The Best Acoustic Guitars under $500

If you’re here in search of a good and low budget acoustic guitar that is standard and suitable for you, you’re at the right place. Regardless of your favorite genre of music, you have to stroke the strings of a guitar to make music. This guide is to help you lookout for the best acoustic guitar out there. Every acoustic guitar you find on this list has passed the thorough quality check performed on them.

Making a list of top acoustic guitars under $500 was never stressful. Whether you’re a professional guitarist or a beginner, these guitars are useful for making whatever genre of music you’re into and makes learning easier. If you’re having a concert, camp, or date night with the love of your life, these set of acoustic guitars will leave you impressed. The price is just a place holder that shouldn’t be matched to the melody and vibe these acoustic guitars produce.

There is a huge variety of acoustic guitars out there, that can overwhelm experienced musicians. But in the end, it all comes down to personal preferences. In our list, we picked seven of the best budget-friendly acoustic guitars that fulfill all our needs. So we took under consideration the overall acoustics, features, brand name, and user reviews and ratings. 

Here, you’ll find top brands of acoustic guitars made with quality to match your taste.

Top 7 Best Acoustic Guitars under $500 Reviews

1. Martin LX1E Acoustic Guitar

This quality model acoustic guitar is made from mahogany; the Stika spruce is also solid and is the sole reason for the fantastic tone and the sound it produces. It has been carefully built for ease just like the higher versions of Martin’s acoustic guitars. Adding to the quality is the beauty it brings to your music. You’ll doubt the price at first sight.

Furthermore, it has unique features like a low battery indicator and an inbuilt tuner. You can also make good use of the volume controls, phase reversal switch, an equalizer that can be set using the contour. All these combined features make the acoustic guitar sound great even when unplugged or supported with an amplifier. They also save you the extra soft of purchasing a tuner.

The tuners of Martin LX1E are made of Goth nickel, keeping the tune stable and reliable, they also add to the attractive look of the acoustic guitar. Attached to the guitar is a gig bag, this makes the guitar portable and protected when carrying it about.

2. Yamaha FG830 Acoustic guitar

One of the oldest and reputable models of acoustic guitars. It has been over 50 years since its introduction and after 200 FG models, this is the FG830. Its qualities never fades, no doubt it is always going to be on every list of best acoustic guitars. The FG series boasts of a massive number of sales in the world at a time. Every user finds it comfortable and secure.

It is a perfect pick for beginners as it is made of solid Stika spruce top. The body style beats your imagination while you make good music off it.  The shape blends with your hands when you tap the strings. It is also a moderate dreadnought.

The price may sound cheap, but the FG830 does not produce cheap sounds. It is made of rosewood and has excellent projection and lots of overtones. No wonder it has gathered huge praises, professionals guitarist love the die-cast tuners. Theres not cause for alarm as it offers a long sustain.

With the many features it carries, most people feared for the price and quality.  Alas, it didnt disappoint. It is Amazon’s Choice, a great value-for-money purchase and you can pick between 5 grades featuring different tonewood options to match your style and preferences. 

3. Martin LXK2 Little Martin

Made of solid FSC hardware with a certified rich lite bridge, and balanced with a white TUSQ saddle, especially now that this TUSQ are gaining recognition and fame in the industry. It is solely made from artificial materials; this doesnt speak less of the quality sound it produces in return. It works fine, and the bridge offers you enough and perfect sustain. At the other end, youll find a set of plated tuners. They dont add to the beautification but saves you the cost of an extra amplifier.

Martin brand of acoustic guitars sounds differently; this has been a challenge that people would look down on a model of guitar made purely from HPL. However, that fear has been conquered from users sharing various testimonies. A cheap brand built using these set of materials would perform below average. You cant take quality away from the sound and projection of Martin LXK2. It is balanced, and the strings are happier when stroked with bare fingers. Of course, it cant be compared with a dreadnought.

This small and very light acoustic guitar is the perfect choice for those who travel a lot. 

4. Seagull S6 Guitar

Seagull S6 "The Original" Acoustic Guitar w/Dreadnought Hardshell Case and Guitar Stand


For numerous reasons, S6 is known to be the number one selling model of the brand. Adding value to any genre of music youre producing. Taking away the price, every other feature doesnt come cheap. It is made from a very rare wild cherry bark, a tonewood for prominent acoustic guitar.

The wild cherry is one reason why the clarity of sound and high frequency are standard benefits of Seagull brand. This quality brand is also a good choice against the global warming effect just because it is widely available than the likes of mahogany and rosewood. That means you can help save the planet and produce good music with Seagull S6 at the same time. Considering this choice of instrument, you can keep the environment and safe at a low cost.  

Every feature attached to Seagull S6 is rare. The steel string instrument has a solid cedar top, different from the many spruce top acoustic guitars though they both lack the usual warmth.

5. Yamaha FG800 Acoustic

Another excellent model from the worlds most reputable brand. Every feature speaks volume starting from the low budget price. The tune it dishes out is exceptional, cant take away quality from the projection and the resonation you get from the FG800.

For beginners wanting to become experts, you can learn faster with this acoustic guitar. The dreadnought acoustic instrument produces a booming sound; youll fall in love with the bass projection. That is not your usual dreadnought instrument; you’re getting a full tone and louder sound in return.

The FG800 includes deluxe features such as scalloped X bracing, die-cast tuners, a solid spruce top, and rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Features hard to find on this price range.

It is highly rated amongst professionals; the show is always filled with fun. The tuners are flexible, and the hardware produces comfort. Every date night with a Yamaha FG800 is unforgettable. All of these standout features are the reasons why this guitar has no electronics.  Youre getting a full acoustic show when you buy one of these. The fascination designed by Yamahas acoustic guitar is always a plus for every buyer.

6. Fender FA-100 Acoustic Guitar

Another dreadnought acoustic guitar quite known for great designs, one reason it has risen to a top-level guitar is its old fashioned style. Usually, for beginners, it takes a lot finding an acoustic guitar that wont cost you much; it is quite understandable for learning even without familiarity. Although, Fender FA-100 doesnt cost much, yet every string you tap adds melody to your music.  

Not compatible with the entire music genre, it is still a top choice for most experts but cant compete with the costly acoustics. Made from solid spruce known for high frequencies, the inner X bracing produces a vibrant resonance and stays firmly to your body. Only a few wood types can surpass the quality of this acoustic guitar intermediate of brightness and strength. It responds well to every string you tap with the help of the finely made fretboard. Every beginner would learn with ease using a FENDER FA-100.

7. Ibanez AEG8E

The most colorful model on this list, a top choice for transparent guitar lovers. Made of solid spruce, as usual, the sound does not disappoint. Theres more to the transparency and color it adds to the fun.  Suitable for both beginners and experts.

Although, there are acoustic and acoustic -electrical versions models of Ibanez guitars, you can set the perfect projection of your choice with the built-in bass and treble preamps. That means you dont need an extra amplifier to make good music with the low budget acoustic guitar. The back and sides of this acoustic guitar are made of pure Agathis and on top of it is the solid spruce soundboard.

With fine-tuning knobs coming in half-moon shapes and an ivory body binding feel, this acoustic guitar gives you the right resonance for an excellent show. Beginners can also use the price-friendly guitar; it is not made for only experts and Intermediate Learners.

These were our top picks for the best acoustic guitar under $500.

Buyers Guide

What is an acoustic guitar?

This instrument has been significant innovation and blessing to the world of music, it was invented as far back as five centuries ago but has undergone series of transformation over the years and just the same way it has helped shaped music.  One of the amazing facts about an acoustic guitar is that you can play the guitar to any genre of music. Whether pop, electronic, Hip Hop, jazz, rock and the many musical styles that exist. With this, you could tell that the strings of a guitar never fail. Although, the first generation of guitars does not work with electricity.

Considerable factors before buying an acoustic guitar:

Usually, some buyers get carried away with the fascinated colors and designs of an acoustic guitar at first sight. One exciting thing about an acoustic guitar is that you dont need an amplifier and pedals for sound checks. It is a known fact that an acoustic guitar at your first encounter could make or break your playing experience. Here are a few factors you have to consider before making a purchase.  

1. Body style

The comfortable feel between the acoustic guitar and your body contributes to the vibe you get while playing the guitar. The body style of the guitar determines this; it also decides the inspiration and interest you get playing the guitar. Comfort also saves time, so it comes first before the sound.

2. Resonation and projection

Resonation and projection help you understand the sound of a guitar better.  However, you can’t test both factors alone. Resonation helps you with the knowledge of how the woodwork vibrates against your body. You’ll have to play various acoustic guitars to feel the differences. You should take your time doing this before picking your favorite.

Projection, on the other hand, requires you to listen to the sound of the guitar while another person plays it to your hearing. If you are not a professional, it is impossible to note the projection when you’re playing the acoustic guitar yourself. When played loudly; you can discern clear sound, when played softly; you can notice the strong projection of sound. A well, you can check for bass and treble balance when you sit and listen — one of the benefits of bringing a friend when shopping.

3. Action

To run a check on the action of an acoustic guitar, here’s what you need to do. Your eye level should focus on the distance between the fretboard and the strings. You can also make measurements if you have a ruler. There shouldn’t be a significant increase between the 5th and 12th fret.

4. Check for crack and damages

Some of the guitars in the store have been there for and may not be properly arranged and kept. You should be sure of running a thorough check for cracks and splits on the guitar you’re purchasing. If you are buying from Amazon Store, you have more chances to avoid mistreatment. 

How to record your acoustic guitar?

If you want to play the guitar and record a sample on your computer, you will need a couple of things. At first, microphones, you can find good quality mics to record a variety of instruments and voices without spending a fortune. Check the best studio microphones under $300. The audio interface is also essential to ideally record and capture the sounds you produce. Your PC or Laptop has an integrated sound card, but it won’t satisfy you. For more, take a look at the best audio interfaces under $200.

Final Thoughts…

Every acoustic guitar on this list of have thoroughly passed the quality mark,  regardless of the brand or materials they are made with, they are built to last longer and produce any music you prefer. For beginners, the price tag shouldnt scare you; these acoustic guitars are arguably the best you can get under $500, and are suitable for learning. While some of them have an inbuilt amplifier, others have nice tuners to make your kind of music sound right.  

Professional guitarist and experts that cannot afford the high price acoustic guitars or fairly used ones can embrace the chance of affording one of these.

It is imperative that you consider the factors that were aforementioned before making a purchase. Usually, a distorted guitar at the store is as a result of improper handling from other buyers when testing it. You should not be in haste when selecting a guitar.

Every guitarist desires that one companion for trips and parties; of course, it is always fun having a guitar to play wherever you find yourself.  

In case you want to start playing the guitar but don’t know from where to start, check the guide by on how to play the guitar.

Good luck looking for the best guitar. And feel free to drop your comments below…

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