When Electronic Music Meets Live Orchestras

The compound between electronic music and live instrumentation is exceptionally challenging to reproduce live on a stage. However, in the last couple of years, there are a few artists who performed brilliant live shows for us who love both the electronic and classic sounds of musical instruments.

In fact, there are more times than you might think when electronic music meets live orchestras to create something amazing.

Music producers often find inspiration through a wide variety of music genres. Classical music, disco, and jazz have played a significant role in shaping the electronic music of today. Thus, it inspired them to try a different approach.

When electronic music meets live orchestras – A journey through music

We would surely love to have witnessed live these outstanding shows. Thankfully we can find all of them in online platforms such as YouTube. Perfect with their imperfections, here are eight live shows you need to listen today!.

DJ Sasha re: Fracted live at the Barbican

The legend of electronic music and progressive house had been readying re-Fracted for over two years. DJ Sasha proves that teaching yourself music theory, and taking piano lessons is never too late. 

Classic synthesizers and drum machines by Sasha, piano, and keys by Charlie May, Dennis White, and David Gardner, joined by guest vocalists, an orchestral percussionist, and an eight-piece string section. All combined to perform this brilliant two hour set of electronic music and live instrumentation. 

The first half is easy-listening with ambient sounds and vocals, while the second part brings back the good old progressive house with tracks such as “Wavy Gravy,” “Who Killed Sparky?” and the show’s finale, “Xpander.” 

An excellent recording quality that you can also find and buy on Discogs.com for your vinyl collection. 

Above & Beyond Acoustic – Live from Porchester Hall

Above & Beyond are well known to the audience of progressive Trance and electronic dance music for years. After hundreds of live performances, DJ tours, and album productions, it was time for them to try a different approach. Above & Beyond partnered with THUMP on the production of the shows to create a concert film like never before. 

All three members have a history in classical music, studied, and play musical instruments, which inspire them to perform some of their best songs acoustically. You will see each member of Above & Beyond handling an instrument (electric guitar, piano, organ keys) as part of a 15-piece band.

Each of the singer’s voices is absolutely breathtaking and beautiful. The show was simply brilliant, the fans loved it, and the four sold-out shows at London’s famous Porchester Hall was only a matter of time. Followed by two more sold-out nights at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles, and Billboard Magazine described it as “one of the finest and more memorable shows in EDM history.”

Worakls Orchestra live @ Château La Coste for Cercle

The 105 minutes of unstoppable live music from Worakls orchestra will take you to a musical experience you probably never had before.

Several musicians (violin, alto, cello, drums, and guitar), along with the young French prodigy, performed several of his tracks with seamless integration between classical and dance music.

Worakls handles a MIDI keyboard, a controller, a Nord Lead synth, and as well as DJ Sasha, they both use Ableton Live. Ableton you will see it is one of the best music production software out there.

The Symphony of Unity – A magical celebration of 15 years Tomorrowland

This live show by the symphony of unity is one of the latest meetings of electronic music and live orchestration you can find online.

It is always lovely to see the orchestra enjoying their craft as much as the audience and this is exactly the case on this live performance.  The 60-piece orchestra ensemble conducted by Dirk Brossé, who revealed what the performance means to him:

In my 40-year career I have conducted world-class orchestras in the most prestigious concert halls around the world, from the Royal Albert Hall in London to the Sydney Opera House and the Carnegie Hall in New York, and many more. However, performing at Tomorrowland, the world’s most famous and most original and artistic festival, will undoubtedly be a lifelong highlight.

Expect no less from one of the most respected conductors in the international music scene. Classical and electronic music are united and unfold on stage for a brilliant 90 minute long magical performance.

Bonobo’s live show from Alexandra Palace

Bonobo is a British electronic music producer, composer, and DJ. His most recent studio albums, “Black Sands”, “The North Borders” and “Migration” have given him a regular spot in most venues and festivals in the UK.

The setup of MIDI controllers, cymbals, a Korg Minilogue synth, bass guitar, and a sample pad, is easy to handle for a composer with an extensive background of solo albums such as Bonobo. Or he makes it look easy.

Accompanied by a guitarist, a drummer, two keyboardists, horn and trumpet players, a full string section, and vocalists, this show is a collaborative effort that cannot go unseen.  

Paul Van Dyk live with Frankuft’s Orchestra

In 2009 Paul van Dyk and the HR-Sinfonie Orchestra came together to perform classical and electronic music under one roof. The evening saw music from classical composer Gustav Holst’s most famous work ‘The Planets’ and hits from Paul van Dyk, such as “Let Go”, “For An Angel”, and “Time Of Our Lives” which performed live in a classical arrangement, at the Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt. 

This one-hour live performance of electronic music and live orchestra is one of the first attempts recorded and available to us to enjoy for free.

Pete Tong live with Heritage Orchestra @ The O2 Arena London – Ibiza Prom

Pete Tong is mostly known for his legendary BBC radio one show. Except for DJing and producing, he is also involved in one of the most popular DJ movies out there. In case you haven’t seen the movie “It’s all gone – Pete Tong”, go and check it out. For more DJ relative movies, take a look at the best DJ movies and documentaries films

Pete Tong, Jules Buckley, and the Heritage Orchestra end their Ibiza Classics 2018 tour with a live-streamed performance from the O2 Arena in London!

Two hours of house classics such as, “Right Here Right Now”, The Man With The Red Face, Pjanoo, as well, 25 more memorable songs.

60 piece orchestra cover house classics: Miss Moneypenny Proms

Iconic Birmingham club brand Miss Moneypenny’s with a  sixty piece orchestra show is bringing us an original two-hour live show of electronic music and live instrumentation.

Alongside the 60 piece orchestra is a four-piece band, incorporating piano, drums, bass, and guitar. A 10-piece vocal ensemble who back the likes of Sonique, Lisa Millett, Rita Campbell, Amrick Channa, Rozalla, Zara, and Anya Ryan. Moreover, there is a 30-piece dance troupe – think Cirque de Soleil, ballet performance, burlesque, drag. They have presented a complete live show, club vibe, and theatrical performance.

These were only a few live shows, amongst others. More producers and composers have tried this hybrid between electronic music and live instrumentation. Some successfully, others not that well.

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Children, Fable, One and One – Robert Miles Tribute Medley – Gaga Symphony Orchestra – https://youtu.be/ovYhZqACbg4?t=32
  2. London Electronic Orchestra live – Masomenos Interactive Visuals – https://youtu.be/xXHZzYGcASg
  3. EDM Orchestral Medley (ft. Madeon, Swedish House Mafia, Galantis…) – DPops – https://youtu.be/01bDKJkYByE 
  4. Skrillex Orchestra Suite | Kaleidoscope Orchestra [LIVE] – https://youtu.be/PbvFBKlexC4 
  5. SlimV – The EDM Orchestra (Official Music Video) – https://youtu.be/mbo-jeSazro

Drop your comment below if we missed a live show worth mentioning. 

If you want to become a producer yourself, check how to make electronic music and how to become a music producer.

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