9 DJ Desk Ideas for your DJ Setup

Whether you’re setting up a mobile DJ business, having an impromptu party at your place, or are a professional DJ working for the crowd, a good DJ desk is necessary to make sure the right setup and management are done. You could easily manage with a simple table or basic computer desk, but seriously! You will face a major drawback.

DJ desks are not like regular tables; they have specific height, breadth, and DJ setup features. This is what helps DJs easily mix on stage, even with so much equipment to handle. Basic furniture tables don’t give you the same level of convenience since you will have to rely on zero features. So, choosing the right desk is important for every DJ.

That said, with so many new brands and models, picking the right DJ table has become harder than normal. In this article, we note down the nine best DJ desks that you can buy. You’ll be at ease with these choices since they are great for both beginners and professionals.

If you don’t know how to pick the right one for yourself, we also have a list of features you can look out for while choosing any DJ furniture. So, let’s find the best DJ desks and furniture for your home DJ setup or live events.

9 DJ Desk and Furniture Ideas for your DJ Setup

1. Odyssey ATT2 Adjustable Aluminum Mobile DJ Table

Odyssey ATT2 Adjustable Aluminum Mobile Dj Table

You can fold the Odyssey ATT2 flat for ultimate portability, making it one of the best mobile DJ tables on the market. You can also swivel the side platforms open or close depending on your needs. Most DJs can appreciate this concept and design. The tabletops can be slid about conveniently and hold quite a bit of weight to them.

Except for good quality DJ desks Odyssey is also known for its stable laptop stands, flight cases comfortable DJ backpacks.

Meanwhile, the adjustable padding at the end of each leg is pretty standard and relatively less durable than most other models. There is also a slight stability issue with the tabletops being heavier than the aluminum frame. So, DJs have to make sure there is no uneven distribution of pressure or weight to prevent any accidents.

Odyssey ATT2 Adjustable Aluminum Mobile Dj Table fold

Despite this flaw, the desk’s installation is pretty much straightforward. Once you assemble it properly, the unit itself is actually quite rigid, which is a pleasant surprise when you open the unit the first time. At the price you’re getting, this table manages to pull off a decent concept with basic functionality. So, you can make use of the stand without any problems.

As a mobile unit, you can’t ask for more with the whole thing. So, for any amateurs looking to find something affordable and efficient, the folding DJ table Odyssey ATT2 is an ideal solution. 

2. DJ Event Facade White/Black Metal Frame Booth

DJ Event Facade White:Black Scrim Metal Frame Booth + 20 x 40 Flat Table Top. Combo Deal! Includes White Laptop:Controller Stand!

The DJ Event Facade is the ideal way to professionally hide your gear to get a classy, professional look during any performance or gig. It is great for any DJ hoping to find a lightweight, mobile, and easily set-up facade to boost their name. Plus, it is a very cheap DJ table, leaving a balance for other purchases. 

Depending on your style, you get the option to go for an elegant white model or an edgier black look. The unit has stretch fabric panels that can be conveniently removed for cleaning and can even be replaced with different panels to create multiple black and white design combos.

DJ Event Facade white

Portability and storage become easy with the carry bag that comes with it. You don’t need additional tools to set up, disassemble, or detach the stretch panels. Your DJ laptop and DJ controller will fit perfectly on this DJ desk.

The facade has a collapsible metal frame that is both sturdy and easy to carry. It comes with four detachable, hinged areas made of lightweight metal, with each section coated with black powder for water resistance. If you use larger setups, all you have to do is join the midsections from different sets of similar height to make a broader facade if required.

DJ Event Facade

The facade’s white double-layered scrim faces make use of fire retardants which allows them to be used with some lighting effects for a more vibrant look during any stage performance. Following your gig, if you see any stains on the surface due to any drink spills or other accidents, you won’t have to worry. You can just use a screwdriver to remove the scrim and clean them. All in all, the Event Façade is a fun DJ desk option for any occasion.

3. Glorious Session Cube XL DJ Workstation

Glorious Session Cube XL with DJ equipment

One of the more prominent Glorious DJ desk models includes its Session Cube XL DJ workstation. This is a chic yet durable DJ desk that is viable for multiple purposes. You can use it as a simple setup at home. Also, you can install it in a professional bar, lounge, café, or restaurant environment.

While not built for road trips, tours, or travels, the table makes use of its stability and design to provide space and support to any basic or club DJ setup. This way, you get to use a stylish stand for your gear. All that while hiding the equipment effectively to give a more professional look at any event or venue.

Glorious Session Cube XL with DJ setup

The table’s MDF wooden construction has a brilliant piano finish to give it a more elegant look. And the dimensions are ideal for providing maximum space for a basic DJ setup. DJs can make us of the integrated cable routing for a more organized and easy assembly. The additional LED kit gives them the option to boost their gigs with more light and color.

So, even though the setup is heavy at 32 kilograms, you don’t really need a lighter version for a DJ who works in fixed events and venues. For a more permanent DJ stand solution, the Glorious Session Cube XL is definitely the way to go.

4. American DJ Pro Event Table II

American DJ Pro Event Table II Foldable DJ Booth Truss Facade

Built as a pro substitute for folding turntables, the American DJ Pro Event Table II is a smart foldable model that sports a contemporary polished look. Not only is it easy to transport with its weight and portability, but this innovatively-constructed mobile event table can be easily branded. This makes it great for a lot of different requirements at any sort of event.

Most DJs have to rely on piles of travel cases to support all their gear or hope that venues will provide them with adequate tables. Having this event surface will help improve your professionalism and make DJing more convenient simultaneously.

American DJ Pro Event Table II Foldable DJ Booth Truss Facade

The first thing most DJs will notice is the huge size of the Pro Event Table. This table is huge, which means your DJ setup will definitely get more stage presence. Despite this large build, the booth manages to be extremely portable. Its design makes use of two robust aluminum halves which can collapse in half for portability. You have the main surface and two metal bars.

A front board that you can utilize for branding through things like custom graphics. With such convenience and customization, the ADJ is one of the best desks for DJ equipment you will ever find with regard to quality, use, and money value. Talk about a good ‘off-the-shelf purchase. This model is a game-changer in the DJ equipment industry.

5. Odyssey ATT DJ Table + Scrim Werks

Odyssey ATT DJ Table

DJs need attractive setups that stand out during performances for more impact. This is achieved with the Odyssey ATT DJ Table. Its sleek look provides a modern studio vibe at any event. Designed using premium-grade aluminum, the desk comes with a diamond design and textured surface for a more stylish look. This makes the setup great for DJs performing at clubs, cafes, restaurants, or even studio sessions.

This DJ desk setup can hold up to 200 pounds of evenly distributed weight without breaking a sweat. So, for DJs with massive setups, you can’t find anything better to handle the weight of your gear. Two DJ turntables and a big 4-channel mixer will easily fit on the DJ desk.

The aluminum frame makes the whole setup ideally lightweight. The black powder coating is great for a smooth, polished water-resistant look. The design makes use of flag hinges that are detachable into two sections for quick and easy assembly and packing during tours, gigs, and travels. Each section is color-coded, which makes the whole assembly process even more comfortable.

The ATT DJ table has two scrim screen faces covered in fire retardant so that you can have a lighting setup to get more washed colors. It also comes with a carry bag to complete the whole package for any travel. The façade’s dimensions are also ideal for any basic 6-foot-long event table, so you know the Odyssey ATT DJ desk works great any time, anywhere.


6. Glorious MixStation DJ Table


The Glorious MixStation DJ desk is one of the more conventional DJ setups. Beginners and amateurs can make use of this desk for their normal setups. The unit provides you with an effective work surface for two turntables or disk players, as well as enough space for a mixer with a width of up to 14 inches.

The DJ desk makes use of MDF wood for its design, so you get the durability and style you like with quality. The whole setup makes use of an anti-vibration feature, which means your table can withstand even the loudest and most active DJ setup without having to worry about anything falling or breaking apart.

The Glorious MixStation also comes with some cable ducts through its front and side plates so that you’ll be able to handle your cables in an organized manner without worrying about tangling or any other mishap.

The DJ table is also the ideal choice for DJs who use the Battle arrangement for their performances. So, they can stack their gear both vertically and horizontally without having to worry about instability. The only minor setback would be the weight of the whole unit. 31.5 kilos aren’t too much to handle, but compared to other units on our list, this is definitely one of the heavier options. Even so, the table’s overall design still makes it a top contender in the DJ desk market.


7. ProX Z-Style Standard DJ Table Flight Case

Pro X Z Style Standard DJ Table Flight Case

The ProX Z-style DJ desk is easy to assemble, quick to pack up, and portable at any time. It is built using ProX’s very own patented 3/8-inch Honeycomb digitally designed plywood to impress people with its extremely bulky look.

The table itself has 48×28-inch dimensions to provide DJs with plenty of space for the newest controllers and gear, and it has an ideal height of 3 feet to keep everything in your setup within easy reach.

The DJ desk can manage up to 200 pounds of weight, which is more than enough for most average DJ setups. However, the weight is to be evenly distributed. It also has Penn Elcomcasters, making the whole thing completely durable. Meanwhile, simultaneously allows you to move your Z table effortlessly. The entire setup embraces all of the top quality and strong materials on the market, nothing short of the expectations from any ProX Case.

Prox DJ Z-Table Ultimate Portable Workstation:Flight Case

If you plan on traveling cross country or hopping from one state to the next, the Z-style adjustable legs can be fit into the case to provide 48 x 25 x 10-inch dimensions. That makes the table much easier to manage. Going back to its very sleek Honeycomb design, the table uses hexagon grids throughout its shelves and surfaces, so you get the most unique out-of-this-world look.

Also, unlike other basic laminated plywood surfaces from other brands, the ProX’s design is scratch-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about mild or severe accidents in the long wrong.

The best part is that the robust hard rubber foams in the ProX cases are made from 70% recycled material. Of that content, 80% makes use of recycled plastic while the rest comes from recycled industry materials. So, not only do you get a great setup, but it comes at a great economic and environmental cost.


8. Odyssey Adjustable Carpeted DJ Table

Odyssey Adjustable Carpeted DJ Table

Odyssey manages to make our list a second time with this unique carpeted table. Unlike other massive setups, this DJ desk relies more on portability, compactness, and comfort. It has a carpeted work surface which makes the desk pretty soft, comfortable, and scratch-resistant. Beginner DJs with lighter laptop setups can definitely make use of this design at home.

Furthermore, you can use it at small events with minimal setup requirements. The table is 48 inches broad and 20 inches deep to give a classic look with plenty of space. It also has a pre-tapped hole for cables and ports to run through.

Besides its convenient assembly, the unit also comes with a trap handle to make the whole thing easy to carry. The foldable design of the legs makes it so that DJs can adjust their setup height according to their needs. This adjustable height ranges between 26 and 38 inches.

The Odyssey Carpeted DJ Table is also able to carry a weight of up to 150 pounds. That is more than ideal for a home DJ table setup. The one drawback of this system is that it doesn’t have anything with regard to customization. So, in terms of looks, the table relies more on functionality rather than design. Even so, the work surface is clean and sturdy so that you can do your job perfectly.


9. Glorious Gig Bar DJ Table


Glorious offers multiple DJ furniture options to accommodate every type of setup, style, and budget. One of its more stylish and contemporary pieces includes the very unique Glorious Gig Bar. This DJ table is definitely for DJs who like to put on a show with tasteful design and style. It makes use of a neat combo of elegant materials to show the Gig Bar’s intention of being a statement that’s more than just equipment.

Moreover, it comes with a huge aluminum support system for strength and durability. It comes in black and white for more variety in style choice. This table is one of the other MDF wood DJ desks out there that screams quality and functionality along with style.

The Gig Bar has dimensions of 43 x 40 x 20 inches. It makes this a massive piece for an impressive DJ table plan. This is also why the setup is on the heavier side at 31 kilos of weight. While not a great portable option, the Gig Bar still manages to be a great studio option that can fit in any place.

Its design accommodates two turntables or CD players. Also, it consists of one mixer 14 inches long, similar to the Glorious MixStation setup. Moreover, it has a top-quality acrylic front face. Another great feature is that it comes with an extra LED kit to give the whole thing the best outstanding look.

 You can look for alternative DJ furniture ideas on Etsy.com and Pinterest.

Buyers Guide

What are DJ desks?

DJ desks are professional tables specially built to allow DJs to mix their music more effectively wherever they go. Some key features are definitely important for a DJ table and are seen in almost every good and premium-quality DJ setup.

One of these features is a DJ headphone holder, which allows you to keep your headphones neatly organized and at the ready without worrying about tangled wires or any misplacements during gigs.

DJ furniture has a very sturdy, sleek, and efficient design, with foldable options to allow portability whenever you’re traveling. Unlike basic furniture tables, where you just have a bulky hard design, these mobile desks are built to have lighter weight and more convenient features where the DJ can easily manage their equipment at the ready.

If you don’t know your equipment yet, check the best DJ setup for beginners.

What to consider before buying DJ desks?

If you are a novice in the industry of DJ desks, you have to know these tables are not like normal tables. Instead, they have various dimensions to them, and you have to be aware of some of the specifications. Here is a comprehensive guide of the features you should keep in mind when buying any DJ desk.

  • Height

The ideal height depends on the DJ’s size and is measured in a similar way any bartenders do so for their bar counters. 110 cm is ideally the appropriate height for a bar counter. With a DJ desk, though, the bulk of the DJ equipment is also included.

A DJ setup is typically about 11 cm tall. So, the DJ desk must be just below 1 meter in height to give you the optimal functional height of around 110 cm. The standard DJ booth height is around 100cm. or 3,3 ft.

The basic height is based on someone’s average height, which usually comes to180 cm. In an ideal situation, the height of the setup with all the gear included must then be up to a DJ’s elbow. Many of the desks in our list are designed accordingly and so provide a cozy workspace for bigger DJ setups.

  • Width

The breadth of any DJ desk obviously depends on a major part of how a DJ works their setup and the gear they have. A standard setup having two turntables as well as a mixer needs more area than a setup that just makes use of a single DJ controller. The DJ desk should, therefore, be large enough to accommodate all your DJ accessories.

A lot of DJ furniture already comes with specific holders or an additional DJ tablespace. Others can even come with both which is great. Depending on your needs, you also have to think about if you have to place your turntables in a Battle arrangement, i.e., a vertical position. In this case, the depth of the surface of your DJ desk needs to be slightly bigger.

  • Material

Most premium-quality wooden desks are designed using medium-density fiberwood (MDF). This is very durable and provides you with better stability. A crucial feature of an MDF DJ desk is its coat which makes it repel all types of liquids. You should never use a DJ table designed using 100% MDF and any decorations. Since this can cause issues in humid conditions quickly.

The only minor drawback with these tables is that glasses and bottles can leave stains or prints. Metal DJ tables are also quite common. These DJ desks are usually foldable and light. The furniture can be less stable, but you’ll still get benefits in the weight and portability departments.

Video DIY DJ desk from IKEA furniture

Video by Tom one

Final Thoughts

As mentioned before, there is a staggering number of DJ desks available for buying. It can be very frustrating if you are a beginner looking for a home DJ booth. In many cases, amateurs tend to avoid getting a new DJ desk of any kind.

That said, giving in poorly constructed advice and details will only make the job much harder. So instead of focusing on a list of unnecessary details, all you have to do is look for proper construction, durability, and portability.

Investing your earnings on the right DJ furniture can be very beneficial if you do it the proper way. With this article, you can use our list of the nine best DJ desks and furniture for your DJ setup. This way, you know all of them to give you much more than sturdiness and good setup options. If you decide to consider purchasing any of the top DJ desks on this list, you will not come to regret it.

You could also make a DJ table, but the effort and materials will probably cost you more, without getting better results. Drop your comment, review, or opinion about any of the above.

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