Numark NS6II Review | 4-channel DJ controller on the budget

If you want to be more creative as a DJ, the Numark NS6II is the right controller for you. Performing as a mobile DJ, this 4 channel mixer comes in handy for introductions and other formalities while the extra inputs can be used for mobile, PC, CD players, and other input sources. 

Numark could have taken the easy route but they decided to take things a little bit further with NS6II. Scroll down to know comprehensively what features are packed into this premium ultra-versatile DJ controller. 

DJ controllers, Headphones, DJ Mixers, Media Players – Numarks’ DJ gear is everywhere! And the NS6II is one of the controllers for every budget and level of experience.

Numark NS6II DJ controller Review

Numark NS6II | 4-Channel DJ Controller For Serato DJ top review

First Look – Design:

Looking at the build quality, the Numark NS6 II is built with the working DJ in mind. It has pro-grade connections and components of rugged build quality. The controller feels really solid with its metal casing with a matte black finish and measures 22.4 x 13.8 x 2.6 inches while weighs only 9.2 lbs. Not heavy but it does feel dense and solid! 

It also features durable metal roll bars along the front that work great for protecting the front-facing control knobs from damage during transport or when there’s a need to lift this controller for connection check-up or setup at any time. Pads are made of black high-quality rubber whereas faders feature plastic construction with metal top.  This 4 channel controller comes equipped with the full version of the Serato DJ while the hardware itself is great for a controller; very portable for mobile or bedroom DJs that have limited space.  

Serato DJ is featured as one of the best DJ software in the market right now!

One of the most unique but amazing things about its look and design are 2’’ hi-resolution, built-in color display in the jog wheel’s center. These full-color displays provide critical information about each deck without any need to look at your laptop. You’ll see 16 big MPC-type performance pads of rubber with RGB illuminated different color lights around the edges, 8 pads on the left, and 8 on the right side under the jog wheels. 

On top, there are 3 banks on either side of the controller to accommodate the Serato DJ’s effects considered as A or B effects. On the front panel, there are controls for the two mic inputs with 2 band EQ and volume level for each channel. Moreover, this controller is a beast for connectivity! It has a balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA outputs for its 24-bit sound card. Also, it features an RCA output booth and 2 microphone inputs. 

Numark NS6II | 4-Channel DJ Controller For Serato DJ review

Features And Specs:

The Numark NS6II comes with all the pro features you would expect on a premium DJ controller. Let’s start with the mixer; it has a standalone 24-bit 4 channel 44.1K audio mixer complete with gains, 3 band EQ, high and low combo pass filters available on every channel. The LED level meters are functional and bright.  

An adjustable crossfader allows you to choose between a smooth fade and a sharp cut. Also known as platters, the Numark NS6II comes with decent-sized 6’’ two Jog wheels on each side with smart learning capacitive technology. Although these platters are the same size as the previous model they include built-in screens with an indicator light on the jog wheel’s exterior. This truly unique LCD tracks status display that provides BPM, time information, active deck indicator, and a track position marker; all shows on the 2’’ high-resolution display. 

Another new cool feature on the NS6II is the two separate 1/4” Microphone inputs with dedicated EQ and a maximum level of -18 dBu which is a huge upgrade from the original NS6 controller. Also, it has Dual 2.0 USB ports at the back for DJ hands-off and easy changeover in 2 laptops simultaneously.

The 12V power supply controller has 16 pressure-sensitive pads to control your Serato cues, loops, slicer, and sampler. Besides, there are capacitive touch knobs for instant effects and EQ kills. At the side of jog wheels, the pitch fader is 100mm long, smooth, and accurate for long manual bends whereas there are pitch bend buttons (- and +) as well. 

Numark NS6II DJ controller review

You will get XLR stereo outputs with +24 dBu maximum level, RCA balanced outputs, RCA booth, and 2 unbalanced RCA inputs switchable between line and phono with +8 dB and -22 dB respectively. 

Numark NS6II | 4-Channel DJ Controller For Serato DJ backside with two usb

In Use – Interface:

The screens in the middle of platters will show you BPM, your pitch fader range, keylock, platter position, active deck, song time bar, time remaining and this is something that you won’t find on any other pro-controller. This allows you to stay focused on your performance while interacting with the crowd. Plus, the 2 USB setup is great for such situations where there’s more than one DJ at an event. 2 computers can easily be connected at the same time for a complete DJ hands-off. Another useful thing about this dual-USB is to allow for a second PC connected as a backup. Switching computers is as simple as pushing a button while playing music simultaneously. 

Numark NS6II | 4-Channel DJ Controller For Serato DJ frontside

Since most of the mobile DJs want 2 microphones critical to their best performance, the NS6II has 2 dedicated inputs with EQ and controls completely independent of the 4 decks. Plus, this black colored DJ controller fits well in a club environment as it has some great features to allow for more creative performances.

Capacitive knobs that are exclusive to only Numark, allow you effortlessly perform EQ kills or activate effects by just touching them with your fingertips. To create energy almost anywhere in your mix, you have the filter roll knob. Besides, you can also link filter to another effect in Serato. Bravo!! 

Numark NS6II | 4-Channel DJ Controller For Serato DJ backside

The multiple touch-sensitive pad modes add to the many ways this NS6II could add flavor to your mix: Cues with 8 cue points to jump through the track, Auto, and Loops for manual settings. The Sampler mode activates one-shot samples or loops whereas the Slicer pad maps out 8 beats to the eight pads. You can create quick roll style effects by holding each pad. Also, various settings within each pad mode change easily with parameter buttons. 

The curve of the volume faders adjusts with the Serato DJ software settings whereas the crossfader curve is only adjustable on the controller via the CF contour knob on the front. 


Unlike NS6, this NS6II has lots of knobs that are touch capacitive which allows you to do a lot of things. Since it’s a standalone mixer, you can attach external audio players such as turntables, CDJs, even use the mixer with or without your PC. An added bonus of NS6II is that it’s DVS (digital vinyl system) ready which means that you can also control Serato DJ with external sources. 

The 2 microphone inputs are completely separate from the 4 channels that are great not only for the microphone capabilities but also can be used for any line input that actually gives the controller a total of 6 channels to work with. Plus, the dual USB is useful for either playing a back-to-back tag-team set with a partner DJ or seamlessly switching off to the next DJ. When the next DJ gets to the club, all he has to do is plug in his PC and could take over each deck with a push of a button. Critical song info displayed on the platters is also a very helpful feature for all DJs.

The displays are clear and bright with good viewing angles from in front of the controller. Traveling with this controller is easy; thanks to rolling bars. There’s metal all over the controller that makes it absolutely solid. Although the controller is portable there’s plenty of room to comfortably use the controls.


One of the downsides that this controller has is the crossfader. Though it has a good feel and sharp cutting the actual cutting distance is a little bit long for most professional DJs likings. It useable for general club work but those who really like to get down on cuts will be a little disappointed.

Numark NS6II + SoundSwitch DMX Micro Interface | 4-Channel DJ Controller With Dual USB Ports For Handoffs, LCD Displays, Standalone Digital Mixer + Compact

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Final Thoughts

This nice portable unit is a great controller for mobile DJs because of build quality and connectivity. Also, it’s a great investment for pubs, clubs, and bars as it sounds amazing. A big thumbs up for its reasonable price in the market! It also makes a good controller for people new to the DJ world.  

 If you want to play Serato DJ with 4 channels, Numark NS6II is the right choice. This controller should be more than enough for most users when it comes to connectivity. Sound quality is great with 24-bit processing with lots of output volume. Overall, the NS6II is easy to carry around, performs great with Serato DJ, and built to last. The performance will not at all let you down! 

Don’t forget a pair of DJ headphones and a reliable laptop for DJing, and you have a complete DJ setup.

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