The Best DJ Record Pools [2023]

While being a DJ seems fun, it can also be very demanding.

Each DJ has a unique sound and an exclusive collection of music. It takes considerable time to source good-quality songs and find recently released music.

This is where a record pool for DJs comes in handy. A record pool allows DJs to save time and money by providing a one-stop digital solution.

Before we get to five of the best DJ record pools to check out, let’s explore DJ record pools in a bit more detail.

best dj record pool

What Is a Digital Record Pool?

A DJ music pool, also called a digital record pool, is a service DJs can join to download music.

DJs can sign up for an annual, quarterly, or even monthly subscription, which gives them access to a massive range of music. The best part of a digital record pool is that DJs don’t have to spend hours looking for music.

While most of these music pools include old music catalogs, some get new music directly from record labels.

DJs can download old and new music, giving them a wide range of songs to play at different events.

Also, having access to new music gives them an edge over others while promoting the music for the record label. It’s a win-win situation!

The only catch is that you’ll need to provide verification as a DJ since the record pools are unavailable to the general public.

dj record pool music library

There are several record pools for DJs, but we have rounded up the top five for you.

These record pools offer excellent, high-quality music downloads that can make you a DJ to remember!

The 5 Best DJ Record Pools

1. BPM Supreme

BPM_Supreme dj record pool

BPM Supreme is one of the biggest DJ record pools. They have a large collection of songs that cater to event and Club DJs, along with multiple track versions and exclusive edits.

BPM Supreme adds new music daily, so there is always something fresh for DJs to use. This music pool for DJs also has a mobile app, which makes things considerably easier. DJs can use it on the go and easily add curated playlists to their software by accessing it from their phones.

Your level of access to the app depends on your subscription level, but you will not be left wanting with this record pool!


zipdj record pool

ZIPDJ is another massive DJ record pool with all the music a DJ could want. In particular, ZIPDJ has an extensive house and electronic music catalog. So, if this is your preferred genre, this DJ pool is the place to be!

ZIPDJ also gives DJs exclusive access to previews from their partner record labels. This DJ record pool is updated daily, which means it is growing every single day. You will constantly find new music to download either from home or the road.

Although it is more expensive than other record pools, most DJs find it well worth the price.

3. Digital DJ Pool

digitaldjpool record pool

Digital DJ Pool does not have the most extensive DJ record pool, but it does have a satisfactory music collection. It is a great, affordable option that provides music across multiple genres.

The great thing about this record pool is that it has a social element that allows DJs to follow each other and connect. It also has a mobile app, making the music easier to access.

They also have a five-day trial period that lets you check out what they offer. There are no other record pools that do this, so it’s pretty cool.

4. Heavy Hits

heavy hits dj pool

Heavy Hits is where DJs should go if they’re looking for hip-hop and R&B music. This record pool is unique as it lets DJs match track keys for an easy mix. Their collection is impressive and includes many new artists.

Heavy Hits also gives a short description of each song, rates it based on how people would dance to it and whether it’s got a high-energy beat, and even recommends songs that complement it. A similar function is found in the club-standard DJ software Traktor Pro.

This makes this record pool more than just a music source; it’s also a powerful tool to help you arrange your playlists.

5. Crate Connect

crateconnect dj pool

Crate Connect is a music pool for DJs looking for old-school music. They have a great collection of music from the last 30 years and keep adding to it daily.

Crate Connect does not have an app, but its mobile version allows you to save your music choices to a crate that you can import later. Despite its affordability, this record pool boasts a catalog sure to surprise you.

Remember to store every song you download in a well-organized library before adding it to your favorite DJ app.

6. DJCity

djcity record pool

DJcity is another popular and affordable music pool for DJs. New subscribers can sign up for just 10$ per month, which is a good price even if you get one gig per month.

You will have access to original songs, remixes, playlists, monthly charts, and exclusives. DJCity integrates with all popular DJ software out there, such as Serato DJ, Traktor Pro, Rekordbox, and Virtual DJ, so you can start djing effortlessly.

7. Digital Music Pool

digital music pool

Digital Music Pool, on the other hand, might not be as popular as the above record pools, but it offers a vast genre collection for every style DJ.

From Deep house, tech-house, and dubstep to Rnb, Reggae, and Latin, you get unlimited downloads to find the music you are looking for your next event.

The month-to-month subscription is 27,99$, but you get an offer if you choose a longer plan (3 months, 6 months, or a year). However, it doesn’t offer a trial or a discount for new users to try it out first.


  1. Where do DJs get their music?

DJs can get their music in various ways, and record pools are one of them. They can also create their own music using production software (DAW). Plus, some DJs get music directly from record labels if they have a good relationship with them.

  1. Can I use any record pool?

The record pool you choose depends on a few factors. For starters, you have to consider what genre of music you usually play in your sets. Some record pools will have better collections of specific genres and be more suitable. Secondly, you’ll need to consider your budget. Some of these subscriptions are very expensive, so you need to choose carefully if you want your money to be worth it.

  1. How do DJs discover new music?

To put it simply, DJs have an ear for music. They’re always discovering new music, whether it’s on a music app, YouTube, social media, or record pools.

List of the 11 best music pools for DJs

  1. BPM Supreme
  2. ZIPDJ
  3. Heavy Hits
  4. Digital DJ Pool
  5. DJCity
  6. Crate Connect
  7. DMP (Digital Music Pool)
  8. My Mp3 Pool
  9. DMS (Direct Music Service)
  10. Promo Only
  11. iDJ Pool
dj music library

In Summary

DJ record pools are excellent online sites where DJs can find music for their sets. They vary in the type of music they offer, the extent of their back catalog, and their costs.

However, they are all invaluable to DJs. Record pools save DJs time by letting them find old and new tracks in one place and giving them access to promo music that puts them ahead of the game.

What more could you need as a DJ?

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