14 Best Progressive House DJs To Know

Are you a music lover looking to explore the depths of progressive house music? While it may be easy to confuse it with deep house, the two genres have distinct differences that set them apart.

Progressive house is characterized by its slower, more melodic beats, making it perfect for a relaxing night in or a grown-up house party. Although it’s more popular among adults, everyone’s taste in music is different, and this genre is no exception.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the world’s top DJs known for their progressive house tracks and provide a comprehensive list to help you discover new music and make informed decisions.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting into the scene, this list will surely have something for everyone. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of progressive house together!

List Of Top Progressive House DJs

  1. John Digweed
  2. Sasha
  3. Nick Warren
  4. Hernan Cattaneo
  5. Guy J
  6. Guy Gerber
  7. Gui Boratto
  8. James Holden
  9. 16 Bit Lolitas
  10. Dave Seaman
  11. Gabriel & Dresden
  12. Danny Howels
  13. Danny Tenaglia
  14. Nic Fanciulli
  15. Joris Voorn
  16. Nick Muir
  17. Guy Mantzur
  18. Deep Dish
  19. Nick Varon
  20. Henry Saiz

1. John Digweed

Favorite song: Bedrock(John Digweed & Nick Muir) – Heaven Scent

Originating from England, John Digweed is the heartthrob of every clubber who is into progressive house music. We have a hard time describing how incredible we find his music and contribution over the years in the EDM scene.

He started his career in England at the age of fifteen and has gained popularity ever since. He was voted the number one progressive house DJ in 2001 by DJ Magazine. The breaking point was releasing the legendary song “Heaven Scent” and the DJ movie “Groove”. He is also the founder of “bedrock records” and the radio show “transitions”.

More John Digweed:

2. DJ Sasha

Favorite song: Sasha – Xpander

Sasha, who was born in the United Kingdom, has broken stereotypes and limits in every way possible. People travel long distances to attend his concerts, and the experience is one you will never forget. It’s as if he reads people’s minds and then creates music that touches their souls.

The best thing about Sasha is that he holds concerts in every corner of the world. So whether you are in Dublin or Australia, you can attend his concerts every now and then. He released his third studio album in 2013, and it’s by far his finest work to date.

Check out this brilliant blend of electronic music and live orchestra by Sasha.

Follow Sasha:

3. Nick Warren

Nick Warren is one of those guys whose tracks are your best friends for a long journey in the hills. He has the ability to lift you up while letting you keep both feet firmly planted on the ground. In terms of progressive house DJs, his experience makes him a true legend. He made sure to perform at every respectful club throughout his career.

It is hard to find a Nick Warren album that did not gain popularity on the very day of its release. With the release of his single, “Golden Cap,” the world had no more questions left to ask him. His work is a mixture of different melodies. If you are close to a “Soundgarden” event of his, you must attend.

4. Hernan Cattaneo

Born in Argentina, Hernan had a rough road to success. But this road is what led him to the fame he has today. He is known as one of the best DJs in South America. Hernan had to overcome several obstacles on his way to the top. The path he took, however, is what ultimately brought him the success he now enjoys.

He is widely regarded as one of South America’s most accomplished DJs. Hernan’s music has a way of bringing out your more introspective qualities, yet it also makes you want to tap your feet nonstop.

All of his music, but especially his tunes in the melodic electronic genre, has been a huge success. His work is so revered that he deserves the title of legend. He was the crowd’s favorite at Coachella. He has been one of the top 100 DJs in DJ Magazine for almost a decade. Clearly, this is an indication of a legendary DJ.

5. Guy J

Favorite song: Guy J – Easy as can be

To dazzle you with his skills and good looks, here comes Guy J. His work stands out because of the distinct builds in each section of his tracks. His productions feature a wide range of styles rather than focusing on one particular genre, like techno or deep house. However, progressive house is where his focus lies.

He calls himself a part of every genre. His first album was a pure hit that came out in 2007. Guy J describes himself as a sentimental soul, and his listeners believe him when he says that he has the ability to steal their hearts at any moment. He is also the owner of the Lost & Found record label that brings together artists from all over the world.

6. Guy Gerber

If you want to know Guy Gerber’s importance in progressive house music, he collaborated with Puff Daddy at the start of his career. His mix CDs are one of a kind. He loves to tour worldwide and is one of the best touring dance DJs. Underground music is all about Guy Gerber.

His work is fast, and there is almost a new monthly song and tour. He is among the top ten live performers for Resident Advisor.

7. Gui Boratto

Gui Boratto can make music that makes you feel calm but is also suitable for underground dance clubs. Originating in Brazil, he is a multifaceted creative force. That guy didn’t get nearly as much recognition as he deserved for his efforts.

His Blade Runner remix is among his finest works. His performances are truly unforgettable. Not only is he a talented musician, but he also seems to be able to read the minds of his audience during live performances.

8. James Holden

Not only is James Holden a fantastic producer, but he’s also a very good actor. James began his career by putting together compilations of music from the top artists of his era. He became well-known in the mathematical community during his time as an undergraduate at Oxford.

Because of his amazing DJ skills and tight relationship with young people, James is adept at communicating with them. The word of his concerts has spread far and wide, and now everyone wants to see him live.

9. 16 Bit Lolitas

A Dutch duet has made it to the top of the charts and the playlists of millions of Spotify users worldwide. All the time and effort spent listening to their CDs was well worth it. Any and every imaginable feeling can be prompted by listening to their playlists.

They will let you bring the house down with their killer tunes. There is no other team with as many followers as they do.

10. Dave Seaman

Dave Seaman is not only a DJ but also a record producer. He started his journey by parting with DMC Publishing but now has his own studio. He is one of the best British DJs you can ever think of.

No matter how much you dance, you will always have the energy to throw more moves on the dance floor while listening to his tracks.

11. Gabriel & Dresden

You can’t claim to have never seen their picture on a billboard, even if you haven’t heard their music. Producing consistently great albums, this duo made it look like it was easy to make it to the top.

Those who are close to them, though, realize just how challenging it was. They want you to fall hopelessly in love with them and sway to their tune.

12. Danny Howels

When it comes to the spotlight, Danny Howels is not one to seek it out. He stays dedicated to his area of expertise rather than branching out into unrelated areas for the sake of financial gain.

He cares more about making music than he does about being famous. In terms of 90s dance music, he’s right there with the greatest of them. Anytime he’s in the vicinity, the audience will begin chanting, “DJ DJ.”

13. Nic Fanciulli

You’ve most likely seen this name on the Grammy nominations list. For the last decade, Nic has been the best electronic musician.

Even though he’s a talented musician, Nic keeps a low profile. He is also the owner of Saved Records. Whether you have a house party or want to go on a long drive, Nic’s sets are there to make your experience memorable.

14. Danny Tenaglia

We also have the legend Danny in our list of the best Techno DJs, so If you don’t know where to start your dance journey, it is best to dance to Danny Tenaglia’s tracks. He calls music his beloved, which can be seen in his work. He has worked with many other DJs and singers from around the world and is now the best DJ in the United States.

Choosing the Best Progressive House DJ

There is one thing you can check out to hone in on the best DJ for progressive house if you aren’t sure where to start.

Taste of Music

Even though progressive house is a genre, the tracks that fall under it are different from each other in some ways. If you want a rockstar-type DJ, you can start from the first three names on our list.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Who is the best progressive house DJ in the US?

Danny Tenaglia is one of the best progressive house DJs in the US.

  1. Who is the founder of the progressive house?

Progressive House started in the UK and now has branches worldwide. Dom Phillips is known to be the founder of this genre.

Final Words

Picking the “best” DJ who specializes in progressive house is an arduous task. However, you should be able to select the best option with the information in this article. If you are into mixing the tracks of several DJs, use our list to do it. All these DJs have their concerts around the corner, so you better gear up right now and get your tickets.

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