The Best Mini Guitar Amplifiers under $100

The Best Mini Guitar Amplifiers under $100

The Best Mini Guitar Amplifiers under $100

Many guitarists have settled with the fact that they need a certain amount of money before they can practice in their little corner and listen to the beautiful sound that comes off the notes of their electric guitar. Of course, without an electric guitar amplifier combo, your electric guitar is rendered useless, and you don’t have to occupy your mind with the thought that you need an expensive gear before you make a perfectionist. You sure need a quality guitar amp for practice but not every expensive guitar amplifier is durable and built to last. You should have a rethink if you are one of those who thinks that $100 can’t get you a proper electric guitar amplifier.

Every time I come across customers review, I think of the importance of spicing up a good buying guide that is well understandable and easy to follow, not the ones that advertise their one-way product because of promotions. Ride with me as I take you through some of the best guitar amps that sell for under $100. Yeah!!! You heard right — $ 100.

What is an Electric Guitar Amp

Guitars are great instruments but shouldn’t be awarded all the credit for a good performance, acoustic guitars can be so loud yes, but the third person cannot even hear the electric guitar. The only gear that can make the world understand the tones of your electric guitar is an electronic guitar amplifier. Without these guitar amplifiers, there would be no melody in the songs we produce; it would be so difficult for you to vibe to the tunes of your music yourself. These guitar amps come with speakers that make the sound of your electric guitar audible, and they have control knobs too that helps you fine tune your music, giving your audio a bright tone.

You can carry a guitar amplifier along with you anywhere. The electric guitar amplifier is an all in one combo unit that consists of a power amp, preamps and speakers, the speakers are, and the power depends on the capacity of the electric guitar amp.

Considerable factors before buying a mini guitar amplifier

Many guitarists believe the electronic guitar amplifier is an essential gear in the band. Although, it cannot stand alone but can shape up your electric guitar sound regardless of whether your guitar has an automatic tuner or not. Well, that’s a fact, if not; we won’t be talking about this part. These are part of the factors you should consider at the store.

If you genuinely want a useful guitar amplifier, even if your price is low, make sure you meticulously check out these features. Never take the risk of leaving guitar at home, bring it along to test the combo.

1. Tone:

You should be extremely careful when that guitar amp that will enhance your sound. An electric guitar amplifier determines what kind of music you’ll hear when playing. That means that a good amplifier can make an average electric guitar sound like the best, and a lousy amp can change the tone of your Les Paul or world-class guitar into sound garbage and makes you feel you’re not playing anything better. Be guided; there are four varieties of these amps that you can choose from, and they are digital, tune, solid state and hybrid. If your guitar changes sound when you plug in the amp, you know what to do.

2. Anatomy of amplification:

This is where you have an understanding of how the signal is passed from your electric guitar tome audible. Once your electric guitar is plugged into the amplifier, the signal is sent into the preamp; this takes the signal through the bass, middle and treble control processes. Immediately this Job Is done, the signal is again sent into the power amp. This is where the real amplification occurs. How? The power amp increases the signal and transmits to the speakers; the speakers break it down into audible sound.  

During this process, the preamps reshape the sound while the power determines the strength.

At times, you’ll find the gain and volume knobs on some amps interface and begin to wonder their usefulness. Respectively, they are known as input and output levels and are essential when discussing tube amps.  

All of this explanation Is to give you a basic knowledge of how the guitar amp works so that whenever there is a fault in sound or when the amplifier is not sounding right, you’ll be able to trace the source.

In case you are also looking for a new guitar, check the best electric guitars under $500. As well, with the same budget, the best acoustic-electric guitars.

We have selected the best electric guitar amplifier that costs less than $100 for you; this is to save you the stress of wandering around the store or wasting time online for what is not. They have been carefully examined and can be guaranteed okay for use.  

The Best Mini Guitar Amp under $100 – Reviews

1. Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar Amplifier

Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar Amplifier

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You should be getting very familiar with Fender by now. The Fender frontman guitar amplifier serves as a multi-purpose guitar amp that dish out clean sounds off your guitar. Whether you’re a beginner or guitarist already, anyone can use it. It also gives you access to take charge of the kind of tone you want to hear. This Fender model is a good sound machine for adjusting your guitar tone. Like the tube kind of amplifier, it comes with an overdrive knob, a feature that is so rare amongst non-tubed amplifiers. You also won’t find that amongst many of the competing models.

Inside the pack, you’ll find a headset jack for personal practice and an additional input if you want to play an mp3 with this fender quality guitar amplifier, your practice will go on smoothly at all times. Majority of the other brands don’t have exciting features like that of Fender, and they still sell at higher rates. If you have been sleeping on this, it’s high time you woke up.

It is Amazo’s choice and has nearly perfect reviews and ratings by hunders of users. If you need a small quality amp to drag around everywhere you go, this is the choice for you.

2. Donner Electric Guitar Amplifier 10 Watt

Donner Electric Guitar Amplifier 10 Watt Classical Guitar AMP DEA-1

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Donner is a trusted mini guitar amplifier that has proved its doubters wrong in many ways. It is a 10 watt sound machine but can last long for practice. Every feature of this electric guitar amplifier is unique, starting from the blackface design and silver grille clothing having knobs like that of a black chicken head. This fashion takes the resemblance of Fenders classic amplifiers. It is not heavy and has a sealed back so that the bass response would come out mightily.

Doner Amp 10W is an ideal guitar amplifier for beginners, and it is known to be Donner’s first electric guitar amplifier.  It is practically built for beginners. It comes with a powerful 6.5-inch speaker specially designed for the bass output and gains control so that you can rock your guitar tones. Also, it comes with two modes namely; clean and boost.

The clean mode functions to keep things on the standard amplifier model while the booster mode can get things loud. If you prefer using pedals over the dirty channel, you can control your volume very well and also have a range of dirty tones. The EQs on this guitar amplifier are just like those on your electric guitar and functions the same way.

3. Blackstar Guitar Combo Amplifier Black FLY3

Blackstar Guitar Combo Amplifier Black FLY3

Check price on Amazon.com

You’re getting more than what you’re cashing on this 3-watt mini amp, as a first timer getting introduced to this product, you should not be discouraged because of the little power,  it is indeed a great electric guitar amplifier. It comes with two combined channel and a tape delay system. It is a compact sound machine and easy to transport, designed for portability. Its infinite shape feature helps it dish out an immense sound and tone manipulation.

Additionally, you can plug in your Smartphone, PC /Mac, tablet or whatever digital device through the Mp3 Jack and blast your favorite music when you feel bored, or you need to take a break from practicing. It is compatible with headphones too and again this is one device that runs on battery power, too many options in a compact electric guitar amplifier. You can take it anywhere even if there’s no power supply.  

If you want more out of this guitar amp, you can part with little cash to get through FLY 3 stereo pack; this means you’re getting an additional speaker and power adapter. That is good news to someone; I’m sure this is what someone wants to have right now. It also comes in 4 different colors (Black, Green, Royal Blue and a Creamy with UK flag) for you to pick according to your style.

4. Boss Katana-Mini Battery Powered Guitar Amplifier

Boss Katana-Mini Battery Powered Guitar Amplifier

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Boss katana mini guitar amp is another powerful sound machine that shouldn’t be taken for granted on this list. At this juncture, you shouldn’t see a battery powered electric guitar amplifier as a no go area for you,  it has many advantages than disadvantages, aside from the fact that you can take it anywhere with you, you can easily practice wherever you find yourself without looking for power source even though  it comes with an alternating current adapter. Most of the guitar amps you see at the store are tubed and have no additional feature apart from the basic ones found in every amplifier, but you still go for them, because you don’t know how these additional features help your practice improve from time to time.

The speaker of this Boss katana model is loaded with 7 watts of high volume. Regardless of where your character switch is set at, this guitar amplifier offers an inspiring tone. You should also take note that it is designed in an analog circuitry fashion. It comes with an auxiliary input too if you need to connect your smartphones and laptop for external music. There is so much fun packed in this little sound machine; it is price friendly, and the producers have made guitar lessons affordable for all.

5. Fender Champion 20-Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier

Fender Champion 20 - 20-Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier

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You do not need a 50-watt electric guitar amplifier before you become an expert at playing the guitar. If anyone gives you that kind of orientation, then he’s no better than you in terms of knowledge. Fender champion 20 is another exclusive model of electric guitar amplifier packaged from the stable of the usual suspects that takes precious time to make quitting amplifiers. You have an opportunity to choose out of their various guitar amplifiers that are less costly.

A 20-watt guitar amplifier with an 8-inch speaker size is enough to make your amazing sounds, and this edition comes with a lot of effects like reverb, tremolo, echo, vibration and many others. A very unique feature of this electric guitar amplifier is the voicing it offers for any genre of music you’re into, or you want to practice with.

From this moment, Fender shouldn’t sound like a new product to you. It has carved a niche at the top for itself like other big and quality brands. They have made their brand affordable with their many choices of guitar amps and all of them have met the standards,  a noticeable feature in their products  Is that they have a unique feature that makes one guitar amplifier different from each other, and they are efficient for practice. Fender Champion also comes with a 40W, 50W and 100W edition for those who need and can afford a big guitar amp.

Take a look at the best electric basses and the best electric guitars and make a perfect combination of Fender instrument and amplifier.

6. Kona KCA15TW 10 Watt Electric Guitar Amp 

Kona KCA15TW 10 Watt Electric Guitar Amp

Check price on Amazon.com

If you fancy a tube amp option, Kona electric guitar amplifier is one of the options to run to. It features an 8-inch turbo speaker that can be very loud when you turn up its volume. You may begin to wonder if you have cheated the retailer at this low price. It is suitable for practice among beginners, even though the sound gets deafening, it does not produce any annoying sound, it dishes out clean tones when you plug in your electric guitar.

If it would interest you to know, all the parts of this 15-watt electric guitar amplifier are handcrafted not like some mass production of quack replacement products, It is built with an EL84 tube system and features a 12AX7 tube to produce a vintage tone out of the portable sound machine. It also features knobs like digital reverb, independent gain, and master volume with add up to its already high turbo speaker.  

As loud as it sounds, you wouldn’t want to part with it because of the vibe it brings when practicing. And one of the best ways to learn faster is when you feel the music you’re playing on without a hitch.  This tube amplifier is even redefined with an Infinium tube life multiplier technology to enhance the tone and your sound.

7. Orange CRUSH12-12-Watt Guitar Amp Combo

CRUSH12-12-Watt Guitar Amp Combo

Check price on Amazon.com

The last but not the least quality brand of electric guitar amplifiers under $ 100. The Orange brand is top notch, no doubt. They have excelled in producing a higher version of amplifiers that sells and they have tried to consider beginners and low budget buyers.  The fact that this guitar amplifier is less costly doesn’t mean it will produce cheap sounds. Orange has been making quality amplifiers over the years and hasn’t stopped improving.

The Orange CRUSH 12 watt guitar amplifier has reflected how the brand has improved their technology. As small as it is, it contains all the simple and basic controls you’ll need for your guitar practice. All of the controls are located at the top including the overdrive, gain, volume (the three EQ). When you buy this guitar amplifier, you’re getting a 6-inch speaker with another improved CabSim technology; this means your speaker can sound loud one of the 4×12 cabs. Your neighbors won’t be sleeping with this sound machine in your care.  The only limitation to this electric guitar amplifier is that it is only suitable for practice. If you need one for show and rehearsals with three bands, you can go for the higher power option as this is just 12 watts.

These were out top picks for the best mini guitar amps for under $100!

If you can afford a couple hundred more, check out the best electric guitar amps under $300.


While you’re here, you shouldn’t be searching for a guitar amplifier to take to your shows or that which you can boast of within your band while rehearsing. All of the electric guitar amplifiers here are strictly for practicing if you genuinely want your amp to last long. Another thing is the battery supporting feature of some of these amplifiers; they are perfect for use and won’t run down quickly. A better advantage they have is you can carry them along on road trips if you feel the urge to practice as you go.

Also, some pro guitarists believe that when selecting a guitar amplifier, they chose between tube, solid-state, and the other types.  The most important thing is the feature it carries.  Every electric guitar amplifier on this list is nothing less than quality and is guaranteed okay for any beginner or guitarist.

And lastly, there is no perfect guitar amplifier for you if you do not hear the tones of your guitar. This is going to be a very costly mistake to make. Not every guitar you find at the store is tuned or will sound like yours, be very careful when you select a guitar amplifier and if you need to make a choice, do so by plugging in your electric guitar.

Feel free to drop your question or comment below.

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