 (Black Eyed Peas)
  • Stelios Vasiloudis
  • Roland Klinkenberg
  • Adrianos Papadeas
  • Petre Inspirescu
  • Simina Grigoriou Kalkbrenner

Record labels and radio stations i was collaborating and contribute my music:

Ambber records  votan records Proton-radio   TrafficFM






Natalia Petraki – Photographer: With a DJ husband, this website is everything I wished for.

DJ Compact: Trustworthy, I always keep an eye on GlobalDjsGuide before buying any music equipment.