The best DJ mixers for beginners

The best DJ mixers for beginners

Mixer is probably the first tool that comes in mind when we talk about DJing. The best DJ mixers of our list are ideal for any beginner to start practicing.

If you are in the search for the best DJ mixer in the market you will come across some models that look like spaceships. Full of faders, switches, buttons, knobs and many other features. The days past where you had to spend big for a simple 2-channel mixer with only three band equalizers and no effects. 

What is a DJ mixer

The basic operation of a dj mixer is to blend two or more audio signals into one. Along with the ability to control the high, middle and low frequency range, the effects and other extrernal functions it helps you achieve a smooth transition between tracks.

The affordable price and superb features of DJ controllers and DJ softwares have engage the biggest piece of newcomers in the field. There are however musicians who still prefer the classic DJ mixer along with vinyl or cd turntables.

The music technology has evolve on a level that has bring a bunch of new performance features for djing. Almost all new DJ mixers in the market will deliver the job. But what else to consider when buying one…

What to look when you buy a new DJ mixer

  • Number of channels: How many audio sources you are planning to use at once? The standard option for a beginner DJ is a 2 channel mixer. In a club you will usually find 4 or even 6 channel mixer to play with at least 4 sound devices. When you gain experience and you are ready to use more than two sound sources and add  a good 4 channel mixer thankfully there are some very affordable choices in the market.
  • Built quality: The construction quality is important for all DJ equipment. However, DJ mixer is one of the tools that get a lot of abuse. The many buttons, faders and knobs are responsible for often damages. There are brands in the market that have a good popularity for quality built products such as Pioneer and Numark and Allen&Heath. 
  • Effects: Besides the standard crossfader, eq band and volume control, probably all DJ mixers in the market feature effects and filters.
  • Additional features: Midi connectivity, USB inputs and built-in audio interface are some of the extra features mixers offer this days. MIDI connectivity is essential when we talk about live performances as well as USB inputs/outputs

There is a big variety on brands, characteristics and price range to choose what is best for you. In most cases you got what you pay, but there are always some interesting exceptions worth your attention. 

Since we are looking for a DJ mixer for a beginner, the list mainly includes 2 channel mixers. As well as budget friendly 4 channel to be able to upgrade your setup when you are ready. 

Our best 5 picks below were made according personal experience, features and price tag. All are perfect for beginner djs as well as pros who want a simple mixer to practice in their home studio. I bet lists from other blogs and platforms do no differ a lot with our picks. That’s because the majority of professional djs as well as every-day customers rate and review them as the best DJ mixers.




best dj mixer Allen&Heath XONE 23 

Allen&Heath has create a very successful series of DJ mixers. Xone:92 and the new Xone:DB4 are the most popular and over-used mixers among professional Progressive and Techno DJs. Along with the model below by Pioneer, they have dominate the market of dj mixers for electronic music and not only. The nearly perfect reviews on Amazon store leave no doubt.

Allen&Heath Xone:23 is an update of the Xone:22 and has an excellent built quality and ripping sound. The 2+2 channel mixer (dual phono/line inputs) offer 3-band EQ with full kill to control the high.middle and low frequencies of each track separately. The crossfader switch is great quality and the same applies with the rest faders and switches. 

The only thing that is missing here are the LED volume meter that doesn’t show to individual channels. It only shows the master volume and this is a deal breaker for some djs. Except the 3-band EQ on each channel you also have low and high pass filters for full manipulation.

conclusion: Xone:23 is a basic 2 channel DJ mixer, superb for beginners and semi-pros. It can be used at home studios for practicing or at small events with no expert needs. Characterized as “Touring grade quality” so you can transfer it anywhere you go. It’s built and sound quality stands out and if you can afford one i highly recommend it. Our value for money choice. 

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Number of channels: 2+2
Built-quality: 9/10
Portability: 8.5/10
Additional features: Low and high pass filters



best dj mixer Pioneer DJM-350

The new 2 channel mixer by Pioneer is extremely powerful and many beginners would like this tool to start djing. It’s a rock-solid mixer that will get you from a bedroom DJ to your first gigs.

The brand trust of Pioneer guarantee great build, unique design and powerful features. Except the standard 3 band eq on each channel, headphone output and crossfader it also offers 4 kinds of effects. Crush, Gate, Jet and Filter might be used by Big Room or EDM djs but you won’t see them much in a deep or techno dj set. Plus the effects are not applied on each channel like the XONE:23, but on master only.

Super additional feature for beginners is the USB port. You can very easily record your set, share it and podcast it. If you check our article “how to become a DJ“, you will read the importance of recording and sharing your sets for feedback.

conclusion: Pioneer DJM-350 is a great mixer and it will make a superb setup with 2 CDJ-350 or CDJ-900 NEXUS. It has quality build that will take abuse and if the price tag was at the same level as the above it could be on the first place in our list for the best DJ mixer.

Musicians who use it: Avicii

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Number of channels: 2
Built-quality: 9/10
Portability: 9/10
Additional features: 4 effects / USB port



best dj mixer NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Traktor Kontrol Z2


Traktor kontrol Z2 might get mistook as a midi controller. Truth is that the tool by Native Instruments is DJ controller AND a dj mixer with 2 stand-alone and 2 full remix channels. Plus quality sound from the built-in audio interface (sound-card).

This 2+2 channel mixer integrates perfectly with Traktor. The package comes with Traktor Scratch Pro 2 software with remix deck™ technology to start djing from day one. NI also offers Traktor Scratch timecode for vinyl and cds simulation. You can control 2 channels on Traktor Pro as well as a pair of cd players or turntables. That way you take full advantage of both phono and line inputs.

In each side of the mixer there are RGB Traktor cue buttons, with the innovation flux mode control. So you can “jump” at any point in your track without missing a single beat. Last but not least, the Macro FX which adds around 30 effects to work with on each channel.

conclusion: NI Traktor kontrol Z2 has surprisingly tough built quality with an aluminum chassis. It’s faders, knobs and buttons are highly durable. The reviews on most music online stores will prove my words. It is the most expensive dj mixer in our list but it worth every penny.

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Number of channels: 2+2
Built-quality: 9/10
Portability: 8.5/10
Additional features: Traktor Pro dj software, Traktor Scratch timecode for vinyl and cds, Macro FX & Flux mode with 30 effects.



bets dj mixer RELOOP RMX 22I

Reloop’s latest production are the new RMX-22I and RMX-33I DJ mixers. The models are identical with same features, characteristics, design and only one difference. RMX-22I is a 2+1 channel digital mixer and the RMX-33I offers 3+1 channels. An interesting option if you want to get away from the conventional choice of 2 audio inputs.

Each channel has 3-band EQ and you can set it to Kill mode or Classic mode according your wants. White noise, Filter, Bit Crusher and Gate are the 4 sound color effects assignable on each channel. The channels are switchable between phono, cd and iPad split input, which allows you to connect your iPad, Android tablet or smartphone. 

In addition the digital DJ mixer offers cross-fader curves, auto-start and crossover-reverse settings. The built construction is good quality and can handle situations outside your home studio.

conclusion: Reloop might not have the popularity of the brands above, but RMX is a quality and very affordable serie of dj mixers. It lacks nothing from it’s competitors with good sound quality and built. 

Check price of RMX22I on Check price of RMX33I on

Number of channels: 2+1 /3+1
Built-quality: 8.5/10
Portability: 8.5/10
Additional features:  4 sound effects, iPad/tablet input



best dj mixer DJTECH DIF-1S

Might the DJTECH DIF-1S targets hip-hop djs and scratch performances however, it still is a great option for all artists. 

The 2 channel with 3-band EQ mixer by DJTECH doesn’t excite anyone with this classic old-school look. It doesn’t offer any special features but it gives a superb scratch performance with adjustable crossfader curve and reverse. The feature that stands out here is the Mini innoFADER contactless digital crossfader.

With the timecode mode DVS you can switch between Vinyl, CD and your DVS software without reconnecting any cables. Works with Serato and Tractor Scratch but sound cards are not provided. Regardless the built quality is probably one of the toughest. 

conclusion: It might not reach “today’s” standard dj mixers with awesome design, effects and trigger buttons but is light, tough and the most affordable mixer of our list. DJTECH DIF-1S offers all the basic features a beginner needs in a trustworthy built.  

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Number of channels: 2
Built-quality: 9.5/10
Portability: 9/10
Additional features: Mini innoFADER crossfader


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    Very nice article, Allen&heath and pioneer are the best for a reason!!! I would personally choose Pioneer Day for beginners and Allen&heath for Pro’s. This Is a very good post about the best dj mixers and I will come back soon to read more from you… all the best!!