Free Sample Packs For Music Production | Ultimate List

The sound and samples library is on the focal point of every electronic music producer and composer out there. Having a diverse library is essential, and free sample packs are a great way to start if you are a beginner.
Sample packs, pre-recorded hits, and loops will always help you to complete your track or add the final touch. 

Quality samples don’t always come with a price tag. There are dozens of different sites to find the perfect samples on a huge variety of types and genres. Thankfully, since everyone in the music industry wants more people to get involved, they offer large packs of sounds to explore, download, edit, and use in your tracks entirely for FREE!

It was about time to put together the ultimate list of the best free sample packs you can find online. This list will save you time, money, and let you focus on music production, recording, and composing.

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Free Sample Packs For Music Production | The Ultimate List of 2022

List of websites with free sample packs for all DAWs:

All sample packs that you will find to download either for free either for a price tag, they will work in all DAW’s (Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Cubase, Reason, etc.) and all Operating Systems (MAC, Windows).


BVKER- free Discography loops and samples

2GB royalty-free sample packs and thousands of free loops, presets, project files, and construction kits are waiting for you at

If your music productions coincide with Trap, Dubstep, House Music, or Drum & Bass, then this sound design label offers drum hits, melodic loops, and samples that you will actually use.

2. Samplephonics

samplephonics free samples

With just your email, offers you a bunch of high-quality sound packs for music production. Categorized by genre, mood, instrument, and format, make it extremely easy to navigate and find exactly the sounds you are looking for. Samplephonics has risen in popularity and gets the like of many bedrooms and professional producers out there.   

3. Loopmasters

LOOPMASTERS free sample packs

Loopmasters offers a huge variety of free and premium music libraries. Including the biggest and most popular labels and categorized by genre and formats. Music libraries that are created by your favorite producer or record label are highly recommended. Only by registering to their website they give you 1GB of free samples and loops

4. PrimeLoops

PRIME-LOOPS free sample packs

Prime Loops is an excellent website that presents a well-categorized menu to find everything you want. From music libraries and samples to DAW and plug-in presets as well as FREE music production tutorials and tips. The genre section will help you to navigate and pick the style of your preference easily.

5. Cymatics

Cymatics_Logo free samples gives you access to 1000’s of free samples, presets, and more for your music production. They are categorized by genre, EDM, Hip-Hop, Dubstep, House, Trap, Guitar, and Future Bass.

6. Legowelt

legowelt free samples

photocredit: has a big reputation and an even bigger catalog of free samples to download and use in your tracks, royalty-free. The well-known German producer (Legowelt) offers extensive recordings of his collection of synths and drum machines. You will find hundreds of one-shot samples, pad sounds, and loops produced by some of the most popular and rare instruments out there, such as Korg, Yamaha DX, and Roland’s Juno.

7. Landr

LANDR-Logo free sample packs offers a wide selection of sounds and samples to download for free or via their credit pricing. String guitars, drums, keys, and many more instrument single-shots and samples that you can adjust to most music genres. 

8. Sampleswap

sampleswap free sample pack

If you are an electronic music producer, then is the website for your free samples. 8.6 GB of free sounds in 44.1 kHz WAV/AIFF format. The package includes 2,730 techno, hip-hop, rap, trance, and drum and bass drum loops. As well, 2,070 drum hits, 139 drum kits, 2,332 sound effects, and 849 instrument sounds—furthermore, 1,310 vocal samples and acapella, 1,231 melodic and electronic loops.

9. ModeAudio

mode audio free sample packs is one more website with lots of free and premium sound packs. With just an email, you get 800MB of royalty-free music loops, samples, and synth preset to use in your tracks. The “free taster” includes sounds taken from their premium packs, so you know you get top-notch quality.

10. Jon Sine Deep House Sample Pack

Free Deep House Sample Pack - Jon Sine_j

Some of you may already know Jon Sine as a DJ and music producer or from his tutorials on his youtube channel. This free deep house sample pack created by him contains 60 drum hits from the famous 909 machine, along with 72 synth shots to make any House-related music. 

11. Global DJs Guide Deep Techno Drum Pack

Global DJs Guide has already started to give away royalty-free sample packs to every subscriber of our website. 


From day one, we share a Deep Techno Drum pack to start your music productions. Drum Hits and Loops in a .wav format dedicated to deep techno tracks. Properly equalized and with the addition of atmospheric effects to give an underground vibe. All you have to do is subscribe to our website newsletter on the right sidebar, and you will get your library immediately. Compatible with any music production software (DAW), it offers over 70 single hits and 50 loops. Everything you need to start building your drum tracks. 

Deep Techno Drum pack includes:

  • 17x Kick Drum Hits
  • 13x Clap Drum Hits
  • 16x HiHat Drum Hits
  • 22x Perc Drum Hits
  • 4x Ride Drum Hits
  • 17x Kick Drum Loops
  • 13x Clap Drum Loops
  • 16x HiHat Drum Loops
  • 4x Ride Drum Loops

12. Reddit

reddit free sample pakc subreddit

When you are done searching and downloading all the conventional sample packs, sounds, and presets available, you want to take a last look at some subreddits of Reddit.

In this popular forum platform, you will find a plethora of free sample packs to download for free. Some of these subreddits are for sharing packs, and some are for finding recourses and more.

Some of these sounds could infringe copyright, so be careful on how to use them. Here are the most popular subreddits to find free sample packs:

  • r/drumkits – Many producers upload their free kits to download, containing drum loops and one-shots.
  • r/samplesforall – Melodies, Drum kits, Drum Loops, Drum machines, Instruments, Melodic synths, and many more.
  • r/youshouldsamplethis – For samples like film making and random audio snippets that you will not find in any store. Perfect for DJs!
  • r/samplehunters – Have you ever wondered what samples are in the songs you are listening to? This is the place to ask and find.
  • r/freesounds – You will find free sample packs, kits, presets, and other music production freebies.


How to choose which sample packs to download?

When you’re searching for sample packs, loops & hits, and other sound bundles, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Quality – It is essential to find high-quality recordings and sample packs. If you are not just fooling around, and want to make music for real, you should check libraries created by top producers and high-authority brands.
  2. Genre – Do not put your full attention into one specific genre. Branch out, download different sounds, and with the proper editing (audio effects), you can create something new to fit in your style.
  3. Files Format – The.wav is the most common format given to download sample packs and loops.
  4. Size – The sound libraries of music producers require a lot of free space on your computer. Sample packs can come in sizes of 100MB and can go up to a couple of GigaBytes. 
  5. Price – Even tho you will find over a hundred GigaBytes of free data, prices can go up to a hundred bucks for premium packs and sound libraries.

What kind of sample packs you will find on these websites:

  • Free hip hop loops and sample packs 
  • More free sample packs for future bass / EDM /dubstep/techno/ house music and most electronic music genres
  • Free drum sample packs
  • Free samples for FL Studio, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, and all major music production software
  • Variety of formats including .aiff. and .wav samples
  • and the list goes on and on…

Global DJs Guide does not stop here. Sample packs of the major electronic music genres, such as Deep house, Tech, Progressive, and EDM, will be sent into the emails of every subscriber as soon as my team and I produce them. Including Drum/Bass/Lead/Synth/FX and background, noises will be the fundamentals for every music production of yours. 

Is using library loops as a music producer considered cheating?

Some producers consider it is cheating, but other musicians do not. Our opinion is, if you feel that your track needs a pre-made loop to make it sound better, then you should definitely use it, without hesitation.

If you are starting music production and looking for cheap equipment: Build your home recording studio with less than $600.

home recording studio under $600

Final thoughts

Most professional DJs and music producers in the world use pre-recorded samples, loops, and free packs. Most top music hits of every genre have samples in them that you can find on the websites above. If you have discovered other free samples that worth our attention feel free to share in our comment section and let other producers know. 

You do not want to miss a chance to download royalty-free sample packs, without spending a penny.

I’m sure, there are dozens of more resources with high-quality free sample packs but even the above ten websites offer hundreds of thousands of sounds, single-shots and loops, and hundreds of GigaBytes files of data. It will take years to explore, pick, and download all those that you like. It is important to keep your sound library light and clean.

Don’t miss the opportunity to sign-up; it’s FREE.

For more free sounds check: The 10 Free Sample Packs Every Producer Needs.

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