Rockville RPG225K Review – The Best Value-for-Money DJ Speaker

Bass and robust features are eminent in speakers if you are going for a public level show or even for indoor parties. Their requirement in setting up a home theatre is also quite eloquent. The controllable mic and sound controlling features are also very pivotal in organizing an event. 

In a professional event of any such sort, quality speakers are something that fills in the spark. Sound quality matters the most in such cases and therefore, this crucial element has to be present in your speakers. DJ speakers can range up to a really expensive range, so a wise choice plays a pivotal role when you are to make a mark through your event.

In the case of speakers, it is not implied wise to deduce the quality of the product through its price. Speakers reveal their quality through the specifications and range of output specifications. It won’t be wrong to say that in the case of the Rockville Speaker system, all your approval categories are already tick marked.

The range of specs and innovative features allow you to put it to use in numerous spheres of your life. Whether it’s for public events, professional usage, home theatre, or local parties, it’s perfect to use.

Wedding DJs, Mobile DJs, club booths, and party setups, will need at least a couple of monitor speakers, and powered speakers for a complete sound system. 

Rockville brings you an exquisite pair of professional all-in-one-dual speakers to fit any of your musical events. It allows you various innovative features that you might not find in the alternatives. Like it comes along a Bluetooth mic that resonates with a perfect master level sound quality and a wireless remote controller is not a bad deal. Moreover, its acoustic quality and built-in amplifier help your ideal bass reams come true.

Rockville RPG225K Review

Rockville Pair Dual 15 2000w Powered DJ Speaker System RPG225K review

First Look

Having its classical look with metal mesh and black stunning structure, Rockville RPG225K is solid in its aura too.

Along with having a 17. 7″ X 14. 7″ X 44″ dimensions each speaker, this pair has a sound frequency of 45Hz – 20kHz with maximum SPL of 128db. It completes the whole speaker set for you by including a mic and all the latest sound integration features like Bluetooth, USB, and having to control all of this with a wireless remote. 

Not only this but the side handles and small tires on both ends of each speaker make it convenient to drag them along and bring them to a fix. Having an in-built amplifier is a great speaker system for the integration of sound. Talking about the sound compounding, Rockville allows you a spacious capacity to mix and play whatever genre of sound you like without acoustic distortion.

Regardless of all the record playing options, Rockville presents you with its dynamic metal microphone (RMM-XLR) in this set as well with a professional 20ft cable attachment to extend the music options for you. With this design of the speaker in hand, you can even organize live karaoke with background music using the USB or Bluetooth and receive your desirable reverence. Not only this, but Rockville with this set aims to entice you with another mesmerizing feature and that is its internal cooling fan that prevents the system from overheating even if you have to put it to work for a long event.

Rockville Pair Dual 15 2000w Powered DJ Speaker System w:Bluetooth+Mic, (RPG225K) backside


Highlighting the external features first the speakers have an amazing sound output with an in-build analog class ‘’A/’B’ amplifier integrated with 500 Watts continuous power system that elevates the sound efficiency to the next level. Also, this feature makes this device perfect for large scale events/gatherings. In addition to this, the most astounding feature is the sound input and integration system.

Rockville RPG225K allows a fair sound input to match with the mic and result in successful integration. For this, it has ¼” combo jack mic inputs, external sound mixer, and XLR along with echo control. Thus, you can easily plug in your mics.

Another most eloquent feature of this device is its strategically engineered added a large 1.75″ compression horn driver bass system. That allows an incredibly clear and balanced sound output. The only feature that people require the most in a professional speaker is that it has a great capacity for sound integration. In Rockville RPG225K, they have 5-band equalizer. You can now customize the sound perfectly with no disruptions or distortions.

Its internal features do not stay behind in the race either, as it has an efficient internal cooling system which refrains the whole device from overheating even if its a long event. Also, it has an audio clipped LED indicator to notify if there’s a sound distortion.

However, the amazing features of the mic and wireless remote are of premium quality as well. Its exceptional mic integrates live sound with speaker attachment and renders a spacious capacity to go about in music. Moreover, you can access and control all of these features without a manual exertion. That’s feasible with its incredible feature of wireless remote control.

Rockville Pair Dual 15 2000w Powered DJ Speaker System w:Bluetooth+Mic, (RPG225K) package


Resulting in an amazing sound result, Rockville RPG225K has an astounding acoustic output as well. Its a perfectly engineered device for professional-level events like DJ nights and live karaoke. Removing any sort of sound distortion allows the audience to enjoy the clarity of the sound and engaging bass alongside.

Furthermore, it has an engagement of the perfect power supply of 500 watts endeavoring to minimize the sound distortion amid the event. Also, the efficiency of sound quality amplifies by the frequency of 20Hz to 45Hz. And that makes it more favorable for any indoor-outdoor DJ style gatherings.

Besides the sound quality, it also comes along sound integration features. They are marvelous in their field. Like the DJ bass can be mixed with live singing and other songs attached via Bluetooth or USB. Sound resonance is a great deal with these enormous speakers.

Their metallic structure renders a lot more efficiency of its bass and sound results. This device gives out a professional quality sound. This system makes it easy to customize the sound to the next level.

Moreover, with A/B amplifier the quality of sound ensures clarity and loudness. With all of these features together one can also bring it to a record playing or indoor theatre kind of usage. Its internal cooling system prevents sound distortion and thus makes sure that the sound result stays efficient.

Whether you can afford more or less, check out our reviews and list of the best DJ speakers for home and the best powered DJ speakers for events in 2020!

Rockville Pair Dual 15 2000w Powered DJ Speaker System w:Bluetooth+Mic, (RPG225K) storage


With this device in hand, you can harness any sort of gathering and event with professional DJ quality sound playing. If you are a professional, you can make your event organization game strong with this device at your usage. Rockville RPG225K is a professional quality, high bass, easy-to-control sound system. It allows you to engage your audience at gatherings in any way you like.

Its power consumption and resonance along with its 20ft mic cable allows you a perfect hosting or karaoke event with a clear sound result. Moreover, the wireless remote controller makes things convenient and allows perfect management of sound throughout the event.


Professional sound devices mean to be compact and easy to carry because they’re frequently transported. Unpacking and pack-up and movement can exhaust out all the energies. The only thing that lacks in this whole sound system is that it ain’t compact. Thus, not easy to carry everywhere for the purpose it is for.

Bluetooth is weak in the case of systems like these. As the connectivity becomes hard when you are controlling and customizing sound alongside. However, this con can be compensated with USB or any device attachment to replace the sound input.

A pair of the Rockville RPG225K will make a complete sound system with the Rockville RPG 152 V2.


The RPG225K is an all-rounder sound system for grand events. It can be the sole standing sound system with its 20sqft sound resonance dispersion. Its sound delivery is epic and retains the quality till the end. You can make it run all night without any sound distortions and yet its the most favorable among its alternatives. It’s a complete system that comes along specs that makes it easy for you to handle and run it through the night.

Also, you can’t find a range of specifications at such a reasonable price with such professional output. It has an excellent sound result and a premium thing to buy to complete your sole event organization purpose and yet it suffices well. You can also customize the music with its amazing features of sound integration and USB options.

Moreover, it’s a complete full-fledged sound system that remittances high-quality sound. And allows you to engage your audience well and delight them with these various sound options. With this bass and clarity, Rockville RPG225K allows you to aggrandize any music genre that you want and this system embraces it with its quality output.

If you want better sound quality and can also afford more, check out the Pioneer XPRS10 DJ Speaker!

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