The Best Beginner Drum Set [2020 Guide]

The Best Beginner Drum Set [2020 Guide]

The Top 7 Best Beginner Acoustic Drum Set under $400 [2020 Guide and Reviews]

Are you a beginner, enthusiast, or you are improving on your drum lessons, and you need one of the best acoustic drum set for practice with confidence. Usually, a quality drum kit doesn’t make you too perfect but help you get the best out of your money. Getting yourself a drum that fits your style is another thing entirely if you need to improve on time. You’ll need a drum that is durable less expensive for beginner lessons that can be played for a few more years. Lately, the best gears don’t make the best drummer. 

On the other hand, as a fast learner on the pads, you want to move on to a real drum for better understanding and or personal recording. Making a plan, you have a specific amount say $400, and you have to get a drum kit with quality. Stick around.

As a professional drummer with students under you, trying to make a career out of the drums, you’ll consider many things before choosing a durable drum kit for your students as beginners. Perhaps, you’re looking into specialties like the tone of the drum, shell sizes, type of configuration and maybe custom options. All of these don’t come easy especially when there’s a budget for the purchase.  

On this list, you’ll find a range of best acoustic drum sets, majorly for beginners. Other players can jump on one of these too. These drum sets have been shortlisted after so much deciding factors, they have all the necessary accessories you will need, Plus they are less than $400. This is the best part someone is waiting to read.  

What is an acoustic drum set?

A true definition of an acoustic drum kit is a specific arrangement of sets of drums and cymbals that can be played as a single instrument. Typically, a drum kit consists of the bass drum, made drum and some tom-toms, hi-hat cymbals played together. The sounds are produced when a stick beats the drums. All the different arrangements of the drum kit are configured to be played by one person.  

A drum set can be made up of different drums at a time; each drum in the set produces their separate sounds; the genre of music you’re playing on can also determine your arrangement. The number of drums also varies from drummer to drummer.

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Factors to consider when choosing the best drum set:

Before stepping into a gear store, you should have it at the back of your mind that the drum you pick will not last forever, and as such, you need to be very careful selecting the best piece. This stage may sound confusing because you’ll find many brands with attractive wood designs, and colors. These are additives to the quality you’ll get from the drum set. Before picking a drum set, consider these;

1. Purpose

As a beginner, dreaming of playing at tours worldwide, you’ll need an instrument for constant practice almost every day. You might even play with your low budget drum and entertain people; drums generally do not have practice models. Your level of training may determine the arrangements too. If you are pursuing a career in this niche, your most preferred choice should be a long-lasting drum kit that is price friendly. You should be able to record your music with your practice drum as well. Your purpose should come first before other factors.  

2. Setup

These drum kits come in a different piece, but as a beginner,  you should be considering a 4 or 5 piece arrangement. For improvement, you shouldn’t believe the three pieces set up unless otherwise, you’re shopping for a kid. A 5 piece arrangement with cymbals is one of the best if you’re going to learn faster. It is also easy to set up. If you find a drum set giving you a hard time to set up, then you should move on to another available drum set.

3. Drum Size

Size of the drum is essential When choosing a personal drum set. If you want to enjoy playing on your drum set, it’s size would be a determinant. Fitting well on all the drum arrangement gives easy access to the pedals, cymbals and the likes. If you have an average height above 5 feet, a beginner drum set will fit you well.  People below that height would instead opt for kids drum set. At times, when you’re not comfortable playing a drum set and your hand aches, the size of the drums are part of this cause.

4. Drum Heads

A drum set, built to last should not lack the right or quality drum heads.  They dish out fine sounds when hit with the stick. Apart from that, durable drum heads shouldn’t get torn easily. All of the drum set in this review do not lack an inch of quality. You’re at the right place if to use looking for a beginner drum kit with nice drum heads.

5. Cymbals

Cymbals add value to your music and are therefore crucial in the drum kit arrangement. Some brand doesn’t add cymbals to their full drum kit. Some sets have the crash,  hi-hat and ride cymbals. Others have neither the ride or crash cymbals. As a beginner,  you’ll need a full set including the cymbals.  This helps you play all the sounds a drum set produces at once. These cymbals can be bought separately, but the beauty of it is that you don’t spend much acquiring a practice drum set.

Acoustic drum sets can be very loud, so be prepared and get good sound isolation in your working space. We have a quick guide and tips on how to soundproof your room.

The Top 7 best beginner drum set under $400 – Reviews

This guide is a critical review of the best beginners acoustic drum set. It contains all you need to know as a beginner and the best brands of drum sets around.

1. Rise by Sawtooth Full Size Student Drum Set with Hardware and Cymbals

Rise by Sawtooth Full Size Student Drum Set with Hardware and Cymbals, Crimson Red Sparkle

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Without a doubt, a large number of students don’t know much about a drum set. Some haven’t laid hands on a drum kit before. This does not encourage steady progress to some extent. Whenever students in this category come to a practice session,  classes are longer than usual and severe because they take time to learn and acquire the knowledge.

A more reason why this drum set was produced is for these set of students so that they can grab the practice faster.  It is best for them. This model is made to withstand the daily beating as it comes with a higher degree of durability. The cymbals hardly crack even when you hit them intensely.

If you’re going for this drum, you have the upper hand as you can play and practice with various genres on this five-piece set, consisting of three toms, and a crash ride. They all come with their stands, except for the double front toms relaxing on a mount.  With this arrangement, the drum kits are stable. All the drums are packed with necessary assembling and adjustments tools.

2. Pearl RS584CC31 Roadshow 4-Piece Drum Set, Jet Black

Pearl RS584CC31 Roadshow 4-Piece Drum Set, Jet Black

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You don’t have to spend $400 on a second-hand drum kit when you can get a top-notch set for the same price.  A complete drum kit built for practice and recording; this is not a toy or least option choice. It is a durable kit and has everything you need to improve on your drumming skills. You’ll see how your hands can be so fast and precise when you take your practice serious with this drum kit.  

This model of Roadshow’s four pieces has a tripod stand for the cymbals,  hi-hat, and snare. The tripod stand is keen to keep the drums against the pressure of performance. It also dual reinforced and can be adjusted in angle and height. Their hardware is sturdy, and the woodwork is quality,  dispensing excellent sounds and making you feel like a pro. If you love hitting the drum massively,  Roadshow 4 piece stumbling is for you.  All the legs are double braced for serious pounding.  

The snare gives the drum a voice and can capture whatever loud or soft notes. As little as it is,  it is filled with power and can be beaten at any volume. Beat it how you want. Its shell and finishes are matching. The bass, on the other hand, is the heartbeat of the kit. It serves as the foundation of groove for the rest of the instrument. Included in the package are tunning knobs for locking, loosing and mounting the toms and other accessories.

3. Mendini by Cecilio Complete Full Size 5-Piece Adult Drum

Mendini by Cecilio Complete Full Size 5-Piece Adult Drum Set with Cymbals, Pedal, Throne, and Drumsticks, Metallic Black, MDS80-BK

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This model of Medini by Cecilio has proven that you don’t need to save up for that expensive drum kit. An expensive drum does not make a professional drummer; instead,  it is how you can adapt to a low budget drum set with quality. It is suitable for beginners and enthusiast alike.  A novice can easily derive the enthusiasm to play the drum if he gets too familiar with the Medini drum kit.  

Fortunately,  it is a five piece full drum set.  You need no extra cost for cymbals and drum sticks. It comes with almost everything you need as an amateur to master the basics of drumming. It has an expensive look, and the sounds dispensed from hitting the drum heads are rich in tone. As well, It is certified for practicing various genres of music too and for recording if you have acquired some experience.

Another reason you’d be considering this choice is that it comes with a round padded drum throne plus one year warranty on all of its accessories. Usually, you’ll go from place to place looking for a cheap drum throne and quality sticks that fit you. In the long run, you may have a hard time setting things up for your comfort. All of Medini drum set has been built together and packed to help you adapt quickly.

4. Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete Adult 5 Piece Drum Set

Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete Adult 5 Piece Drum Set with Cymbals Stands Stool and Sticks, Black

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Gammon should not be a new name on the list; many users can attest to the fact that they excel in production nothing less than quality. Drums like this are comfortable to hit; you’ll hardly develop aches in your hand because it has been custom made for people of average height (5 feet and above). Some other models of drum kits lack balance, the drums and stands may seem too low or too high. This cannot be attributed to Gammon percussion full-size complete adult five-piece drum set.

It is easy to practice with if you’re making it a career and is made from natural wood, not from synthetic. Hence, it can withstand pressures that cause wear and tear if it is being used continuously. The drum heads are also durable, complimenting the woodwork. The cymbals, toms, and hi-hat are worth insurance. You can quickly tell from these features that the snare drum will do wonders when stroked with the sticks. The stands are high enough to receive the rods and can be adjusted to another height or angle,  depending on your choice.  

As a beginner, drums like this one improves learning skills. With drum sets like this, you’re not wasting your money if you cash on it.

5. Ludwig Accent Drive Black 5-Piece Drum Set

Ludwig Accent Drive Black 5-Piece Drum Set

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This quality brand has made massive sales amongst top-notch brands. No doubt it appears in this list. Ludwig Accent Drive Black Drum Set, is no new name among professional drummers, for amateurs you’re getting a good deal with a balance between their hardware, price and excellent sound. This brings about the solid foundation and quick learning for some amateurs turned professionals.

The bass drum,  snare, and toms are of standard sizes and make the drum hitting stress-free.  Whenever you’re drumming during rehearsal, you’ll make a hit, and the tone it produces will sound convincing. That is the importance of the stable balance this quality brand gives. Even the drum throne is balanced with the pedal, so you’ll have an excellent time on the bass. Unlike some other toms,  the two high toms of Ludwig Accent Drive Black 5 Piece Drum Set do not need an extra tuning.

For teens aspiring to become a Pro on the drum sets, begin your career with this quality hardware and drum headpiece, enthusiast alike can also jump on it. It produces a full coordinated sound with a proper balance in high and low tunes. Make no mistake of abusing the drum because it causes wear and tears to the hardware.


6. LAGRIMA 5 Piece Full-Size Drum Set for Adult

LAGRIMA 5 Piece Full Size Drum Set for Adult with Stand, Cymbals, Hi-Hat, Pedal, Adjustable Drum Stool and 2 Drum Sticks

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I’ll describe this powerful drum as a Black Excellence model.  All of the five full sets are compatible for adults that fancy drumming as a hobby.  It is not limited to the purpose mentioned above. It consists of the bass drum, snare, three toms, and crash type cymbals. All built with sturdy structure. The shell that carries the drum heads is natural and enhances your sound that much that you’ll be impressed.  The cymbals stand are made from an upgraded metal and can be played any adult with average height.

You’re getting extra drumsticks in this box, and the throne is good enough for a while. Low budget drum sets like this are not too familiar with other brands’ design. If you also need it for recording purpose, it can cook some excellent beat in the meantime. You need no additional cost for quality. Lagrima covers everything required for a starter kit to learn and record your music with.  

7. Ashthorpe 5-Piece Complete Full Size Adult Drum Set

Ashthorpe 5-Piece Complete Full Size Adult Drum Set with Remo Batter Heads

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All of the lessons you’ll learn from playing this powerful drum set sticks to your brain. The five pieces complete full size and are packed with solid poplar wood and shell. Usually, some cheap drum sets of lesser standards are made of synthetic, and they wear quickly. The balance is something you can trust, regardless of the pounding force you’re striking the drum heads, it hardly shifts, and the flow from high pitch to low pitch is soft.

The sound is generally lovely and cannot be compared.  All stands are of average heights,  an adult specification. It serves a good kit for hobbyists but is highly recommended for beginners that need to learn fast. Every feature of this Ashthrope’s product without a doubt is an added advantage for beginners. You’ll find this is an exciting gear for practice, with the cymbals made of premium brass. It hardly cracks r get bent easily.

These were our top picks for the best beginner acoustic drum set for under $400!

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Pursuing a career and performing wonders with the sticks would require adequate knowledge from the beginning of the profession in pursuit. Your drum set defines who you are whenever you play. Before selecting the best acoustic drum set for amateurs, the balance, size and cymbal types are essential things to consider.

You are free to pick one of the top brands on the list. They have proven to be durable and trusted. None of them is of lesser quality, do not mind the arrangement. Instead, check the number of drums, how strong the hardware can last, how the cymbals can serve you for long and if the balance will not easily be lost.  All seven products have a high standard.

Whether you are a drum player or a music producer, you will eventually need to record your piece. Check out the best studio microphones under $300, and some great affordable audio interfaces of 2020, to achieve excellent recordings. 

If you own any of the above acoustic drum sets and want to share your experience, drop your comment below.