The Best Digital Piano for Beginners in 2020

The Best Digital Piano for Beginners in 2020

The Best Digital Piano for beginners in 2020!

Probably wondered what is the best digital piano for beginners? Which digital piano has the best sound and weighted keys? Which is the most affordable digital piano and are there any portable options for musicians on the road?

Before we start reviewing the best digital piano for beginners, let’s take a closer look on what we will be looking for.

What is a digital piano?

A digital piano simulates the way a real piano sounds and is played. It gives you a variety of sounds compared to a traditional piano. You also get a lot more advanced features, it offers extreme portability, and best of all are available with a sweet price. It all comes down to personal preferences, uses, and needs.

In 2019, the quality of sound has improved a lot while reducing the total cost. It is true that some of the best digital pianos are more cost-effective as well as offering more freedom of expression with a user-friendly interface and a massive variety of features and voices.

An alternative to a digital piano is the choice of a midi keyboard. Along with your computer, DAW (music production software) and virtual instruments you will be able to produce record and edit music. Find the best midi keyboard for your home studio, as well, the best cheap midi keyboards.

What to consider when buying a digital piano for a beginner:

Buying a digital piano is not something that you will frequently be doing, so it is good to learn a few things before hitting the market.

There are a lot of things to look for when you are in the search for the best digital piano on the market. But there’s no question that, when it comes to a quality keyboard, a manufacturer/brand is going to have to create a key-bed that feels incredibly realistic. It must almost make you feel like you were playing on an acoustic piano. If you look at digital piano seriously, you wouldn’t want to buy a piano or keyboard that has cheap plastic keys. As a beginner, it is hard to spot the excellent build keys; that’s why we did most of the job for you.

More things to consider on a digital keyboard are the length, size, number of keys, the number of different sounds, brand, and portability. 

Why you should limit your search for the best beginner digital piano with weighted keys:

Digital pianos are not only suitable for professional pianists or music producers, but it is also an excellent option for learners and students of all ages. It is especially crucial for young children and those just learning to play the piano to use a digital piano with properly weighted keys. Otherwise, beginners may get used to the plastic keys and struggle with finger strength and agility when they finally play on an acoustic piano. 

To recap we are looking for the best portable digital piano with weighted keys for beginners!

With so many reviews and top product lists, you will find online makes it a tricky process of choosing for the best digital piano becomes. And since you most likely won’t have the chance to play each of the pianos before making your final decision, we are here to help. Below, we have our options of the best digital pianos keyboards currently available on the market (from a wide variety of brands). Our choices were made based on keys, touch sensitivity, sound quality, overall characteristics, reviews, price, and personal experience. 


1. Yаmаhа YPG-235

Yаmаhа YPG-235 digital piano

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When we talk about musical instruments, Yamaha is one of the first brands that comes to your mind. Thе Yаmаhа YPG-235 keyboard is hands down one of the best digital piano options out there. It boasts absolutely stellar sound reproduction, fantastic integrated speakers, and incredible key movement, all while remaining relatively light and portable. It offers 76 keys which are 12 less than the traditional 88 key models out there.

This model truly shines because it is so versatile. It Is equally valuable in the hands of a beginner or experienced pianists, thanks to its large range of features and voices on top of a solid build from Yamaha. It is the ideal choice for those who travel to perform live, for band practice, or even practice in your own home recording studio.

Many digital pianos out there lack connectivity options, but Yamaha YPG-235 isn’t one of these. You have hookups for your headphones, USB for your computer, external speakers, and more. Yamaha made sure that all of the necessities are covered with this model. The only thing that is missing here is the MIDI connectivity.


  • Superb sound reproduction as expected from Yamaha. The XGlite voices, as well as the powered speakers, have their own woofer and tweeter arrangement. All that helps to produce excellent music with absolute clarity and volume. 
  • It is the perfect digital piano for beginners and pros. Beginners can learn along with the YAHAMA YES suite. Experienced users can quickly produce and record tracks on their favorite DAW.
  • Not too heavy, it weighs just 8.3 kilograms, and with the compact width, it is perfect for a traveling musician. 
  • Amazing collection of preprogrammed songs for recreational activities and sing-alongs. 
  • Features all necessary connection ports for headphones, external speakers, and computer input. 
  • One of the best rated digital pianos in the market


  • YPG-235 does not include a sustain pedal. 
  • The power adapter, stand, and sustain pedal are all add-ons on the more expensive version, YPG-535. 
  • The keys are soft and easy to play on. However, it is definitely not those to hammer keys of a piano. 
  • The lack of a MIDI output connector is disturbing since this is nowadays a common thing to see on newer digital pianos.


2. Yаmаhа P 115 


Yаmаhа P115 digital piano

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The Yamaha P115 qualifies as an “intermediate” or even advanced keyboard model. Pair it with a nice set of external speakers, and it’s more than good enough to serve as a primary piano for just about any pianist out there. They did a great job with the 88 full-weighted keys, and users say that it feels like you’re playing a traditional piano.

Even if it can be hard to get weighted keys, Yamaha knows exactly what they’re doing. On top of the weighted keys, the sound reproduction of this P115 model is enough to satisfy even the most significant digital piano addicts out there. It’s “grand” in every sense of the word. 

If you’re looking for a reliable performance-grade digital piano, the Yamaha P115 will serve you quite well. The various features and functionality may be a bit overwhelming for more novice pianists. Sound features include a CF sound engine, 14 voices, 192 note polyphony, and ten pianist styles, 14 songs and 50 piano songs; A complete sound catalog that will guarantee a fun feel to your playing experience. 


  • While the construction is mostly plastic, it has a heavy and solid build.
  • Auxiliary connections for speakers and headphones. So that you will have the ability to use headphones and built-in speakers simultaneously. 
  • Keys are extremely nice. It might take a little getting used to the feel if you have never used a fully weighted digital piano before. 
  • The sound signature of this piano is excellent and falls into the bracket of performance grand stage pianos. However, if you really want to perform, then we suggest getting a good pair of speakers to amplify the sounds properly. You will find here The best studio monitor speakers for home recording.
  • Three long years of complete warranty coverage on the full package is more than enough for us. 
  • With 88 keys makes it one of the best digital piano for classical pianists.


  • The sheet music holder is kind of hard to attach. 
  • The included USB to HOST port is obsolete since newer generation iPods, and iPads really don’t connect with it. In case you have an older model lying around, then the connector can come with a hefty price tag! 
  • The speakers on this digital piano are impressive, but only if you are not planning some massive projects.
  • It is not a very affordable piano,especially for beginners. But it certainly is an affordable intermediate digital piano.


3. Yamaha PSR E253

Yamaha PSR E253 dgital piano

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Thе Yamaha PSR E253 was branded explicitly as a роrtаblе keyboard. A perfect balance between portability and functionality with its full-sized 61 key counts and feature-rich sounds for you to play and experiment. This unit has plenty of voices and rhythms that give much more expensive models a run for their money. From beginners to intermediates this collection of 385 different instrument Voices, including pianos, flutes, and guitars will cover your needs. 

The best of all is that it is light and compact enough to serve as a truly portable keyboard. Moreover, it is simply to set up and easy to transfer. The five DJ patterns for each of the 20 DJ styles with which you can make and create your own style of electronic music. You can even connect the digital piano into a computer using the USB port, which will give you more features to explore.

If you’re looking for a portable digital piano that’s a step above the cheaper, the PSRE253 is a perfect choice. You won’t be disappointed by the sound quality or key movement. Two things we know Yamaha always delivers on every model. This model is available at a very reasonable price and offers typical keyboard functions which can be adjusted to create a big range of musical projects. This Yamaha digital keyboard qualifies and surpass our needs for a digital piano for beginners.


  • Great playing with the voices and rhythm as there is simply a lot to mix and experiment. It is an ideal digital piano for kids and adults.
  • Weight isn’t an issue, and neither is portability as it is small, compact, and light. 
  • The keys are full-sized, as well as they are light with absolutely no weight thankfully though the keys are sturdy and inspire confidence. 
  • Reverb feature is a treat for all pianists as you can minutely control how much of it you need — always depending on the voice you are using. 
  • The piano works for hours on batteries, and according to online reviews, it lasts longer than Casio models. 
  • The lesson mode is easy to follow, detailed, and tempo variable. It changes based on the learner’s pace and skills. 


  • The package doesn’t include the power cord, something familiar among portable digital keyboards. 
  • It can feel a bit fragile because of the low weight, but it has a decent built quality. Just don’t ignore the way you move and transfer it, as many users wrote on their reviews – they broke a couple of keys because they dropped it down.
  • The middle C isn’t clear, it won’t be an issue if you recreate something, but for learners, it might be a little disappointment. 
  • It includes many voices and rhythms that make it fun to play, but many of the voices are just subtle variations.


4. Williаmѕ Allеgrо 2

Williams Allеgrо 2 Digital piano

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Thе Williаmѕ Allеgrо 2 is perfect for any beginner or intermediate pianist looking for a large, well-equipped keyboard. The 88 hammer action, semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive keys will give you a natural feel while playing. They are not heavy keys like an acoustic string piano, but they are weighted differentially. For an organ player, this will probably seem quite natural, as it feels much closer to a traditional piano than other models do at the same price range. 

Beginner and intermediate players alike will truly enjoy the look, feel, and sound of the Williams Allegro 2 model. And who could not enjoy a sound library like that? With high quality sounds like a grand piano, electric pianos, organs, strings, synths, and basses Modulation/FX control. Another plus is the MIDI USB connectivity that helped us to add Williams Allegro 2 in our list with the best digital piano in the market. It is a very affordable digital piano, and probably the best value-for-money choice.

Allegro 2, is a competitively-priced alternative keyboard to similar Yamaha and Casio models. If you are looking for something very sophisticated, maybe this is not your best option as it lacks equipment support and also has some minor layout issues.  Some users find the biggest disappointment on the headphone jack. Which is a 6.65mm type, and it is towards the back. Not the best option considering this is supposed to be noob friendly.


  • Playing this piano is easy, thanks to the weight of the keys.  
  • The sound quality of the complete set of sounds is above average, which makes it an excellent value for money choice. 
  • Very affordable and cheaper than many Yamaha learner models that have similar weighted hammer action keys. 
  • 88 key full-sized key count to play everything and weighted hammer action with complete sensitivity control. 
  • Great build quality made with high-quality materials, nice finishing, and even the stand for your music sheet is in a good addition. 


  • Unfortunately, this piano has no options to connect soft pedals. The only thing allowed is a damper pedal. 
  • When you switch off the piano, you lose the settings of controls and metronome. Reconfiguring controls is a bit of time waste.  
  • The reverb quality slows down as you reach the middle C section through experimenting. 
  • The keys on this might feel lighter to those who mostly practice on acoustic pianos. But this mostly the case with all digital pianos.


5. Casio SA76

Casio SA76 digital piano

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The Casio SA76 is one of the most affordable keyboards out there. It is the single most portable digital piano we’ve had our hands-on. The 44 key limits may be a deal-breaker for some, but if you’re looking for portability without sacrificing features and characteristics, the SA76 might be perfect for you. For such a small keyboard, this Casio comes with a variety of pre-set tunes, voices, and rhythms for you to play and practice.

It is definitely not the best option if you’re looking for a primary keyboard to use are a veteran pianist or plan on taking formal piano lessons. On the other hand, it’s a fantastic option if you’re a hobby player, or need an ultra-portable setup to whisk around with you as needed. 


  • Great beginner friendly keyboard that kids should find fun and entertain for hours or maybe even months. 
  • 44-keys does reduce the footprint significantly and puts this in the best portable digital piano list. 
  • So many tunes, rhythms, and voices to choose from, including percussions  you can easily get lost in the music you make on this little beauty. 
  • Comes with demo tracks or as we like to call them tutorial tracks that kids can immediately start replicating on their own without the presence of a tutor. 
  • It is very affordable, so even if your kids lose interest in the piano, it isn’t like a massive waste of money. 
  • Central LCD screen giving you details of what you have and have not selected. 
  • It is the best digital piano for children 


  • Not something a piano teacher would recommend to children, especially considering the lack of another 44 keys.
  • It is not loud enough unless you are playing in a quiet environment. 
  • The keys have not a very realistic feel. You will mostly press them and pop right back up. Beginners who turn more serious on a keyboard will need an upgrade very soon. 
  • Does not ship with a power adapter so that might be a huge concern for many, though to us it is a portable digital keyboard so doesn’t really need one.

These were our picks for the best digital piano for beginners with weighted keys.

If your priority is a full 88 keyboard, check the best weighted keyboards with 88 keys in the market!

Final Thoughts…

Although there are definitely some brands with a more significant reputation than others, you will get what you pay for- or at least in most cases. The cheapest model of a Yamaha may not necessarily be better than some of Casio’s higher-end keyboards and opposite. 

This is our guide to help you choose between piano companies that have quality features. Finding the “best” digital piano depends on your personal preferences, needs, and budget. Many piano players find brands like Williams and Casio very reliable. And in many cases better and more affordable than other choices. The most important thing is to find a digital piano that makes it fun and enjoyable to play and practice.

Feel free to drop your questions below and don’t forget to subscribe to get FREE samples and sounds for music production.

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