The Best Acoustic-Electric Guitars under $500

The Best Acoustic-Electric Guitars under $500

The Best Acoustic-Electric Guitars for Beginners under $500

Are you recording a track? Trying to figure out some notes? Or you’re disturbed with little or no power supply in your studio. Well, it’s time to revisit the market for an acoustic-electric guitar or an electro-acoustic guitar. It can be called either name. For almost a century now, inventors and guitarists have tried a way or having an electric and acoustic guitar that can be played with or without electricity. This feat has been achieved, and obviously, there has been room for improvement over the years.

Nowadays, it would seem surprising when you see a producer or a pro guitarist hitting the strings of a semi-hollow guitar and its good making sounds off the instrument. Not only have these gears excelled in recent times, but they’re also now available at different prices, regardless of the quality and brand. A modern-day acoustic-electric guitar is more advanced than the ones we’ve seen in old operas.

As a beginner or enthusiast alike, nothing is stopping you from owning one of these wonderful instruments. If you’re pitching career with the strings of a guitar,  you should consider an acoustic-electric option. These guitars cost less than $500. Yes, you heard, right. Intermediate producers or studio engineers can seize this opportunity to make good music and rehearse steadily with it.  

In your home recording studio, you can easily plug-in the acoustic-electric guitar to your audio interface, and record everything in your preferred DAW. If you are not familiar with these tools, check the best audio interface under $200 and the best music production software

On this list of best acoustic electric guitar for beginners, we’ll take you through the improved brands, despite the price tags, every product on this list have been confirmed will last you.

What is an Acoustic-Electric Guitar?

In a lay man’s language, giving a true definition of an electro-acoustic guitar is the acoustic interface of a guitar with a built-in pickup that can be connected to an amplifier for sound projection. While you’re plugging an electro-acoustic guitar to the amp, the sound becomes louder without losing the natural acoustic tone of the guitar. With or without amplification, the electro-acoustic guitar can still be audible when played. The major contrast in sound is only heard when you plug into an amplifier; one can tweak the special effects to change the tone.

Many sound engineers would prefer the electronic part of this guitar, simply because they want the electric voice to thrill a crowd and gain cheers,  but the acoustic sound never changes.

There have been a series of comparison and contrast between the electric guitar and acoustic guitar. This argument has caused users to take sides with either instrument,  but what else would you want when you can have both super gears combined in one hollow and can be played with the same strings. Either yogurt making a record, or rehearsing, this electro-acoustic guitar is whatever you need it to be.

Considerable factors to take note when purchasing an Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Usually, when you’re shopping for an acoustic or electric guitar, you’ll need to note different factors because one can give resonance while the other one cannot unless plugged into an amplifier, here you have a combined technology in one piece of instrument. As an amateur or an intermediate user wanting to own a new gear like this,  and with the price in question, you’ll be tempted to test anything you pick at home. You’re doing the wrong thing.  

To start with, the fact that you can play this instrument with or without electricity and amplification is a great advantage over its counterpart, but you could fall a victim of a substandard if you’re not looking out for the quality of its acoustics as well as the electronics. You can always determine what side of both features will favor you.

While you’re watching your spending with the guitar, the most important thing to take note is the sound. You’ll need to check the sound quality with and without amplification before concluding on other features. When you’re checking the sounds through an amplifier, you should first note the acoustic sound. You’ll not detect an audible pitch in a substandard acoustic-electric guitar, regardless of the special effects you apply.

Another thing to take note is the tuner of your new guitar; if you can’t make quick tuning changes to an electro-acoustic guitar,  then you’re not using an electro-acoustic guitar. What if you need to have a recording session, and it needs tuning. You will have to settle for less.

Apart from these most important features,  other considerable things are the shape of your guitar and the kind pickups that is attached to the guitar. There are two distinct body types of an electro-acoustic guitar, either you’re opting for a full body that gives the instrument a louder volume, or you’re going with the cutaway shape that enables you to play the all the frets without stress.  

On the other hand, an active pickup is a better choice than the passive pickup.  With the active pickups in your guitar, the output volume through the amp will come out louder. An acoustic electric guitar with pre-amp will have an enhanced sound. There’s no need the be told that the type of wood used in making a guitar will affect the sound it produces. Mahogany,  poplar, cedar, agathis, and spruce are better woods to make a guitar.

There is always the option of getting either an acoustic or an electric guitar. Check out the best acoustic guitars, and the best electric guitars of 2019

The Best Acoustic-Electric Guitars under $500

Feel free to choose one or more options from this list of best electro-acoustic guitars for beginners. If you’re not boxed up to get the costly ones, you can choose from the list as well. There never a better time than this.

1. Epiphone HUMMINGBIRD PRO Solid Top Acoustic Electric Guitar

Epiphone HUMMINGBIRD PRO Solid Top Acoustic:Electric Guitar

Check price on Amazon.com

One of the best handlers of modern days electric guitars is the Gibson brand. This acoustic-electric guitar is a beginner’s choice that is regarded as iconic, with a considerable price tag. This model is called the Hummingbird Pro. It is well known as a Gibson subsidiary.

Hummingbird Pro has the efficiency of its parent brand and can be made a top choice for professionals ego have to cut short their budget. It merely takes after the resemblance of the classic 1960 model,  characterized by the large dreadnought body and square shoulders. The pickguard is likewise elaborate and decorated in a tortoiseshell.

The Hummingbird Pro body is made of variants of woods on different body parts. There’s no lesser quality element in this gear. The top is of spruce with the back and sides made of laminated mahogany. For this cause, there’s an additional tone this guitar offers. In addition to this,  the sound is complemented with the additional tonewoods and an excellent pre-amp system. The spruce, as mentioned earlier, gives it resonance to a reasonable extent. You can feel it yourself when you lay your hands on it.  

The output volume of the sound is warm and of a rich tone. It is always balanced too. There’s no built-in tuner this instrument which is not much of a concern to some users. Moving away from these cons, controls like the mute button, bass and treble equalizers, master volume knob and a control slider are well present to make up for the missing tuner.

2.  Yamaha FSX800C Small Body Solid Top Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Yamaha FSX800C Small Body Solid Top Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Check price on Amazon.com

One of the models from Yamaha FS800 popular series, beginners and intermediate users who opt for this electro-acoustic guitar should worry less about its sound and body quality.  Yamaha is everyone’s favorite in all musical instruments production. They have been the pacesetter from way back and won’t fail you on this special edition. An acoustic electric guitar of this kind is exclusively made for smaller guitarist and beginners.

To start with, the top of this guitar is made of solid spruce, while the back and sides are made of nato/okume. This fashion does not come as a surprise. Yamaha is a brand that has a unique way of making their gears. It comes with a cutaway body too, and there’s no excuse for not rocking all the frets. To cap it all, the body of this acoustic-electric guitar is slimmer than you could expect. While this does not affect the volume or bass output, you will be able to hold it firmly.

3. Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Check price on Amazon.com

Fender Hellcat is one suitable electro-acoustic guitar that’s ideal for punk rock. It was one of Tim   Armstrong’s tool for good music. Every beginner producer can be a pro like his with the same attitude and the right instrument. The Fender Hellcat is one great guitar for those that love a smaller concert body guitar too. There’s a comfort that’s always derived when playing on this kind, which is not the same with a dreadnought.

This essence of this body size is to sail smoothly on the instrument, especially with beginners.  Every part of this model’s body is made of mahogany with the back and sides laminated. There’s a designed binding on top of the guitar for protection. Mahogany is arguably the best wood to give a warm tone alongside a clear bass. There are several controls that you can tweak sounds with. The price of this guitar cannot be compared to its functions.  

When you think about the Fender classic guitar models, you’ll never doubt the unrivaled sounds from this sing electric and acoustic guitars in one gear.

4. Ovation Applause 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Ovation Applause 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Check price on Amazon.com

If you have never heard of Applause electro-acoustic guitars, here’s the time for you to pay attention to the small but mighty gear. The Ovation brand makes guitars with amazing features too,  but Applause have guitars that are cheap for music production, beginners and casual players. You’re not going to invest much before you get the best acoustic electric guitar with Applause. It is one of the guitars on this list with great comfort and the required resonance.

Applause 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar is an elite model electro-acoustic guitar with traditional sounds. It is coming with six strings and a suitable CE304T pre-amp to upgrade your sound with clarity and tonal balance. The guitar itself is made of spruce top and blessed wish laser cut multi spud holes to air your playing expressions. Luckily, it is not a full body model. The frets can be easily assessed.  The headstock design brings a sleek aesthetics, with the bridge and fretboard complimenting a compact guitar shape.

This Applause model is one instrument you’ll feel with or without amplification. You’re not going to bother about the changes in the sound. If it needs tuning, the slimline pickups will produce a sound to notify a change when amplified.

5. Traveler Guitar 6 String AG-450EQ Acoustic Electric

Traveler Guitar 6 String AG-450EQ Acoustic:Electric

Check price on Amazon.com

This is one guitar you don’t want to gamble on. If you’re considering a guitar with a clear sound and solid body features, without compromising the judging the quality with its price tag, you should try this. The AG450EQ can be termed best all round from its series. There’s a fullness in its volume that you can’t get from any of its members. It is one tough gear to make good sounds. You can quickly improve with pace if you’re dwelling on this kind of guitar.

Every time you play am electro acoustic guitar,  either with amplification or not, you should be comfortable with the volume and warm tone that oozes out of the hollow. There’s nothing else to be felt if these two key features are absent.  This model is one with a Nanoflex pickup with it’s customized pre-amp. The acoustic sound output is always impressive. You have all available knobs on the interface of this guitar. From the volume and bass, treble. It also has a phase switch. You will need to take it gently with this gear. While it shouldn’t be considered a weak instrument,  it should be well kept when there’s high humidity.

6. Ibanez AEG10NII Nylon String Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Ibanez AEG10NII Nylon String Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Check price on Amazon.com

One of the best guitar making brands in Asia. Ibanez electro-acoustic guitars are known for a bit of clarity, and the sounds from these AEG series are clear enough to a satisfactory level.  It is an entry level guitar but will do wonders in the hands of an intermediate user. It is built with a beginner acoustic facility and won’t develop issues quickly.

The top of the AEG10NII is made of spruce with the sides and back made of genuine mahogany. You’re getting this classic model in two variant colors,  either you’re in love with the natural tangerine shade or the jet black gloss.  These colors are a selling point for some Ibanez electro-acoustic guitars. You should expect good tonewoods from this beginners model.  The neck of this beast is made of mahogany, and the fretboard consists of 21 frets. The body of this acoustic-electric guitar is lighter, and the cutaway figure enables you to run the frets without stress.  From the pickups, bridge, solid body to the elegant colors, everything you’ll find in this guitar is blessed with standard quality. The output sound will not disappoint, as well.  

7. Epiphone EJ-200SCE Solid Top Cutaway Acoustic /Electric Guitar

Epiphone EJ-200SCE Solid Top Cutaway Acoustic :Electric Guitar

Check price on Amazon.com

The 20 fret guitar is blessed with the size that dazzles and an unbeatable shape. Many users have an eye for the finished designs that come with some of these guitars.  As a music producer or sound engineer, the only thing that will catch your attention in this acoustic-electric guitar is the sound it dishes out, but not without the body and powerful pre-amp and pickups that help promote an acoustic sound in electric voice.

The EJ20SCE is one model that is regarded as a mid-level electro acoustic guitar that’s suitable for beginners, and the price is a bit reasonable for a beginner’s budget. The body top is made of solid spruce while other parts of the body are laid with laminated sheets of maple wood. In the sound department,  apart from the friendly feel you derive from playing the EJ200SCE without amplification, the pickups are made of Nanoflex for the piezo and NanoMag for the dartboard. The least you should expect is a warm tone and an excellent sound. With an onboard tuner and a few EQ controls,  you’re rocking a guitar with one of the best value for its money. Thanks to the cutaway body, you can play every single fret with ease.

These were out top picks for the best acoustic electric guitar under $500 in the market!

If you can afford more, take a look at the best acoustic electric guitars under $1000.


On a final note,  while you’re thinking of the best quality electro-acoustic guitars in town for beginners and intermediate users,  you shouldn’t doubt any of these top models. The essential truth is that you do not have to invest all your cash on a single gear before getting the best from it. Every guitar listed above is filled with the desired volume and tone to make that beat come out good.  

Whiles you’re considering them for a short term option, your learning guitar may turn out to be the one you love most. Of a truth, as you become more learned on the strings, you’ll need another choice of an acoustic-electric guitar to make a beat of wow In a studio session, but these examples have been highlighted for long term purposed for those who don’t have plans to buy another guitar anytime soon.  

You’ll be left amazed if you try one of these because no gear of these kinds should be less than a thousand dollars. Luckily it seems you’re buying it less than half the price you think.


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