10 DJ gift ideas with under $100

10 DJ gift ideas with under $100 

If you are looking for a birthday or Christmas DJ gift ideas for your friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend, you will come across many great gift ideas for every DJ. With so many celebrations on the way, Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s day, you have to buy something cool and useful that the people in your life will appreciate it.

In case you already did your research for DJ gifts, you have probably come across countless ideas for a present. Variety of products, brands, prices that you cannot decide which to buy and if it’s going to be useful for them. That is is probably the biggest concern before you buy a present for a DJ. Is he/she going to use it, or is going to stay in the room collecting dust?

What are your options for DJ gifts

There are some tools that every DJ would appreciate and use. It would be ideal for dropping a question on the current equipment your friend is using and ask what is his or her’s next purchase desire. I believe not everyone can give a present that costs a couple of hundred dollars. Not everyone can spend much, and DJ tools usually range on that price tag.

Thankfully we dig deep and found these tools that most can afford. A pair of good quality DJ headphones are an excellent choice for a DJ gift. Best of all, you can find some models used by professional DJs and in a variety of brands such as Sony, Audio Technica, and AKG.

MIDI keyboards, controllers, and DJ microphones are also a good idea, and the same as the above are available for a very reasonable price. There are also a few gadgets that DJs might not know that they need until they use them. We will discover some useful devices below that will also not cost you a lot.

Our choices made after long-hours research on online markets, forums, and comment reviews. We took under consideration the price tag, features, build and sound quality, reviews, and overall usefulness.

5 DJ gift ideas with under $100

Numark DJ2GO2  Pocket DJ Controller

Numark DJ2GO2 | Pocket DJ Controller


That is probably not the best gift idea for experienced DJs. However, if the present is intended for a beginner DJ who doesn’t have a DJ setup to mix then this is a great choice. The job of the DJ controller is to offer a complete DJ setup in one tool. Numark DJ2GO2 is a very portable DJ controller and packed with all critical DJ Tools. Don’t be fooled of its compact size, DJ2GO2 offers all the essential controls the modern DJ needs. 2 jog wheels, sync, cue, and play buttons as well as a crossfader.


Furthermore, the four sensitive performance pads will give total-control of cue-points to the user. The auto / manual looping and sample playback will provide help to practice and experiment with DJjing and mixing. Numark DJ2GO2 has a built-in audio interface and it is also available to download the Serato lite DJ software. It is a professional mixing software that will give the opportunity to the receiver of this gift to start playing from day one without the necessity of additional tools. For similar options like the above, check out the best DJ starter kits.

Sony MDRV55 Extra Bass & DJ Headphones

Sony MDR-V55 Wired DJ Style Headphones, Black/Red


In case you didn’t know, DJ headphones are used to monitor the tracks while performing to achieve a nice and smooth mix. What gives each headphone the character of the”DJ” is a heavy bass sound instead of the flat that we hear on conventional headphones On our article with The Best DJ Headphones in 2020, you will learn that except for the bass frequency response, DJ headphones have good build quality, offer proper isolation and have to be light and portable. Sony MDRV55 Extra Bass DJ Headphones offer all those features that make it an excellent gift for DJs.

I guess that your DJ friend already has DJ headphones. And you might ask why to go into that trouble, well in my personal experience, would not hurt to have an extra choice in case of an emergency. Sony MDRV55 is a great value for money choice for a DJ gift. There are a couple of hundred great reviews on online stores to prove that this is a good pair of DJ headphones.

Numark M2 BLACK

Numark M2BLACK | Professional Two-Channel Scratch Mixer

If your girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, family, or work colleague is into the classic setup, then a DJ mixer sounds like a perfect idea. Numark M2 is a two-channel DJ scratch mixer with all the essentials to mix on live events or practice at home. You probably have heard of the quality of Numark, so you are sure you are giving a high-quality gift that everyone will appreciate.

M2 is a superb choice for any DJ setup, clubs, parties, weddings, or practice setups. Three-band EQ on each channel plus crossfader, as well as reverse and slope controls, give to the DJ all the tools he/she need to learn, play, and experiment to become a professional DJ. It is one of the best value-for-money DJ mixers on the market with great customer reviews. It is however a little bit big and heavy, but that is a small price to pay for such a great DJ tool.


Behringer CMD STUDIO 2A DJ MIDI Controller




One more DJ controller in our list, the Behringer CMD STUDIO 2A offers mixer controls and two-player simulators with jog wheels and cue points. In other words, this tool will give plenty of room to learn and experiment with all the basics of DJing and mixing. The lucky guy or girl who is going to receive the Behringer CMD STUDIO 2A will have nothing else to do but to connect to their PC or Laptop and start DJing right away. 

Even if it is one of the cheapest DJ controllers in the market, it still is a great choice for beginners. Plus, you will not have to worry about a low-quality product, because Behringer is a very well-known brand on music equipment for many years. If you like the idea of the DJ controller and you can afford to spend a few more dollars check The Best DJ Controller Under $400.

Sony MDR7506 Professional Headphone


We cannot have a list with the best DJ gifts under $100 and not include the legendary Sony MDR 7506 professional headphones. This closed-back type of headphones offer ideal isolation, and excellent build quality, proven to be long-lasting, and that makes it a perfect pair for home studios. However, the detailed sound quality and extreme portability due to its weight make it also great for live performances and events.

SONY MDR 7506 is a standard studio headphone with thousands of nearly perfect reviews and also a best-seller at Amazon store. Legends such as Mick Jagger, Linkin Park, and Paul Van Dyk have chosen this pair of headphones. MDR 7506 might not fit ideal as a DJ gift, but if you are out of options then it is a great deal for a very good quality professional headphone. It is also featured in our list with The Best Studio Headphones under $100.

5 DJ gift ideas with under $50

Online DJ courses

A lovely and unique present that I’m sure not many have thought to give is online DJ courses. I’m sure your DJ friend has told you multiple times how fantastic DJ he/she is, and that there not so many great DJs out there like him or her. Even if it is right, there is always room for improvement and upgrading your skills and knowledge.

Many websites offer online DJ courses for mixing, scratching, DJ tips, and more. Udemy is one popular website with many courses and at different prices starting from $15. You will find more at Udemy DJ courses. Furthermore, you can take the initiative, and instead of DJ courses offer online music production lessons. They are available at the same price range, and you will also give your friend the opportunity to take a step further into his or her career. 

TIP: There are often some huge sales on Udemy.com, PML.com, and you can get a course with up to 80% discount.

EarDial Ear Plugs – Invisible Smart Earplugs for Live Music

EarDial Ear Plugs



Another accessory that can be very useful for every DJ and live performer is the Ear Plugs. Some DJs and especially beginners tend to ignore to protect their ears. Hearing problems are a very often health problem that occurs to musicians exposed to loud music often.


Your boyfriend, girlfriend, or friend DJ can wear these soft, comfortable, and hypoallergenic silicone earplugs for long hours. They will be able to mix music and chat while protecting their ears from harmful sound decibels. The transparent design makes them invisible when you put them in your ears, no matter your skin color. It also comes with a compact aluminum case to easily store, take it out, and carry around at all times.


Furthermore, there is a mobile app that will tell you the approximate sound level pressure you are currently exposed to. As well, it will also show you how long you can stay at that sound level without risking any damage to your hearing. An idea for the gift card: “We love your DJing, and we would like to see you mixing for many years”. For more options check out the best earplugs for DJs.


Akai Professional LPK25

Akai Professional LPK25





Your boyfriend or girlfriend will definitely love one of the new AKAI MPC (Live – One – X) controllers, however, your pocket may not afford it. With a price of around 50 dollars, the Akai Professional LPK25 midi keyboard will delight the most demanding.  Akai LPK25 gives you powerful performance with 25 synth-action velocity-sensitive keys. It is the tool with which you can write sessions, capturing ideas, and use it in their studio to record their music.

The midi keyboard by AKAI can be used with nearly all music production software such as Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Studio One, Reaper, Digital Performer, and more. So you won’t have to worry if the receiver of that gift has any of these software’s, because they sure have at least one. It also offers a plug-and-play USB connection for Mac and PC, so it does not need driver installation.

It is so small that it can be transferred everywhere. Your DJ friends will be able to take this tool on every event and add melodies to their live shows. In case you want to see more keyboard ideas check the best cheap MIDI keyboard and best Ableton Live controllers.

DJ Coffee Mug

DJ coffee mug



We know that sometimes it can be hard to find a cool and unique gift on a tight budget. Fortunately, you can’t go wrong with a stylish and awesome DJ coffee mug. The coffee and motivation mug can be used for coffee, tea, hot chocolate or hide your liquor. The imprinted design is printed on both sides of the cup. It is dishwasher and microwave safe so you will give a present that will definitely last. “Wonderful Mugs” offer a huge variety of DJ relative mugs among others.


For example, we found some more interesting prints like: 
-Smart, good looking, and DJ. It doesn’t get any better than this.
-Never underestimate an old man who is also a DJ.
-I never dreamed I’d grow up to be a super sexy DJ, but here I am killing it.
-I’m a DJ what’s your superpower.

PAURO Men’s Stainless Steel Music Headset DJ Headphone

PAURO Men's Stainless Steel Music Headset DJ Headphone



Except for DJ equipment you can also give as a present some wearable accessories. The DJ headphone neckless with stainless steel is the perfect gift and very affordable that you can give to everybody. It comes in two sizes, Large and Small. Large size is for Hip-Hop artists and small size I would recommend for Techno, EDM, and other electronic music style DJs.
Both sizes are incredibly light and comfortable to wear. The stainless steel (316l) will also guarantee no rust, no color fade, and excellent scratch resistance. Your DJ gift will also be in a free black velvet bag, printed the brand name “PAURO” on it.
PAURO Men’s Stainless Steel Music Headset DJ Headphone is the perfect gift if you do not want to spend a lot, and look for something that will satisfy the celebrating.

More gift ideas for DJs:

Final Thoughts…

If you have made many attempts to satisfy your girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, husband, or wife with a beautiful, unique DJ gift but have failed, we hope you will have better luck with our recommendations above. We made our choices to satisfy as many viewers as possible but understand that every DJ and musician has different needs and wants.


There are a variety of DJ gifts from prices starting at $15 and go up to $100 for the big spenders. Enjoy your gift shopping, and we hope to please your celebrating boy or girl. Feel free to drop your comment below and let us know what you think of the DJ gifts we suggest or if you have any more ideas you would like to share.

We have also prepared a list of gift ideas for music producers and audiophiles.


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