The Best DJ Mixer For Beginners (Guide & Reviews)

The mixer is probably the first tool that comes to mind when we talk about DJing. The best DJ mixers on our list are ideal for any beginner to start mixing.

The music technology has evolved on a level that has brought many new performance features for DJing. Almost all new DJ mixing boards for beginners will deliver the job.

Professional Techno and EDM DJs prefer mixing equipment by Pioneer or Allen & Heath. However, there are a few cheaper mixing boards that are worth your attention.

If you are searching for the best budget DJ mixer for beginners you will come across some models that look like spaceships. Full of faders, switches, buttons, knobs, and many other features. The days past when you had to spend big on a simple 2-channel mixer with only three-band equalizers and no effects.

If you want to see which gear famous DJs use, check the best professional DJ mixers in the market.

TOP 8 Best DJ Mixers For Beginners Reviews


Pioneer DJ DJM-450

Pioneer has overtaken the market of DJ mixers. From entry-level such as te DJM-450 and -250, to the most popular and wide-used mixers, DJM-900NX2 and the new 6-channel DJM-V10.

This 2-channel mixer by Pioneer is mighty, and many beginners would like this tool to start DJing. It’s a rock-solid mixer that will get you from a bedroom DJ to your first gigs.

The brand trust of Pioneer guarantees a great build, unique design, and powerful features. Except for the standard 3 band EQ on each channel, headphone output, and crossfader, it also offers 4 kinds of effects. Crush, Gate, Jet, and Filter might be used by Big Room or EDM DJs, but you won’t see them much in a deep house or techno DJ set. However, the effects are applied on each channel like the XONE:23 (see below).

On each channel, you have a volume slider with LED level meters, 3-band EQ (lows, mids, and highs), Trim control, and of course, the color fx knobs. One feature that you don’t find easy on DJ mixers is the “total EQ kill”. Fortunately, on this DJ mixer, you can completely turn down the LOW, MID, or HI; there is absolutely no sound in that frequency range.

If appearance is an essential factor for you, you are lucky. The design is a professional level, and the tool is light, as it weighs in at 9.35 lbs (4.2 kg). You will be able to transfer it everywhere you go easily. Perfect for mobile DJs as well as firmly mounted club setups. Without a doubt, DJM is one of the best DJ soundboards for beginners.

Pioneer DJ DJM-450 beginner dj mixer backside

What makes this DJ mixing board stand out?

A superadditional feature for beginners is the USB port. You can now very easily record your set, share it, and podcast it without a need for a computer, extra cables, or any other gear. If you check our article “how to become a DJ“, you will read the importance of recording and share your sets for feedback. Livestream your DJ sets are also a great way to get people’s attention.

Conclusion: Pioneer DJM-450 is a small mixer with a professional layout design, inherited from the DJM-900NXS2. You will make a superb Pioneer DJ setup with two CDJ-900 and DJM450. It has a quality build that will take abuse and often transportation. Its price tag won’t catch you by surprise, especially if you know that a 4 channel Pioneer DJ mixer will cost three-four times more.

Musicians who use it: Avicii

Number of channels:2
Additional features:4 effects / USB port



Key Specs:

  • 2-Channel DJ Mixer
  • Built-in sound card
  • Magvel crossfader inherited from DJM-900NXS2
  • Dedicated FX filter knobs inherited from DJM-900NXS2
  • Comes with Rekordbox DJ & Rekordbox DVS control

The DJM-250MKII has integrated some of the professional features of the popular DJM-900NXS2. It is an excellent Pioneer alternative in case you can’t find or afford the DJM-450. The Magvel crossfader and the dedicated sound color FX filter on each channel are the noteworthy features of this DJ mixer.

Pioneer DJ backside mixer

“Probably the best 2 channel DJ mixer with effects.” 

The mini DJM-250MKII has a built-in sound card that lets you connect your PC or Mac and use Rekordbox DJ software to perform with CDJs or your preferred DJ controller.


best dj mixer Allen&Heath XONE 23


Key Specs:

  • 2-channel DJ Mixer
  • VCF Filter system: low pass and high pass filters plus frequency and resonance controls
  • 3-band true total kill EQ
  • External FX loop
  • Touring grade quality

Allen&Heath has created a very successful series of DJ mixers. Xone:92 and the new Xone: DB4 is the most popular and over-used mixer among professional Progressive and Techno DJs. Along with the model below by Pioneer, they have dominated the market of DJ mixers for electronic music and not only. The nearly perfect reviews on the Amazon store leave no doubt that this is a great DJ mixing board for beginners.

Allen&Heath Xone:23 is an update of the Xone:22 and has excellent built quality and ripping sound. The 2+2 channel mixer (dual phono/line inputs) offers 3-band EQ with a full kill to control the high, middle, and low frequencies of each track separately. The crossfader switch is of great quality, and the same applies to the rest faders and switches. 

The only thing missing here is the LED volume meter that doesn’t show to individual channels. It only shows the master volume, and this is a deal-breaker for some DJs. Except for the 3-band EQ on each channel, you also have low and high pass filters for full manipulation.

Allen & Heath XONE-23 2-Plus-2 Channel DJ Mixer backside

Conclusion: Xone:23 is a basic two-channel DJ mixer board, superb for beginners and semi-pros. It can be used at home studios for practicing or at small events with no expert needs. Characterized as “Touring grade quality” so you can transfer it anywhere you go. It’s built, and sound quality stands out, and if you can afford it, I highly recommend it. This portable DJ mixer is small, and one of the best value for money choices.

Number of channels:2+2
Additional features:Low and high pass filters


4. Behringer DJX750 5-Channel DJ Mixer

Behringer Pro Mixer DJX750 Professional 5-Channel DJ Mixer


Key Specs:

  • 5-Channel DJ Mixer
  • Digital Effects (Bit Crusher, Manual Filter Sweeps, Panning (LFO Rate), Delay, Echo
  • Dual auto-BPM counter with time and beat sync display
  • Stylish design and professional layout
  • Budget-friendly DJ mixer

Our first and only 5-channel DJ mixer is DJX750 by Behringer. By the first look, you can spot the wide array of buttons, faders, knobs, and a very sleek design and interface.

Among the numerous features in the DJX750 is the super-smooth ultra glide faders with up to 500,000 life cycles. The Auto BPM Counter and the large bank of digital sound FX with advanced parameter control will help you make a smooth transition from one track to another. It also comes with Tracktion DAW for recording, editing, and mixing your music to share it with the world.

Behringer Pro Mixer DJX750 Professional 5-Channel DJ Mixer backside

Except all the above, Behringer is a well-established brand involved and producing musical instruments from the very beginning. The build quality will handle manipulation; just don’t test its limits. It sure is reliable for home use, weddings, and other small events. However, it won’t handle the job as the main DJ mixer in a club. Buyers, who purchased this model for that reason, were left hanging with unsatisfied results and loose buttons and faders.

Conclusion: Overall, the Behringer DJX750 is the best choice for anyone looking to enter the world of DJing with more than just two decks but cannot afford to spend much. Its price tag is fantastic compared to its features and competitors on the market. It is also very light and portable for a 4-channel mixer, making it an excellent choice for mobile DJs. 

Number of channels:5
Additional features:An extensive bank of sound FX

5. Numark M6 USB


Key Specs:

  • 4-Channel DJ Mixer
  • USB Connectivity
  • Best Budget DJ Mixer

Numark M6 USB is a four-channel DJ mixer, Amazon’s Choice, highly rated by hundreds of users and at an incredibly low price. This is probably the best budget DJ mixer available in the market.

Numark is well-known for its musical and DJ equipment. This club-style DJ mixer will not only work with your standard audio sources such as turntables and CD players, but it also has a USB computer connection to add to your Mac or PC. If you mix and perform with DJ software, this simple-to-use mixer is packed with the connectivity and functions you can rely on.

Except for the standard 3-band EQ, gain knob, and LED metering per channel, M6 offers crossfader-reverse and slope controls to give you all the tools you need to create the perfect DJ set. Now, if you can afford more, you should take a look at the new Numark Scratch.

Conclusion: Numark M6 USB has a solid steel chassis that you can handle often transportation and use. The biggest plus is the amazingly low price tag for a 4-channel USB DJ mixer produced by Numark. It is highly recommended for beginners who can’t afford a small fortune for a high-quality 4-channel mixer.

Number of channels:4
Numark Scratch | Two-Channel DJ Scratch Mixer for Serato DJ Pro (included)


best dj mixer NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Traktor Kontrol Z2

For those who prefer the classic DJ setup with a mixer and cd players, but also want to approach to the new age technologies and performance opportunities, they can now combine it with the new Traktor Kontrol Z2.

The tool by Native Instruments is a highly recommended DJ mixer for beginners as well as pros. It might get mistaken as a midi controller because of its name and the fact that integrates perfectly with Traktor,  but the truth is that Kontrol Z2 is a DJ controller and a DJ mixer likewise.

The mixer control offers 2 stand-alone channels with the usual functionalities such as EQ, high/low pass filter, phono/line options, and mic input with effects. On each side of the mixer, there are four RGB Traktor cue buttons, with the innovation flux mode control. So you can “jump” at any point in your track without missing a single beat. Furthermore, the Macro FX, which adds around 30 effects to work with on each channel, grows your creativity for nice and smooth mixing.

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 DJ Mixer backside

Key Specs:

Traktor Kontrol Z2 offers a built-in audio interface with great sound quality. The package comes with the Traktor Scratch Pro 2 software with remix deck™ technology to start DJing from day one. You can now control 2 channels on Traktor Pro and 2 vinyl decks and 2 CDJ decks. This music mixer allows you to take full advantage of both phono and line inputs on each channel. As well, the 4 buttons on either side can turn into 8 for each channel once you use the SHIFT key.

This is one of the best mixers for vinyl and scratching DJs. Also, perfect to connect to your MAC or Windows computer due to its integrated audio interface.

Conclusion: NI Traktor Kontrol Z2 has a surprisingly sturdy built quality with an aluminum chassis. It’s faders, knobs, and buttons are highly durable. The reviews on most music online stores will prove my words. It is the most expensive DJ mixer on our list, but it worth every penny. Don’t forget that it’s a professional DJ mixer board and DJ controller with a built-in audio interface that comes in a package with one of the most popular DJ software. 

Also worth looking at the new Native Instruments Maschine MK3 to upgrade and evolve your DJ performance.

Number of channels:2+2
Additional features:Traktor Pro DJ software, Traktor Scratch timecode for vinyl and CDs, Macro FX & Flux mode with 30 effects.


bets dj mixer RELOOP RMX 22I
Reloop RMX 33I

Reloop’s latest products are the new RMX-22I and RMX-33I DJ mixers. The models are identical with the same features, characteristics, design, and only one difference. RMX-22I is a 2+1 channel digital mixer, and the RMX-33I offers 3+1 channels. An interesting option if you want to get away from the conventional choice of 2 audio inputs.

Each channel has 3-band EQ, and you can set it to Kill mode or Classic mode according to your wants. White noise, Filter, Bit Crusher, and Gate are the 4 sound color effects assignable on each channel. The channels are switchable between phono, cd, and iPad split input, which allows you to connect your iPad, Android tablet, or smartphone. 

Also, this basic DJ mixer board offers cross-fader curves, auto-start, and crossover-reverse settings. The built construction is of good quality and can handle situations outside your home studio.

Conclusion: Reloop might not have the popularity of the brands above, but RMX is a quality and very affordable series of simple DJ mixers. It lacks nothing from its competitors with good sound quality and built.

Number of channels:2+1 /3+1
Additional features: 4 sound effects, iPad/tablet input



DJ Tech DIF-2S full featured Mixer

The DJTECH DIF-2S might target hip-hop DJs and scratch performances; however, it still is an excellent option for all artists. It might be a cheap DJ mixer in price but not inferior in quality.

The 2 channel with 3-band EQ mixer by DJTECH doesn’t excite anyone with this classic old-school look. It doesn’t offer any special features but it gives a superb scratch performance with adjustable crossfader curve and reverse. The feature that stands out here is the Mini innoFADER contactless digital crossfader.

With the timecode mode DVS input/output section you can switch between Vinyl, CD, and your DJ software without reconnecting any cables. For example, you can have your turntables or CD players connected to the DJ mixer, and then easily connect your DVS soundcard in and start using your DJ software. Works with Serato and Tractor Scratch but sound cards are not provided.

Regardless the built quality is probably one of the toughest. So if you have any kids around, you can easily let them practice. It is also a quick and easy DJ mixer to learn and start DJing. 

Conclusion: It might not reach “today’s” standard DJ mixers with impressive design, effects, and trigger buttons. However, it is light, tough, and the most affordable DJ mixer on our list. DJTECH DIF-2S offers all the basic features a beginner needs in a trustworthy building.

Number of channels:2
Additional features:Mini innoFADER crossfader

Choosing A DJ Mixer – Buyers Guide

What is a DJ mixer?

The basic operation of a good DJ mixer is to blend two or more audio signals into one, along with the ability to control the high, middle, and low-frequency range, to achieve a nice and smooth mix between the songs.

DJ mixers are very easily recognizable by the volume control, channel fader, master/booth outputs, and headphone cue with volume control. The usual functionalities such as EQ, high/low pass filter, phono/line options, and mic input with effects.

In 2020 there are effects, controls, and other external functions to helps you achieve a smooth transition between tracks more natural than ever.

What’s the best DJ mixer for beginners?

  1. Pioneer DJM-450 (Best 2-channel Beginner DJ Mixer)
  2. Pioneer DJM-250 MKII (Best Entry-level DJ Mixer)
  3. Allen & Heath Xone:23
  4. Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2
  5. Numark Scratch
  6. Behringer DJX750 (Best 4-channel Beginner DJ Mixer)
  7. Reloop RMX-22I and RMX-33I
  8. Numark M6 USB (Best DJ Mixer Under $200)
  10. Numark M2 (Best DJ Mixer Under $100)

There are many great options for DJ mixers for a beginner. There is a wide variety of brands, characteristics, and price range to choose what is best for you. In most cases, you get what you pay, but there is always some exciting exceptions worth your attention.

Since we are looking for a DJ mixer for a beginner, the list mainly includes 2 channel mixers as well as, a budget-friendly 4 channel to be able to upgrade your setup when you are ready.

Our top eight picks below were made according to personal experience, features, and price tag. All are perfect for beginner DJs as well as pros who want a simple DJ mixer to practice in their home studio. Lists from other blogs and platforms do not differ a lot with our picks. That’s because the majority of professional DJs as well as every-day customers rate and review them as the best DJ mixers for beginners.

What to look for before buying a beginner DJ mixer?

  • The number of channels: How many decks you are planning to use at once? The standard option for a beginner DJ is a 2-channel mixer. In a club, you will usually find 4 or even 6 channel mixer to play with at least 4 sound devices. When you gain experience, and you are ready to use more than two sound sources and add a good 4 channel mixer thankfully there are some very affordable choices in the market.
  • Built quality: The construction quality is vital for all DJ equipment. However, the DJ mixer is one of the tools that get a lot of abuse. The many buttons, faders, and knobs are responsible for often damages. There are brands in the market that have good popularity for quality built products such as Pioneer and Numark and Allen&Heath.
  • Effects: Besides the standard crossfader, eq band, and volume control, almost all entry-level DJ mixers feature effects and filters.
  • Additional features: Midi connectivity, USB inputs, and built-in audio interface are some of the extra features mixers offer these days. MIDI and USB connectivity are essential when we talk about live performances and DJing in 2020.

A quick look over the controls of a DJ mixer:

  • Faders: Faders control the level output of their corresponding channel.
  • Gain: Gain control adjusts the channel input level of the signal (usually seen on top of the EQ controls of each channel). Since each song has a different dynamic and sound volume, you will have to balance the volume between them.
  • EQ: Equalization adjusts the frequency of your tracks. Mixers generally have three EQ knob allowing you to manipulate the high, mid, or low frequencies for each input channel separately. Zone mixer by Allen&Heath offers 4 EQ knobs (2 middle freq.)
  • Kill Switches: Also known as isolators; they allow you to cut the high, mid, or low frequencies of your song completely. Usually, there is a button next to EQ where you can cut off the frequencies. Otherwise, you will have to turn the EQ knob entirely to the left.
  • Cue Buttons: The cue buttons allow you to send the required channel signal to the headphone monitor. This way, you find the beat and match it with the music playing through the master channel.
  • Mic Input: A mic input allows you to connect a microphone directly so you can address your audience. XLR or TRS (jack) are the standard input types.
  • Effects send and return: These allow you to ‘send’ signal to an external FX processor which then returns to the master channel. Effects such as filter, reverb, delay, and pan, are the most popular to use on your DJ set.

It is also important to learn how to operate a DJ mixer before checking for products online.

Final Thoughts

The whole market of DJ mixing equipment can be overwhelming for all beginner DJs. Allen & Heath and Pioneer are well-established companies in the DJ industry. Models by these brands appear in nearly all music festivals and DJ events around the globe. Native Instruments has entered the game as well with high-quality DJ tools and products at reasonable pricing. In our list, the top 8 DJ mixers that will get the job done and without spending a fortune.

As soon as you purchase your DJ mixer, you will then need to look for a pair of DJ turntables. You can either go for the standard vinyl turntables or the digital media players, also known as CD DJ  players that support, WAV, MP3, and most audio files.

At last, a good pair of DJ quality headphones and you will be able to mix and smooth transit from one song to another flawlessly.

If you use any of the above DJ mixers or believe that you have found the best one that needs to be on our list, drop us your comment.

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9 thoughts on “The Best DJ Mixer For Beginners (Guide & Reviews)”

  1. Very nice article, Allen&heath and pioneer are the best for a reason!!! I would personally choose Pioneer Day for beginners and Allen&heath for Pro’s. This Is a very good post about the best dj mixers and I will come back soon to read more from you… all the best!!

  2. I would firstly like to say a big thanks for this article. Then secondly I would like to say I am very sad to see the Allen&Heath X:one23 at the very top of this list… in fact on this list at all! I say this as I had managed to acquire one after a “friend” had left me in financial difficulty, enough said on that, and what I can say about the mixer is whilst the functionality and sound quality are the best ive ever come across for the price range, Reliability on the other hand is extremely poor. Within a matter of 3 months I started to have issues with sound signal being completely lost on one channel and then randomly coming back. This makes a £279 mixer actually worse then a Numark DM950 purchased in 2006 which still works perfectly to date, with minor servicing (done by myself, you fix the xone 23!) I find it highly disappointing that I have seen sooooo many guide sits that list this mixer when I would easily say for home use your better of with something farrrrr!!!!!! cheaper!

    • Hello Terry and thanks for your informative comment. I own both of these DJ mixers and I didn’t have any problems with sound or build quality so far. We will, however, investigate it and find more details about that issue.
      Numark DM950 is a great mixer that could definitely go on our list of the best 2 channel DJ mixers. In fact, we might add it to this or future articles of ours. Thanks again.

  3. I think that standard set of DJ mixers would be best for beginners, as they are not generally aware of sub controller so it would be difficult for them to operate all these at once. Make sure they learn the basic controllers and understand how sub control can be operated. You should probably check out DJ equipment for hire in Sydney.

  4. Thank you very much for sharing about best dj mixer for beginners here… I really hope I can work on your tips and it works for me too, I am happy to come across your article. Great post I must admit, keep sharing more…Come across and hope you can visit this too to get more information.

  5. Hi hope someone can advise,I want to use 2 vinyl turntables and be able to mix into digital music,what mixer would I need to do this
    I believe the z2 can do this? Ie have the 2 x turntables and be able to use the Traktor software to mix my vinyl collection into digital via a pc 
    Hope someone could recommend or guide me


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