Numark Scratch Review | The Ultimate Serato DJ Mixer

People who are professionally into sound compounding or have a passion or profession of a disc jockey (DJ) must be familiar with music mixer devices. For those who are not, it is a device that allows you to make a sound combination with easy management of high and low notes, beats, acoustic, and channels.

Its a professional DJ device used for editing sounds, autotune and mixing rhythms to make the music catchy and entertaining. DJ mixers range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, but that doesn’t define the quality. One can only decipher the quality of such a device by the range features and operations that it has to offer, and also the sound results.

Despite the price and quality output, another factor that promotes the eloquence of choosing such a device is technological advancement. Most Individual DJ Mixer manufacturing companies bring exquisite and robust improvements in their devices every once in a while. If you are up to buying one, you ought to stay updated about certain information. 

The Ultimate Two Channel Serato DJ Mixer

Here we have a unique and preferable suggestion for you in that context; we present to you the Numark Scratch Mixer with DJ pro-Serato. Its output and high-tech features are comparatively remarkable yet user-friendly alongside.

DJ controllers, Headphones, DJ Players – Numarks’ DJ gear is everywhere, and the SCRATCH is one of the DJ mixers that are about to overtake most setups and booths.

Numark Scratch Serato DJ Pro Two-Channel DJ Mixer Review

Numark Scratch | Two-Channel DJ Scratch Mixer for Serato DJ Pro (included) With Innofader Crossfader, DVS license, 6 Direct Access Effect Selectors, Performance Pads and 24-Bit Sound Quality

First Look / Design: 

The foremost recognizable thing in this model of Numark Scratch DJ Mixer is its robust and futuristic-looking device with a range of modern style buttons on it.

Its versatile arrangement of features with transformative options and channels just makes it more handy and compatible, pairing it with quick access. Not only is it good-looking and handy, but it also has an enormous range of features. Furthermore, the eloquence is enhanced with the premium toggle paddles that come along. Not only this, but the most exquisite feature that you must know of this device is also that it includes Innofader crossfader that allows the reverse and slope control, which ensure high adaptability.

Its ravishing in-built performance pads is quite enticing about this device as Numark Scratch offers four performance pads, along with triggering rolls for sound build-ups. Besides, the most exponential thing about these performance pads, rolls, and quick beat stabs is that these allow the DJs to be very creative with sound combinations to light up the DJ theme. So, with these many features paired with the equally good speakers can level up your DJ game.

Numark Scratch | Two-Channel DJ Scratch Mixer for Serato DJ Pro side view


Although Numark Scratch mixer offers you a vast range of enticing premium DJ features yet let’s start with the most integral one. It is a two-channel mixer with 24-bits, which elaborates twenty-four different operations. That extends the range of creativity and sound production in one tool.

The premium toggle paddles that you would only find in very expensive devices. You can find in Numark Scratch along with various others. If you are a beginner in this field and want to get your hand on something handy, here’s your thing – As this one brings along simple and user-friendly six buttons that have direct access to its FX software. And allow compatibility with quick access.

Besides, its technologically advanced features like 108DB S/N ratio, digital 24-bit high sound quality, performance-oriented connectivity, and an FX easy access software just make it remarkable at the given price. Not only this, but its professionally engineered Innofader crossfader feature allows high adaptability, but also ensures no distortion along with a smooth reverse and slope control. Another fantastic feature to highlight is its high/low pass filter is free of software dependency, which harnesses its working with analog turntables as well.

Moreover, its instant loop encoder works well with extending and shortening the beats. Numark Scratch’s another ravishing feature is its four performance pads that have multiple sub-features in one futuristic panel. These pads include various sound integration keys. Quick beat stabs and cue triggering rolls that make the range of creativity spacious enough for the DJ.

Furthermore, this device, in terms of connectivity, is made for routine demands. As it has revering connectivity with all the main outputs alongside a 1/4inch TS and mic control. With these many advanced and easy-to-handle features, you can surely upgrade your DJ persona and tailor the sounds as you like.

Similar features along with Jog wheels and Media Player functions, you will find on the new Numark NS6II DJ controller and all of the best DJ controllers in the world today!  

In Use: 

Talking about its performance, Numark Scratch sets its standards aloof. Its enhanced features and spacious creative engineering allow the DJ to elevate the unique sound with no extra effort. Its two-channel and 24-bit layout is an exceptionally dynamic range of specs creating ease on the go.

Not only does the 6 buttons upgrade the sound, but it also has direct connectivity to its FX software. That makes the commands easy and innovative. Imagine a DJ in an event; the quick access that this Numark Scratch panel allows quick access – the faster the access, the better the performance will be.

This device renders you a vast range of options. While you work on sound integration, a full high sound resonance, and 24-bit quality spread out features to choose and play with. Besides, the performance is even brightened up with the crossfader. That enhances the device adaptability and improves the grip on sound features. Even if one connection fails, you can work it off with analog turntables rather than the FX software base.

Video overview on the Numark Scratch DJ mixer by Gear4Music:

The 4 performance pads in this device allow the edition quick access capability. Along with the swift control of beats and performance and the well-controlled slops and high beats. For DJs, this device carries about a piece of upgraded good news. Numark Scratch DJ pro has high connectivity and various output ports.

This range of ports allows the excellent integration of sound. You can also connect a mic and live the best DJ performance of your life. With this range of high validity features and simply versatile specs, this device makes your routine performance easier and improve it on the go.


Its amazing specification and versatility, distinct it among all the other alternatives and compliment its whole engineering. It is easier to handle, light in weight to carry, and worth it in its given price point. The range of features that it has to offer is incredibly easy-to-use and bring along space for creativity and sublimity to the whole vibe.

Not only its user friendly, but it is low/high-pass filter is transformative as well as it can work on analog turntable instead of FX software. It has various features that you can only find in extremely high budgeted DJ devices.


The engineering of this device is certainly not for beginners; it only suffices for professional DJ routine event usages. You ought to harness it with a fast mode of work as it has a high efficiency which can go wrong with one wrong tap in milliseconds.

Not only this, but it also doesn’t have an LED sound pitch display that is a modern requirement of the professional DJ systems these days. The DJ will also have to find the best fitting output devices along with this Numark Scratch Sound Mixer.

Numark Scratch DJ mixer DJ setup

Check out the new Technics SL1200 MK7 for the ultimate mixing DJ setup!

Mixars DUO MKII DJ Mixer

Mixars DUO MKII 2-Channel Mixer for Serato DJ

At the same price range, Numark’s biggest competitor is the Mixars DUO MKII DJ Mixer for Serato DJ. Both models have a very solid build and top-notch sound quality. The pads are identical on each channel, just placed differently. Inputs, faders, and knobs are solid on both units, and if you are a Serato or DVS DJ, you can’t go wrong with either.

Features of the Mixars DUO MKII:

  • 2-Channel battle-style DJ mixer for Serato DJ and DVS.
  • GALILEO crossfader co-designed by Pro X Fade.
  • Crossfader reverse, curve, and cut-in adjustments.
  • 8 RGB rubber pads for controlling points, loops, rolls, and samplers.
  • 24-bit/96kHz audio interface.
  • Includes Serato DJ, and DVS enabled.

Basic differences Between Numark Scratch vs. Mixars DUO MKII:

  1. The Numark Scratch has post-fader effects, the Mixars DUO MKII does not.

  2. The Numark Scratch has 4 banks while the Mixars has 8.

  3. Most Important: Users rate the Innofader and up faders better than the DUO MKII. 


With this sound mixer in hand, the DJs have a vast space to experiment with their sound integration creativity. Moreover, the rolls and beats can create their covers and sets. This allows the mixing of live sound with automated and incorporates DJ inputs alongside. Isn’t it interesting? It surely is, and the Numark Scratch will get the job done in any DJ setup.

The two-channeled display with various buttons to control the high and low noted is something to marvel at as well. It is a whole music compounding system that does not only harnesses the DJ events or musical nights but can also be extremely favorable in recordings and coverage of solo singing.

With professionalism, user convenience, versatility, grace, and a reasonable price, Numark Scratch DJ pro has it all. Moreover, it supports sound integration alongside stereo as well. It can work well with both the life and the recorded sounds and mixing of beats and notes can turn out to be a top win.

For more options for your first DJ setup or upgrade:

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