Here you will find all the essential home recording studio equipment, tools, and guides to starting music production. From studio-quality headphones, monitor speakers, music production software (DAW), MIDI keyboards and controllers, to synthesizers, drum machines, studio microphones, and many more. Some may believe that the above will cost you a fortune. Building a new home recording studio will cost you nothing compared to the investment you would have to do a decade ago. Now you can afford all the essentials to start music production with the minimum wage.

The number of studio relative equipment in the market is large, resulting in a big competition, excellent quality and for very affordable prices.

If you are a beginner music producer you don’t want to spend money on tools that you will not need yet. Go just for the essentials:

  1. Computer
  2. DAW (music production software)
  3. Studio Headphones
  4. Monitor speakers
  5. MIDI keyboard controller
  6. Audio interface (sound card)

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The Best Studio Monitor Speakers in 2020

The Best Studio Monitor Speakers in 2020

Goes without saying that monitors are essential in any recording studio. The market is overwhelmed with new models and to pick only seven of the best [...]
1 2 3 431 / 31 POSTS