The Best Acoustic Drum Sets in 2020

The Best Acoustic Drum Sets in 2020

As a professional, you may be wondering what best drum set is suitable for you to play, practice make music and rehearsals. Being a pro, you must have been conversant with some notable brands, but you can’t play all at once to discern your best choice. You’re not alone in this category, most drummers and sound engineers have a variety of choice,  and here’s a breakdown for you to make a final decision.  

We’ll be addressing professional acoustic drum kits that have excelled over the years in durability and excellent sound production. More than that, these drums have been tested through different mediums, in their parts, and together as a drum kit. This is much likely, but you’re going to have a rethink of what you think is the best acoustic drum kit for you.

As an experienced drummer, learning never ends, you should take more time studying every element of a drum before concluding on your best drum kit, after reviewing these elements,  you shouldn’t be confused on what you’re looking for. Before considering the price option, the sound of your eventual drum kit should come first. A clarified drum will bring out the best in you — not the most expensive drum set.  

The Best Acoustic Drum Sets in 2020

Having gone through various deciding factors for the best drum set to select, here are a few leading brands that have been tested excellent to last you a fortune.

1. Pearl Drum Set Gloss Deep Red Burst inch

Pearl Drum Set, Gloss Deep Red Burst, inch (DMP927SPC261)

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The only thing separating you from having the best drumming experience on one of the suitable pro drum sets is purchasing the seven pieces drum set. It is an amazing and affordable kit simultaneously. It is a ready-made set withal seven-piece drums packaged. You’ll want to fall in love with this, first with the deep red burst and secondly, the suburb durability.  Every drummer that has come across this Pearl 7 piece has a testimony to share.  

Apart from its affordable feature, it helps a beginner pick up faster if you’re considering this as a beginner, but would be best irises by a pro drummer. It helps you understand and pick your tonal variations when you need to. The sounds are heavenly, and the shells are from maple wood, there’s no cause for alarm. You can also trust the drum stands to them firm. Interestingly, you’re getting the Opt Loc mounting system if you purchase one of these.  

Included in the kit is a bass drum, snare drum, two-floor toms of different sizes, and three suspended toms with varying sizes. The whole drum weighs about 38 pounds, and it is a standard size drum.

2. Pearl RS525SCC31 Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Set

Pearl RS525SCC31 Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Set, Jet Black

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Another fantastic option from the Pearl brand. This is a five-piece full kit acoustic drum that’s ready to step up your drumming lessons. With this Roadshow edition, learning never stops, and the show always gets lit up. The drum shells come from poplar wood, adding to its durability. The drums also come with triple flanged hoops and are of standard dimensions. All the toms and snare drum have been finely pre-tuned from the factory; you only need to look for your best sound in the Bass drum.  


One thing people don’t consider is the drum stands. Without these, your drums are helpless, and as such, Pearl Roadshow 5 pieces have made their stands from a rigid metal and are double braced, including the drum throne. You don’t get a drum throne in every drum kit, and all of these stands have longevity assurance.  

The drum throne included in this kit has been made adjustable for young professionals and aspiring producers or sound engineers. This means that everyone can jump on the drums if the two hands and legs are present. And arguably,  you don’t need extra lessons to play on this. There’s no cause for alarm invade your neighbors don’t love noise,


3. Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5pc Drum Shell Pack – 20″ Kick, Honey Amber

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5pc Drum Shell Pack - 20 Kick, Honey Amber

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Arguably one of the best brands for gear lovers if not the best. Yamaha has carved a niche for quality and longevity in all their models, and this five-piece drum kit is not an exception.  You’re getting core values off your money if you cash on this birch shell sets. You’re a potential stage rocker with these drums under your control. The sound of the snare drum is always productive in any pitch.  

This drum set is solely made for professionals, and without a doubt, there’s always an improvement when you play on it. Making a drum is different from making a productive drum; that’s the reason why this brand has invested heavily in the drum shell that produces a unique vibration alongside a clarified tone.  There’s resonance in every bit of the drum, and it can endure wear and tear for a long time.  So the shell is a multifunctional proof.  

This edition from Yamaha also offers Air Seal System that adds up to an excellent tone. Without exaggerating, this product was never considered twice before making this list.  See experienced drummers like the brand, while others love this model in particular.  

4. PDP By DW 7-Piece Concept Maple Shell Pack

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Starting with the backbone and support the maple shell gives,  you’d not think twice before making a purchase. Configured to make a substantial vibration and enhance your music sound, you are getting enough from this model.

The concept series has recently won many drummers over with the fresh looks and customized she’ll sound.  This is a seven-piece drum kit made for professionals and music producers to express themselves while having the sticks in their hands. There’s never a downtime on this instrument. This model comes in an attractive and elegant gloss finish that adds finesse to the hardware. It is a suitable model for many genres.

Unfortunately, it does not come with cymbals,  you’re spending few bucks on that, but all other sets are complete and trusted to last longer. DW 7 piece concept comes with outstanding features like the True Pitch tension rods; MAG throws off that are rare in other models. The snare is a significant selling point of this model, made of 10 ply maple, and every color variation never disappoints.  

5. MAPEX ST5045FIK Storm 5 Piece Fusion Drum Set with Chrome Hardware 

MAPEX ST5045FIK Storm 5 Piece Fusion Drum Set with Chrome Hardware, Ebony Blue Grain

Check price on Amazon.com

One more solid invention from Mapex drums; It is a five-piece professional drum,  made available for all. Enthusiast alike can jump on this edition to improve lessons. It is more of a low budget scheme but can be impressive if utilized with care. To complement its durability, the maple and walnut shell can endure stress and hard vibrations.  

The Saturn series places more focus on the toms and bass, to deliver subtle sound.  The two hi-hat Toms connected to the bass drum are of rigid support that does not wear out the bass drum. All the bass drums heads have Remo Emperor batters features. This helps the drums get tuned easily for a beautiful sound. You are not getting any cymbals with the drum kits; you’re getting one separately, and this almost common to top brands out there.

The Saturn series from Mapex drums isn’t a joke like other drum types, the features they carry makes them sound like there’s another drum in the rehearsal ground or on stage whenever you’re playing. Another feature is that they are hand-painted and that’s almost perfect.

6. Tama Imperialstar Complete Drum Set

Tama Imperialstar Complete Drum Set - 5-piece - 18 Kick - Midnight Blue

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Tama is a household name establishing their stay amongst top brands of drum makers. The Imperialstar is an edition that brings fun to the player. It is a five-piece drum kit that helps entry-level drummers pick up faster,  although, it is a drum for professionals.  Almost every bit of the drum is interesting to analyze without exaggerating. From the bass drum, toms, and snare drum. They help to project your sound just the way you want it. The drum throne in the kit is also a bonus and saves you a few bucks.

This edition from Tama is a sophisticated kind that becomes comfortable when you get more familiar with it. From hip hop,  funk, rock, jazz, and many other types of grooves and genres,  you can make any music with the Imperialstar 5 piece drum.

The drum shell is made from poplar wood, you should expect fine sounds and moderate vibrations, the glued wrap finish helps the drum resonate without affecting other vibrations and helps to prevent unwanted sounds from imbalance. The drum mounts, pedals, and drum throne are made from materials that can endure tension. You’re getting a cray cymbal in this kit. That’s some good news for budget drum buyers.

7. Ludwig Drum Set LCE

Ludwig Drum Set (LCE)

Check price on Amazon.com

An excellent choice and an ideal drum set to rock your performance, the Ludwig LCE never disappoints even during rehearsals. This drum comes with a low price, unlike some expensive junks in a pack. You don’t have to be reminded that maple woods are one of the best f0r making these drums nowadays. Hence, the sound this drum dishes out never disappoints.

As a young professional, you won’t make a wrong choice with this Dum kit. It comes with every essential part you need. Additionally, you don’t have to buy an extra thing to play your drum with. Included in the box are the bass drum,  snare drum, toms, and floor toms, hi-hats, cymbals, an adjustable drum throne, a pair of drum sticks and drum keys for adjustment and tightening. It is also one drum on a low budget end to kick start a drumming career.

Generally, the drum sounds are warm and also have a nice sustain. You should expect a booming sound from the bass drum and can be adjusted if need be.

8. Gretsch CM1E824SWG Catalina Maple CM1 4-Piece Shell Pack with 22 Bass Drum – Walnut Glaze

Gretsch CM1E824SWG Catalina Maple CM1 4-Piece Shell Pack with 22 Bass Drum - Walnut Glaze

Check price on Amazon.com

This is the only four-piece drum on this list. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be considered the least of all options.  It consists of the bass drum, tom,  floor tom, and the snare. No added cymbal or extra Tom.  Interestingly, few drummers love to rehearse quickly with the four-piece drum because it is of standard size and the sound never disappoints. This edition comes with an ultra-low profile GTS mount system, basically because of the number of drums and to balance the stability of in-between drums.

This Catalina series is singled out because of its maple shell and has 30 degrees bearing edges with natural shell interiors. One advantage of this drum set is the superb hardware it comes with, despite being a four-piece drum. All the drums included in this kit have their basement of support, and you can trust the mounting system. No matter how finely tuned a drum is,  you should not underestimate the value of the hardware.

These were our top eight picks for the best acoustic drum set in the market today. If you cannot afford any of the above, check the best acoustic drum sets for beginners under $400!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an Acoustic Drum Set?

An acoustic drum set is a collection of specialized drums and percussions that are made to sit on a sturdy stand, and are arranged to be played by one person. The acoustic drum set is made to be played by with a pair of drumsticks, one at each hand. The basic arrangement of an acoustic drum set includes a bass drum, positioned on the floor, made to be played with a pedal, and operated with the feet. Another part of the drum that is controlled by a feet pedal is the hi-hat cymbal.

Other parts of the acoustic drum kit are the snare drum, resting on a stand and played with the sticks, two or more toms also played with the sticks. With the addition of cymbals. There are different arrangements of a drum, depending on the number of drums. As a professional drummer, there shouldn’t be a limit to the number of drums you can play at a time.  

In case, the option of an electronic drum set excites you more, check the best electronic drum sets.

Best acoustic drum set for beginners under $400

What should I look for when buying an acoustic drum set?

There’s never an easy way to choose a music gear in the store when you’re looking for the best. While you’re making a selection, it should be one based on your lifestyle. Here are a few essential factors to look out for before choosing a unique acoustic drum set:

  • Your budget
    Of a truth, proper gears don’t come cheap. Getting a drum set that keeps you going wouldn’t be too cheap. Although there are considerate brands that make low budget drum kits with exceptional quality, as a professional who wants to get the best out of that one acoustic drum set, your budget shouldn’t be decided by the cheap collection at the store. You should preferably aim for a midpoint priced drum kit, or even higher. You shouldn’t change your mind on getting to the store because there’s an available drum kit that sells cheap.
  • Pieces of drums
    A professional doesn’t need to be told that a standard acoustic drum kit comes in 5 parts. There are 4 and 3 pieces drum sets for beginners and upcoming drummers, but for as a pro drummer or a learned producer,  the least pieces of drums you should start with is the five pieces kit. You can increase the number of drums in your sets to more than 8, depending on how well you can play.
  • The material of the drums
    Different brands rely on different material types for their drum products. Some trust metals to be the best material for their brand; some prefer synthetic materials, while others have a natural flair for wooden materials to build their instruments. The more durability and quality a drum can give, the higher it is being priced. It is left to the buyer to discern what material he or she can deal with when playing the drums.  The shell and stands of different brands do give not only primary and stable support but also decides the type of sounds they produce when played.  
    While you’re considering the best acoustic drum set for yourself,  think about the size of your drums and how much space you have to play the drums after buying it. You should also be aware that thee are drums that fit your genre of music you’re producing. The compatibility of a drum to your music is a significant factor that cannot be left unattended too.

How much is a good drum set?

A good drum set can go anywhere between $500 to $1,000 on average. The number of drum pieces, the quality of shells, hand-made or not, and the quality of the brand, are the factors that determine the final price.

Are expensive drum sets worth it?

All our picks above are on the mid-range tier $500 to $1,000. More expensive drum sets can go up to 2,000-3,000$ and worth it only when the time and place is set on a big stage or recording studio.

Final Thoughts

Having a professional drum kit to yourself is considered a worthy purchase, and this is quite demanding. Remember that you’re going for an all in one instrument when shopping for the best professional acoustic drum kit. Yes, because you have several drums with different tones and variations. It is, therefore, safe to use your money wisely.  

Admittedly, it is not an easy task getting all you want in a single acoustic drum kit; it takes lots of stress to examine your features in these drums while checking the best of them all.  In terms of balance, playing style, tone and clarity, how high it can sustain, and the endurance of the hardware. Without even considering the price, as a professional drummer, it is expected of one to upgrade as you develop skills, and as such, starting with price-friendly drums shouldn’t be a bad idea.

While starting with price-friendly drums, almost every brand out there sells drums with lesser price, but opting for one on this list will not harm you. They have been selected from a pool of many others. We have endured every stress for you to have a comfortable pick when you go through the list.  

If you are worried about noise, check how to soundproof your room easily and practice your drums in peace. 

Feel free to leave your comment or question below, and we will be happy to assist. 

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