Volunteer Music Reviewer / Writer

Volunteer Music Reviewer / Writer

Do you have music ideas that you will like to share with others? Are you passionate about music? Do you enjoy listening the latest music releases? Are you excited about new DJ and studio equipment?  Do you exercise your writing and musical skills? Are you ready to be a part of a successful music website and team? Open to both the mainstream and the underground?

We are currently looking for volunteer writers how are passionate about music and who want to be part of the GlobalDjsGuide team.

So, what type of person we are looking for?

  • We want people with a great heart and attitude no matter how much or how little they can contribute. We also understand that people’s availability changes over time. So we will create the role to fit around your existing commitments.
  • We are looking for writers to take a couple of music subjects and turn out reviews that will then be presented consistently and professionals on the webpage of https://globaldjsguide.com
  • We want your ideas for articles and reviews. If you have a post idea that you believe it’s worth sharing with others we would love to add it our website.
  • We also need writers who are social media savvy. Reviewers are required to regularly promote their articles through the standard social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook etc) once published so it’s important that applicants have access to these platforms and are willing to show off their work.

    This positions are unpaid however you will gain experience writing for a successful online publication, have the opportunity to develop in other areas of the website and there are plenty of freebies like album releases, music production sample packs and discount-codes for specific music websites. There are also opportunities to help out for, time to time in other areas such as the posting of news items, music videos and being involved with interviewing music acts.


How To Apply…

Please send a message here with a title Volunteer Music Reviewer and your ideas for music topics, articles and reviews.