Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2 Review The Club Standard DJ controller  

 The Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2 is an all-in-one DJ controller, jam-packed with amazing features. The reason that made this product popular is that it is standalone. That means it can work without a laptop and can be operated easily via the equipment itself. But that does not mean that you can not connect the laptop to it.

This system has more connectivity options than any other product at this price range. The body is robust but sleek. It might be more substantial, but it is best for festivals, clubs, etc. because of the extra features, it can offer.

The All-In-One Club Standard DJ controller  

This system looks similar to other DJ gear that came before it. But it is an upgraded version of the original DJX-RX. The look is inherited from the original version, but it has gotten the features from the flagship NXS2 series. And these features are what make it stand out among all of the other DJ systems.

DJ controllers, Headphones, DJ Mixers, Media Players – Pioneer DJ is in every setup and club booth!

We have seen many DJ systems in the past couple of years. Many came and went, but some stuck around. The reason for this DJ system’s popularity is the features that offer. In this review, we will go through all features and specs of the DJ XDJ-RX2, and if it is worth it. Also, if you want to know if this product is any better than DJX-RR, you will find a small comparison below.

Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2 DJ Controller Review

Pioneer DJ DJ System (XDJ-RX2) review

First Look – Design

Even though XDJ-RX2 is made with all plastic, the body is quite heavy. The main layout was inspired by other Pioneer DJ equipment. For example, the jog wheel and pad design are similar to DDJ-RX. The effect section and mixer give the vibe of DJM-450’s, and it has gotten CDJ-2000NXS2’s media player.

The basic layout of XDJ-RX2 is similar to all of the other products of DJ Pioneer except that it has double the amount of drums. The 7 inches touchscreen at the front of the body is what made this product better than others. The screen has a QWERTY keyboard and makes searching through the library quicker and easier.

Other than the amazing touchscreen, what else XDJ-RX2 has? Well, it has 4 Sound Color FX buttons and a Parameter knob, two jog wheels, 8 Beat FX, a two-channel mixer with three-band EQ control and Sound Color FX knobs, 2 USB ports, a two-channel mic section with its volume and EQ controls, 8 backlit rubber RGB performance pads per deck, menu buttons and new browse knob.

On the back, it has 2 TRS combo mic input, IEC / 3-prong power socket, ¼ inches booth outputs, aux input, RCA master outputs, a pair of XLR,  and two pairs of RCA phono/line inputs.

Pioneer DJ DJ System (XDJ-RX2)


  • 7 Inches Touchscreen: As stated earlier, this screen is touch-sensitive and helps find tracks. But it also gives other visuals, for example, the track peak and breakouts on the Wave Zoom. You can access the screen via the qwerty keyboard, shortcut keys, needle search, track filter, and rotary selector.
  • Performance Pad: These pads and multi-colored and challenges your creativity. With these large 8 performance pads, you can get access to professional performance features. It can offer beat loop lets you set loops of different sizes, slip loop allows to place the beat loop, beat jump lets you fast forward or backward any track few notes, and hot cues allow triggering cue points.
  • Link Export: This feature is solely for Rekordbox. This USB feature enables the user to connect XDJ-RX2 with a laptop to import the tracks directly. Link Export can save you from the hassle of importing tracks in a USB first and then in the Rekordbox.
  • Rekordbox Video: Well, with this feature, you can load image files or videos from your laptop and add FX and/or text overlay live. You can also load live footage using a USB enabled camera.
  • 2 Mic Inputs: Ever wondered how it would feel like to have the 2 Mic Input options? With XDJ-RX2, you can either connect the mic with the ¼ TRS Jack connection or XLR connection.
  • 2 Line/Phono Inputs: Just like have 2 Mic inputs, the 2 line/phono inputs also offer the users optimum flexibility and freedom. It is possible to connect CDJ’s, portable players, or analog turntables with XDJ-RX2.
  • Additional Connectivity: Due to additional connectivity features, now you can use the XDJ as a controller for all of the other Pioneer DJ software.
  • Effects: XDJ-RX2 has two types of effects, sound color FX, and Beat FX. Filter, dub echo, sweep, and noise can be controlled via the sound color FX knob. Meanwhile, the beat FX feature has a roll, pitch, trans, flanger, reverb, spiral, delay, and echo effects.
Pioneer DJ DJ System (XDJ-RX2) backside : connection

In Use

Touchscreen: The screen is good to have, but it does not allow multi-touch or touch gestures. Nevertheless, it is better than having nothing. It works smoothly, and the qwerty keyboard is responsive. The screen has vibrant colors and is sharp, which helps navigation in low light conditions. It also fastens the process of searching for some tracks in general.

Jog wheels: The jog wheels in XDJ-RX2 are the same size as the original one but feels a little loose. Which might be a drawback for users who prefer tight jog wheels. But except that, they are high-quality, highly responsive, and work well without the need to push them hard.

Performance Pad: These LED backlit rubber pads have been redesigned. The shift bar that used to be right between them has now be placed above the pads. This small tweak has improved the performance a lot.

The Mixer: XDJ-RX2 provides pro-level mixers that can work both with an internal mode and externally. As it has inputs for turntables and media players. This product is also certified to work with the DVS mode.

You might find helpful these tutorials by Pioneer DJ with easy mixing techniques.


  • Carrying a while DJ system and laptop might be tiring but not with XDJ-RX2. This product is standalone, which makes it better for business purposes.
  • If you are a touchscreen enthusiastic, XDJ-RX2 has the best deal for you. This is the only system from Pioneer DJ to have a touch-sensitive screen.
  • The eight performance per deck is more than anyone would need and still is really useful. The pads can be manually color-coordinated to remember the settings of each.
  • The system is an excellent product for the money. As this is an all in one equipment and comes with more features


  • Even though the touchscreen is a big plus point, it feels outdated. Pioneer DJ could have done better and added a multi-touch feature to make the screen more useful.
  • XDJ-RX2 is quite heavy (above 9 kilos). This might not be a problem for people who are just practicing. But, if you are interested in going to a local pub, then the bulky body may seem hard to carry around.
  • The sound effects are advance, which is a good sign. But that is excessive for someone who is just starting. And it might confuse them during the mixing. If you are a beginner DJ, go for the Pioneer DDJ SB3 or DDJ-400 DJ controller.

Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR DJ Controller


Differences between XDJ-RX2 vs. XDJ-RR

The XDJ-RX2 has more features than the XDJ-RR but it also costs more. Except for the price difference, let’s see a small comparison:

  • XDJ-RR is compact and lightweight in comparison to the more significant body of XDJ-RX2’s. This makes the RR more portable, but RX2 is also easier to take on gigs.
  • The pitch fader on XDJ-RX2 is longer, which makes the BPM setting more precise than what you get in DJX-RR. The crossfader of RX2 also has a more premium to touch.
  • The RX2 has more connectivity options. These extra features might come in handy for business purposes. But the XDJ- RR is better for home practice sessions.
  • While the screen looks identical on both models, it is not. XDJ-RX2 has a touch-sensitive screen for faster navigation.
  • The jog wheels on XDJ-RX2 not only look better, but they are also bigger.
  • The performance pads on DJX-RR is not as hyper-fast or nicer to touch as XDJ-RX2. In RR, the pads are of plastic and have a click sound to it. On the other hand, RX2 had rubber ones that are quite.
  • The XDJ-RX2 has more beat FX effects.

With that said, if you are just starting out, DJX-RR would be a better option. But for people who want the best of the best that Pioneer DJ can offer at this price, RX2 is the way to go.

Pioneer DJ DJ System (XDJ-RX2) side

Denon DJ has started to rise in popularity, and the Denon DJ 4 Prime DJ controller is a worthy competitor of the XDJ-RX2.


The XDJ-RX2 is among the most in-demand DJ controllers right now and for obvious reasons. It might not be as good as the original one, XDJ-RX. However, it is definitely better than most of the other professional DJ controllers at this price point. The touch-sensitive screen is a selling point for most of those people who are business-oriented. Having a touchscreen makes navigation easier it promises a better overall result, which is what professional DJs want.

XDJ-RX2 has a treat for those people who find four performance pad outdated. With this system, you will can 8 pads of side. And not even that, but as these pads are of soft rubber, the performance is smoother and better.

Finally, people who are festival fanatics and love to play at clubs are always tired of carrying a laptop around. Pioneer is charging you extra for the privilege of never touching the laptop during gig again. You can clearly get a kind of the same DJ setup but without the “no laptop” feature. So, if you are okay with using the laptop, then there is no point in investing money here.

If you want to expand your options, check out the best DJ controllers in the market.

Pioneer DJ DJ System (XDJ-RX2) photo

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